Cat: PreTeen

How I got raped at 11

This started when I was 11 and my mom was a prostitute. So we were hanging around a club and my mom snuck us in with distraction, and while we were in the club we had to look out for... # #

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I remember the days of my youth living at my dad and stepmom’s lake house. I have a stepsister, Ming, who is almost the same age. She is about six months older than me. She was slowly... # # # #

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Baby girl

I am only a young preteen but I have spied on my brother jerking his cock off many times and seen his cum shoot way out into the air. At first I was surprised and not sure what was... # # #

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My uncle

As a 10yo I remember sitting on my uncles lap and him moving my hips back and forth, since I would be used by my step dad I already knew what this meant, we would dry hump for hours... # # # #

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