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Only ever been into much much OlderMen from very early age, not just 1 man, has become more than 1+ these last few yrs!

I remember being attracted to Big OlderMen wen I was at school, hardly ever fancied or fantasized about boys or lads iny class, I kinda knew a wanted my 1st exp 2 be dirty and with a man at least 25+yrs older than me, also never had need 4 it 2 be loving amd sweet.. It seems a long time ago N many many men Nd cocks away now,, Im 35 coming up 36, still prefer at least 15yrs older these days up to 30yrs older, gotten more nasty and despicable with my actions or disregard for gf, wives, friends, long as I get my holes filled and mouth spunked in, my tummy filled wiv yummy sticky hot cummy.. Love being on my kneesZ surrounded by hung older strangers all hard N dominant and Brutish.. Really enjoy being slapped around N passed around. I’m bleach blonde hair, 5ft5 123llbs 32a cup big nipsX tho, pretty girl, dirty smile No tonsils No gag, 10 inches is biggest I’ve took, and 7 or 8 guys at once most I’ve had, all started 22yrs ago at 14 with my stepdsddy n his best friend wen mum was holiday, then he took me dogging at 15-16 and from that point on became consumed with filthy thoughts and craving big dicks and big loads, I guess I wanna know how normal or whorish you consider me to be Bcos I can’t talk to no1 about this got no girlfriends just men, olderMen, haha, I’m definitely a slag or slut, submissive cumsut all those fingd but arnt all young girls/women but don’t admit it, I’ve dun sum pretty disgusting acts in some weird places, a few times 4 money mainly 4 luv a big dick taste of cum, messy gargling fun, morally not gud also broke marriages friendshipd, any mate ive had ive Sucked/fucked over by cheating or Purposely for revenge, i domt wamna be defined by the town bike, but how do i get satisfied wen 2 big cocks at once just aint enuff these days.. Sssshhhhhh I’m mum too, nasty sex is my only pleasure but can I change SHUD I change most importantly do I wanna change??? Rachel Turnbull NE339LP S/S


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  • Reply Daddybigcock ID:6hge6rtk0i

    I think you are a dream cum true i love a dirty little cock whore like you thanks for sharing

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d0jfu4w7tdw

    Loved it!

    • R ID:55wsg93aq

      So glad you enjoyed it MC, Anything you’d like to know or ask feel free Sir xx

    • KC ID:5q5xuvkv2

      Car parks are where I’m my suttiest

  • Reply Kev ID:5q5xuvkv2

    WoW You look little, but a massively fucking huge slag, Slap the fuck outta ya, fuck that srse like daddy did/does, make you gargle choke n beg. CumwhorreX

  • Reply Dean ID:5q5xuvkv2

    Fuck you filthy cunts just don’t care who knows how nasty N disgusting ye are, that’s hot..glad ya not my mum tho.Whore..SPUNKSLUT JIZZ JUNKIE BITCH!

  • Reply Lonelybrother ID:5sp0kz8rd

    Kind of slut I wanna just bang and go

  • Reply Scottie ID:5q5xuvkv2

    Take no notice, it’s ok 2 be a despicable disgusting moraless CumSlut Ho these days I’m Sure, maybe not but just own it Rat.. Can’t see it changing for U ya dirty lil cunt, wot a nasty reputation yuv carved out 4 urself.. Cum guzzling more than 3 loads a day is an achievement to U isn’t it fucking sick spunkSlut, Hot yeah, but beyond horrible haggy Scumbag JunkieCunt, When is it next rape sesh btw U liite fukwitt dumb bitchC

    • Scottie ID:5q5xuvkv2

      Thx.. We must have crossed paths B4.. I DON’T CARE IM A WORTHLESS LIL PROMISCUOUS JUNKIE DOG

  • Reply KENNY ID:5q5xuvkv2


  • Reply KENNY ID:5q5xuvkv2

    I bet Ur fucking such a nasty whore on Ur Estate, BiddickHall bitches usually are the most common trash bag CumwhorresZ, bet all the daddies N Asians luv you,, Untill the spunk in Ur hair in Ur dumb fake face, then slap ya up N send ya on Ur way after permanent markering CumRat on Ur CHAV FOREHEAD, GUD 4 NOTHING JIZZ JUNKIE( RAPED IS WAY TO SPECIAL 4 YOU YA DOG SLAG (MUM) SCUMMY CUMMY MUMMY SICK CUNT

  • Reply Iain ID:5q5xuvkv2

    WoW,, Your so hot..4 a disgusting CumRag little ChavySlag,, bet Ur well schooled in being told wot a worthless dumb lil cunt U are Rachel Turnbull, What’s the most amount of spunk you’ve swallowed in 1gulp, Ur Stepdsddy get really nasty with U too, did he pay u