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The Seduction of Sweeet Caroline – PART 1

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Caroline is a horny 14YO, lusting after me her 45 YO neighbor. I slowly indoctrinate Caroline to be my mistress

Intro: I was in my mid 40’s and married. Owned a nice house with an in-ground pool. Neighbors have a 14 YO daughter with those lovely bedroom eyes and pouty lips. Caroline went to a Catholic school, has very strict Catholic parents, so Caroline was very obedient and always said Sir or Maam to adults.

I had a fairwell pool party at my house as I was moving out in a month. The family next door came over with Caroline. I’m an active adult so I played water volleyball and underwater tag with the kids. Caroline was also playing, but underwater she kept pinching my ass and groping my cock.
At the end of the party, I was sitting at the edge of the pool with Caroline’s parents at either side of me. I was kicking my legs back and forth, and Caroline swam up to me, smiled, turned around, and hoisted herself on my left foot.

I wasn’t too happy as this hurt, so I kept slowly kicking my leg back and forth. Caroline, very cutely was rocking along with it like a slow bucking bronco. This went on for maybe 15 minutes, when all of a sudden Caroline went completely stiff, grabbed the back of my legs and tore off some hair. Then her body went completely limp and she floated away. Holy shit! She just masturbated on my foot and had an orgasm right in front of her parents.

I thought for sure they saw. Looking at each of them, they didn’t show any sign of concern and kept talking. Well my perv mind went into action. I told the mom I had to clean the house to move out and could Caroline come to my house after school and help. Caroline’s mom said “sure” and told Caroline to come over my house right after school.

The next day, Caroline came over in her Catholic school outfit (short pleated skirt, socks, white shirt). Looking down she said “I’m here Ed to help you in any way I can.” She had a little smile on her face when she said this.
I invited her in, told her to sweep the floor. When she did, she crouched down to sweep the debris in to the pan. I said to Caroline “that’s not how you do it. You bend at the waist, not the knees.” So Caroline swept the debris in the pan again, but this time bending at the waist, completely exposing her white panty to me. Caroline looked back and with a smile said “you mean like this Ed?” I said, “yes sweetie, that’s better.”
I told Caroline we should take a break and have some lemonade. I sat down on the sofa, she started to sit on a chair. I told Caroline “sit next to me sweetie so we can talk.” Caroline shyly smiled and sat next to me. I began caressing the inside of her thigh and said “now Caroline, we need to talk about what you did at the pool party. You were groping me, pinching, and then I can’t believe you actually masturbated on my foot and orgasmed.”

Caroline’s face became flush and obviously embarrassed, Caroline said “Oh God was it that obvious, I’m so sorry Ed.” I said “I should tell your parents about what you did you little slut. And what’s this crap calling me Ed? My name is Sir, not Ed, do you understand Caroline?”
Caroline looking down said “yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

“OK Caroline, now why shouldn’t I tell your parents what you did?” Still caressing her inner thighs.
Caroline said “oh god, please don’t, I’ll do anything, please don’t tell them.”
“OK Caroline, I won’t say anything, but you need to be punished.” Caroline was terrified, but said “Yes sir, I understand sir.”

I told Caroline to lay across my knee. Caroline said “you mean like when mommy spanks me for being naughty?” I said, “yes Caroline, you need a spanking.”
Caroline obediently laid across my lap, I slid her skirt up and pulled her panty down to her ankle. Caroline shouted “uhhhhhhh, my Mommy doesn’t do that!” I said, “I’m not your Mommy you little slut.” With that I started spanking Caroline, with her pussy grinding against my knee I kept pushing her body with each spank.

I told Caroline to stand up which she obediently did, but her knees were trembling.
“Now Caroline, do you want me to keep your secret?” I said. Caroline nodded.
“Then sit on my lap and kiss me.” Caroline quickly sat facing me, straddling my left leg and kissed me like an adult, tongue and moaning and her hands caressing me. I then pulled her away and her eyes and lips said “fuck me.”

I layed Caroline down on the sofa, pulled her panties off and started caressing her pussy.
“So Caroline, have you ever made out with a boy yet?” Caroline said “uh huh, a little.”
“Well Caroline we’re going to make out a lot now and you’re going to keep this a secret, right?”
Caroline said “Uh huh.” “Say yes sir baby.” Caroline obediently said “mmmmmmm, yes sir, I’ll keep this a secret.”

So I caressed Caroline’s pussy while I kissed her. I slowly inserted my finger in her pussy and started caressing her Gspot while my thumb caressed her clit. It didn’t take long when Caroline’s body betrayed her and shouting in my mouth, she had a massive orgasm.

“Caroline, have you ever given a boy a blow job?” Caroline said “no not yet, but I want to learn.” So I took my pants off, my cock already hard. Caroline’s eyes were wide as saucers as I put my cock up to her lips. “Do you want to start learning Caroline?” Caroline nodded yes.

“OK Caroline, grab my cock and insert in your mouth and start sucking.” Caroline was very obedient and did as was told. It took a few seconds, but she become an expert quickly using her tongue and sucking in and out.

“OK Caroline, enough for now.” Now I’m going to masturbate on your clit.” Can’t take a chance of getting you pregnant. So I took my cock out of Caroline’s pouty mouth and laid on her clit. Moving back and forth, kneeling in front of Caroline, I rubbed my cock on her clit. Caroline was moaning and with her hands in back of her head, started having her next orgasm. I started and stopped and started and stopped. Caroline was like a wild animal bucking against my cock, as she couldn’t get enough and orgasmed again.

“OK Caroline” I said. Put your panty back on and go home. After Caroline put on her panty, she flung herself on me, kissing pationately and wrapping her leg around my leg. After a few minutes of kissing I pushed her off and she said “I’m in love with you sir.”

I tried to remain calm and told Caroline she needed to go home, keep quite about this, and come over tomorrow again.

In my mind, I had plans to further seduce Caroline and make her my slutty little Mistress

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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Got me wet, can’t get enough of these stories, Emma.H from Australia.

    • Len Thomas ID:vwxwkgzm

      Is your enjoyment of this story, because you hope this happens with you?

  • Reply f16 ID:1ekvoafdpucx

    mmmmm so good

    • Vlad ID:5qvdwnbt0k

      Agreed I would love a girl like that

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e3y2ckns3du

    Absolutely an everyday event. Millions of girls around the world want their mouths, pussy n ass violated by a grown mans cock. They seem to want to be a cock sleeve and a cum slut. To swallow a load and have the excess drip gown their chins onto their small budding tits and legs. All you parents out there think you lil girls are so innocent but trust me she wants daddy’s cock in her every hole. Why deny your young daughters right to pleasure as it is her natural born right to a stiff throbbing cock so let her have it. If they show interest in sex no matter what age then by all means show them or this daddy will.

    Loved the story and want part 2.