Wife accidentally walks into men’s shower room

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While working at the flea market in Nashville Tennessee last year my wife got the gangbang of a lifetime. We arrived early Friday morning found our spot and set up our tent and booth. It was in June and kinda hot but the shoppers came out and after a good day of selling, we shut down for the day ,after closing up we went to take showers at the shower room of the flea market. After getting all clean and going to get something to eat we return back to our spot where the van was parked behind our booth. As the evening went to night we was relaxing. My wife Pat took her night meds Xanax so I lit up a joint and after smoking and drinking the xanbar was working as she started to talk about sex. My wife is 5’2″ 130 lbs with 40dd breast. We started talking about how many men she thought she could fuck in a hour,she said there was no way to find out so I asked her would you like to see? How she asked, so I told her to go put on her see thru nightie with crotchless bottom and we would go find out. Where she asked? The men’s shower room I replied ,you are serious about this she asked loved to see you being taken by strangers. OK she got up and went to dress for the occasion. As we approached the shower room I began to get excited as I saw her hard nipple’s sticking out. When we reach our destination I opened up the door and she just walked in,went straight to where she heard voices. In a matter of minutes she was surrounded by naked men black and white. As they removed her nightie she had hands all over her her pussy was hot for a big dick no matter what color it was.she was laid on a padded bench where she got fucked by 13 men in 2 hrs. I have never seen my wife being fucked before. The biggest black dick to be but on a man was bottomed out deep inside my wife’s pussy as it pulled out it brought her pussy inside out from the suction of his dick. My wife crawled up on top of the next guy and rode him until the next man held her still and put his dick deep in her ass,now she was being bounced back and forth by both dicks inside of her the sounds that she made I’ll never forget as she had Orgasm’s after Orgasm’s while being pumped full of strangers sperm it was all past the point of no return. My wife had suck marks (hickies) on her breasts and neck totally fulfilled we got her cleaned up and went back to the van for the night. She was so sore she could not hardly walk but her pussy and ass was worn out.. Next week we go to Bonnie and Clyde in Arcadia LA. This is the next story

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      That’s fucking hot, would love to have seen that

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