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Manipulating my sister

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My sister had an accident and the tablets she was on made her like a zombie. My friend and I manipulated her in to having sex with us.

My younger sister Bethany who is 10 fell down a hill on her bike a couple of months ago, she broke her arm and hit her head pretty hard, she’s alright though, her arms in a cast and doesn’t have any brain damage or anything, the doctors put her on to a combination of different tablets that help with the pain and stop her blood clotting and stuff like that.

The thing is with all the tablets she’s taking they have a very odd side effect, they make her a bit drowsy but also very calm and easy influenced, my parents would tell her to do stuff and she’d just do it, she was like a zombie after taking her tablets and obeyed their every command.

I just started a new school, I’m 13 now, and I made a new friend who came over to my house last week and we were in my bedroom playing online games when Bethany slowly came in, looking drowsy, she asked what we were doing, I told her to get out and she did it straight away, turned around and left, my new mate, Chris, asked why she looked so weird, so I explained to him just like I wrote above.

He was intrigued and wanted to mess with her a bit, so I called her back in to my room, she came in wearing her yellow flannel pyjama’s and holding a doll in her arm, “Close the door and sit down.” I said, and she closed the door and then sat on the floor with her legs crossed.

“Is that your doll?” asked Chris.

“Yep.” She replied, then she hugged her doll, “She’s mine.” She added.

“Put it down.” He said, and sure enough she put it down on the floor beside her.

“Pick it back up.” he said, and she did, he nudged me as if to say, “Watch this.”, “Throw it at the wall.” He said.

She raised her arm holding her toll then threw it hard at the wall to her left, we both burst out laughing then quickly calmed ourselves down, she continued to sit on the floor with a completely mute expression on her face, like she was hypnotized or something.

“Stand up.” he said.

She slowly got to her feet, “Stick your arms out.”, she did, “Do some star jumps.” And she did, he asked me if she’d do other stuff, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, “Stop jumping.” He said, and she stopped.

He walked over to her and kneeled on the floor to her level, “Kiss me here.” He said, pointing to his cheek, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Unbutton your top.” He said, she started unbuttoning her pyjama top, that’s when I rushed over, “What are you doing?” I snapped.

“Come on, let’s have some fun.” He said.

“No – “ I replied.

Then he pulled me aside, “Come on, man. I’ve never seen a naked girl, I wanted to see her. Haven’t you ever wondered what it looks like?” he whispered.

“What what looks like?” I asked.

“A girls fanny. Come on. We’ll just look, that’s all.” He said, begging me with his eyes, and I foolishly agreed and we walked back over to her, she had her top fully unbuttoned by now.

“Take your top off.” He said, she did, we stood and looked at her naked chest, obviously she didn’t have boobs yet but still looked nice, her belly button was cute, “Now take off your pants.” He said.

Bethany sat on the floor and pulled off her pants, one leg at a time, then she stood back up, only wearing her frilly pink panties, Chris and I looked at each other, I was actually excited to see her, he was about to ask her when I butted in and did it instead, “Pull your panties down.” I said, just before he did.

We backed away and sat on the bed as she grabbed hold of the side of her panties and bent down as she pushed them down her legs, then she stood up straight and we saw her fanny, the first girls fanny we’d ever seen, Chris grabbed my arm, “Holy – shit!.” He said with excitement, we sat and stared at her hairless fanny with amazement for about 10 whole minutes, slightly drooling as well, my cock twitched a little under my pants, “Shall we tell her to get dressed now.” I said to Chris, my eyes never leaving her fanny.

“Fuck that…” he said, “Come over here, Bethany.” He said, tapping on the bed.

She walked over and sat on the bed beside him, “Put my hand on your fanny.” He said, she reached over and took hold of his hand, she lifted it then pulled it and pressed it between her legs, “Oh my god, it’s soft.” He announced, “You have to feel it.” He said.

I went over and sat at the other side of her, then I reached down and felt her fanny, it made me smile, it did feel soft, also warm and little damp.

“Are you getting a boner? – I’m getting one.” Said Chris, fiddling with his crotch.

“Yeah.” I replied, feeling a little embarrassed.

We gave each other a knowing look, we were going to do it, we were going to get sexual with her, “Bethany, put your hand down my pants.” He said, she leaned her arm over and pushed it down the front of his pants, then we got her to do the same to me and she fondled are cock and balls for a while and we both rubbed her fanny.

Chris suddenly stood up and faced her, he pulled his cock out of his pants, “Rub my cock.” He said, and she did, “Lick it.”, she did, “Suck it.” She did, after a few minutes I had a turn and it felt nice.

“Lay down.” He told her, she laid all the way back on to the bed, “No, lay across the bed, the other way.” He said, she lifted her feet up on to the bed and turned to lay across it, then he looked at me, “Can I?” he asked, “Can I fuck her?” he said.

“If you want.” I replied.

“Lift your knees up and open your legs.” He said, and her legs lifted and parted, he rubbed her fanny a little then climbed on top of her, while she just laid there on the bed, he took his cock in his hand and pushed it up her fanny, she screamed, “No – don’t scream. Don’t shout. You like this.” He said, and she stopped screaming and he fucked her for a few minutes until he came, he pulled out and rolled off the bed, “Your turn. You gotta try it man. That was the best.” He said, pleased with himself that he just had sex.

I got on top of her, “Did you like that, Beth?” I asked, she nodded, then she smiled at me, probably knowing I was her brother, “Will you let me do it?” I asked, she nodded again, her hole was still open from when Chris fucked her so my cock just slid inside, I held her while I fucked her, I felt bad because she was my sister but I was also having sex and it felt great, so I kept fucking her until I came a few minutes later, then I got off and pulled my pants up.

Chris hit my on the shoulder, “Buzzing, man. Good right?” he said.

I nodded, “Yeah, man.” I replied, and we fist bumped.

I gathered up her clothes off the floor and handed them to her, “Get dressed now, Beth.” I said, and she did, when she was dressed we handed over her doll and told her to go back to her room and go to sleep, she followed our orders and left.

I do feel bad that we clearly just raped my sister, but then maybe she actually wanted to do it, I mean, can tablets really make you that suggestive and stupid, not that she’s stupid.

Chris and I are still good friends but I haven’t invited him back to my house since, I’m a little scared of what he’ll ask my sister to do next.

Still, at least we know what a naked girl looks like now, and we’re not virgins anymore.

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    Great story do part 2 where you fuck your sister up the ass