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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 7

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part 7 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chavs and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Tina and Danny, Vince and Joan

I decided that I want to go camping with some friends. At first my parents were not keen on the idea, but I said one of my friend’s older brother had said he would be going with us as some of the other parents said we were too young to go by ourselves also, so they agreed but said I would have to take my sister which I didn’t really mind, although I did think it would have been more fun without her. So, it was my friend Kadan, his older brother Vince (the responsible person, so they thought), his girlfriend Joan, my sister and me. Two of my other friends had dropped out of going. It was made clear that Joan was to sleep in my sister’s tent and me (Paul) being the sensible one was to grass up anyone who broke the rules, as Vince’s parents were unsure that he could be trusted either. They were under the illusion that Vince and Joan had not had sex already, which they did do at a party organised by Rachel a while ago. So, we set off to where we are going to camp. It actually isn’t that far away, but it is in a forest clearing and fairly remote other than a long track through the forest to get you there, which means a walk on foot from any car park. I seemed to somehow be in charge of the organising, and I oversee getting tents put up and stuff sorted. We have everything we need, and I make a pit for a fire and send some of them off to get some wood. I start to prepare lunch, which is a simple cold meal from tubs I had brought and hot drinks from a camping gas stove. They all go off for a walk and normally I would go along but I decided I would stay there and sort out final bits. There is something nice about having some peace and quiet from it all and I will get the chance to walk and film tomorrow with my video camera. As the evening starts to draw in, they return to see a fire lit and food being cooked. After we have all eaten it is Vince’s job to wash up and then we sit talking, it is starting to get dark and all of a sudden there is a noise drawing nearer, it is a motocross bike and when it pulls up to our camping area, it is a guy with a helmet on and when he takes that off, he has a balaclava underneath. When he rolls it up, I can see it is Danny. Hey, I was around and heard you was off camping, he says. I wasn’t too sure about the gate crasher and after all the fuss with my sister I did want to tell him to clear off, and he wasn’t welcome, but Kadan and Vince seemed pleased to see him, and surprisingly so did Tina. He joined the party and then from a ruck sack he brought out a bottle of Vodka. I cannot say that I enjoy it and maybe had one or two swigs, some of the others had a bit more and that made them merrier and laughing and joking. It was getting dark and late, and I said to Danny, he ought to get back as it was getting late. He thought for a moment and said yea I hadn’t realised it had got so late, and my bike doesn’t have a light. Tina says, well its dangerous for him to try and make it home in the dark. It’s dangerous to ride that thing anyway I said in quick reply. It’s perfectly safe says Danny, but not sure about it in the dark, maybe tomorrow I will take you for a ride. Well, he’ll need somewhere to sleep, so I guess it will have to be with Vince. Vince says, I was hoping that we might switch up the sleeping arrangements, and I get to sleep with Joan? I was going to tell him what his parents had said, but I thought about it for minute and said, well if Joan is ok with it, I won’t grass you up. Joan smiles and says that’s fine, and thanks. She leans over and kisses me on the cheek. I go red and then come back to the issue of Danny. I did not want to have to sleep in the same tent as my sister, but to me it was the only way. Tina says, well I guess then Danny will have to come in with me. Alarmed at the thought I said, I am not sure that is such a good idea. Tina gets angry and says, Paul, we need to talk. I said so, and she says no over here. I walk away from the group and Tina says, look Paul, I know you think you know what happened, but there is much more to the story of my pregnancy than you will ever know, and I asked Danny to come tonight to make things right so please don’t spoil things. I ask, is he going to have sex with you? Yes, she says, but he is going to wear a condom, and I am still on the pill, and it was the antibiotics which stopped the pill working. Ok, I said, so Danny you can sleep with Tina tonight, but you have to behave, faking a warning and looking very serious. Sure, he says and smiles. It is now late and time to turn in. I put out the fire and put things away and we all head for our tents. I undress and get into my sleeping bag, as does Kadan. He turns to me and says, so you think your sister is going to do it with Danny? I am sure he will I say, but Tina says she has taken precautions against getting pregnant again. After a while we can hear the sound of sex, the moaning and the grunting. Danny is on top of Tina and has his sheathed tool inside her and is fucking her I can only assume. There was little in the way of foreplay, it was off with his trainers, drop his motocross pants and boxers, take off his hoodie and climb on top for a kiss and then after a few minutes of undressing Tina, a rubber goes on his cock, and he is sliding into her pussy. After a few minutes he stops to take a break and also to check on the condom. Tina goes down and takes the condom off and then sucks on his cock, which is nice and thick and smooth with a large cum tube vain on the underside, which you can see pulsing when he cum’s. He is enjoying the sucking and he groans, his cock throbbing delivering pre-cum into her mouth. She then says, put it in me. He reaches over to his pants pocket to grab another condom, and Tina stops him and says, no rubber I want to feel you. For a moment and maybe for the first time ever, he thinks of the consequences and says, but what about you getting pregnant? She says, I told you the pill failed, but its ok now, just fuck me. He slides back in, and the feeling is that much better without the rubber. He pumps away but can hear sex in the next tent too, Vince is fucking Joan. This turns him on more and then Tina starts to orgasm, which is all too much for Danny, who starts to say he’s going to cum, and goes to pull out but Tina locks her legs around his upper thighs, and he fires his cum deep into her. He holds his cock as deep in as he can and feels his cock throbbing with jet after jet of baby batter. Thankfully the pill will do its job tonight as such a thick creamy load would get her pregnant for sure. He then hears Vince cum, and then there is quiet. Danny lays on top of her for a while and they kiss. He then rolls over to the side of the sleeping bag and pulls it back over Tina. The vodka and sex have done its job, and he is now feeling knackered, and he falls asleep. All this sex of course has been a sound show for me and Kadan and at first, we laugh but then it gets us horny, and we wank ourselves off to the fucking. The morning dawns and I am the first to wake up. I go over to Tina s tent to see what has gone on. I open the tent and to the side of Tina I see Danny on his back totally nude, with a used condom thrown to one side of the tent, I didn’t notice it had no cum in it. I stand there for a moment staring and suddenly, he looks at me and smiles and grabs his thick flaccid cock and starts stroking it, which it responds within seconds to hard and he continues to stroke it. I stand watching and he’s looking directly at me smiling and I think what I am doing, and I am suddenly shameful and close up the flaps and walk back to the kitchen, though I have to admit I did get hard, and I really can t say how long I stood there for.

After a while, one by one they wake up and gather round for the breakfast I have cooked. I am waiting for Danny to say something and then he jokes, we have a right domestic here don’t we, and the others laugh and make jokes, but then he says, no seriously Paul, thanks for doing all the stuff and night. I promised you a ride on my bike, why don’t you come with me for a short ride. I go to shrug it off, no that’s OK I say, but the others say yea, do it, Vince says live a little Paul. What about a helmet I say, you can wear mine, I am safe any ways. He goes over to the motocross bike and gets on and tells me to climb on behind him. We head off and I am holding him round his waste. We are riding the pathways, I am sure there were signs saying no bikes, but Danny has never followed the rules. We get to a clearing and he stops and grabs my hand and pushes it down onto his cock. I try and resist for a moment, but he has a firm grip, and I can feel his thick hard cock. What are you doing I say. Well, I thought you might want to have a feel since you were looking at it, he jokes. I wasn’t, I wasn’t…, I am trying to get my words out he says get off the bike a minute. So, I get off and so does he, and he says, look we are all men of the world, it is ok to experiment, unzip it and take it out and just feel it. I guess you haven’t felt another guy’s cock before, so why not try it. It’s not gay it’s just an experiment, I’m Bi so don’t worry. I think to myself, I do want to feel what it’s like but at the same time, I feel a sit ashamed, at which point Danny grabs my hand again and places it on his hard cock area. So, I pull down the zip and reach in pulling down the elastic waste of the boxers and take out his cock. It is an impressive piece. Not as large as my brothers but still long smooth and thick. Give it some attention he says. I start to stroke it, and he says yea that’s it, yea…, fuck yea… I only managed to fuck your sister once last night cos of the booze, so I am still horny as hell, and this is a sort of thank you for letting me stay the night and also helping me out. Undo the buckle he then says, so I unclip it and his pants are now open wider. Now, try it he says. I am not sure what he means, go on, put it in your mouth. I start to resist but he says, go on, it won’t hurt you, try it. I get onto my knees, and I open my mouth and take a taste. It is the taste of cum, stale piss and something else which I guess maybe pussy, but as it’s my sisters I try not to think of that. Once I have sucked it a couple of times, he takes over and starts thrusting it in me. After a few moments he starts to really face fuck me, holding his gloved hands around my head, and he all of a sudden moans, I feel the vein of his cock pulse and I suddenly get my mouth filled with his thick salty cum, as he pumps me with his throbbing cock. A small amount dribbles down my face, and I try and swallow the cream. After a few seconds of panting, he takes it out and suddenly zips up his pants. Thanks lad, I really needed that he says with a cheeky grin, which really you cannot not but like. I guess we better go, and acts like nothing has just happened, I stand up and he sees my hard on. He looks and says, well you can’t get on the bike behind me with that, and you don’t want to walk do you? No, I say, so he says come and sit up against the side of the bike seat. I lean my weight against the bike and the suspension of the bike goes down a little but stabilises, and he comes almost to the side of me and unzips my jeans and pulls out my cock in one swift movement. He then says, these gloves have got lots of feel, they are new too, but I have wanked off with them myself, let me help you and he wraps his gloved hand around my cock. He starts to stoke my cock getting faster and faster, it feels like lightning going through my head. For some reason I am focusing on his diamond ear stud, and his fit body, from his working out at the gym, and then I look down at the gloved hand stroking me and it’s too much and suddenly I groan, and he slides the glove to the base of my cock, well away from the swollen head which Is starting to shoot out long ropes of cum onto the nearby ground, which slow to just a few drops. He takes his hand away and says, we better get back now. I hope you enjoyed it lad, I guess you won’t be saying anything about any of this now to your mum, will you? I say, no I said I wouldn’t, and I meant it. I replace my helmet on my head after pulling up my jeans and boxers, and I climb on behind him. We get back to the camp, and they all say, so did you enjoy yourself then? I said yes, very much so. Danny smiles and winks. It is a shame that before long we are packing up and making sure we have not left a mess or damage to the spot. Danny rides off and we walk back to the car park with all our camping gear and head home.

It is a few weeks later that we hear that Danny is in trouble again and has been caught by the police. He is held on remand and then is sent to prison for a while due to him being caught running drugs around town for Jack. He refuses to give up Jack to them, so I think that makes his sentence all the worst. It is the last time Tina sees him for a while anyways, I do meet up with him again in later. It has taught me that I like to do things with guys too maybe, or maybe it is as he says, a phase I am going through and trying to discover myself. One thing I do know is though, I want a pair of those motocross gloves.

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    Oh, poor Danny! I bet the other prisoners are tasting that delicious cock!