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Author: spermwhore

sperm bath

I love cum in any edition, when I jerk the dick and gush I always cum s woich fingers. I often walk around my neighborhood naked, more than once I was dragged into a dark alley where... # # # #

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ripped hole

I love to be fucked by anything that moves and has a dick. Since I can remember I have always served my perverted father as a cum sack. the old man always fucked me whenever he wanted... # # # #

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dragon hermaphrodite

The sun’s rays woke me from my sleep in my cave, I yawned heavily unhappy with the early wake-up call. I got out slowly and looked around, in the distance I could see a city of... #

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a kid to fuck in jail 2

I started growing up in prison, serving time in place of my parents and feeling fulfilled. My dad visits me from time to time, looking at his son smiling and getting fucked in the ass... # # # #

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Whore Queen Garia

I am Garia, ruler of a small country on the outskirts of fairyland. My country is named after me, and I have been Queen for over two thousand years. I try to keep in shape so that my... # #

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Family whore 3

The next day I was terribly aroused, Father tied me to a chair and turned on a compilation of porn on the laptop. I howled in pain as my dick tried to break through the cage it was... # # # #

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Family whore 2

For a week I watched Father fuck Mother, they fucked each other in every way possible. And I watched, still having a cage on my dick. Every now and then Mother would give me her divine... # # # #

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Family whore

I’ve had a bitchy nature for as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed going naked and exposing my dick. When I turned 14 my perversion reached its peak, I wanted to... # # #

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Dragon City 2

It’s been a week since I served my lady. I spent all day in her huge cunt, writhing and masturbating, sometimes she would pull me out and have me bite her big clit. I enjoyed... #

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Dragon City

Nobody remembers what our world was like anymore. The Great War with the dragons destroyed the cities of men, and relegated us to the role of servants. No one knows where the dragons... #

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Young boy slut with Mom 3

It’s barely been a week since our house was broken into, I fuck my Mother every day and spurt in her bitch cunt. But I still don’t have enough. My mother got an idea, she... #

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Young boy slut with Mom

It all started when I discovered what masturbation was, I started quite early as an eight year old. My mother caught me when I turned 14, lying on my bed covered in cum from four ejaculations.... # #

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Brothel Pops is a slut 2

After a full night of fucking my bitch anus I woke up naked on my desk. My hands were tied behind my head along with my legs, my anus open from fisting was open to the world. My boys... #

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Brothel Pops is a slut

I work as a brothel papa, it’s the perfect job for an un-excited whore like me. Whenever I sit behind my oak desk I ride a huge dildo and wiggle my bitch cock for anyone who comes... #

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