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world of machines

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The Great War devastated humanity in the year 2045, only a few survived. A small number of barely 20,000 people. But from the ashes of war something worse was born, machines capable of surviving eternity. As the machines began to dominate, one rule began to prevail. Sex anywhere, machines kept people only for that purpose. I was born many years after the war, my father an experienced sex slave got me naked at the age of 12. I liked sex so much that I began to crave it. Now I am 16 years old, and every day I see my father masturbating hard, moving his hand up and down, obsessed with the desire for orgasm. His big cock gleams beautifully in the sunlight as he masturbates in our paddock.

We have no home, all the humans on earth have been confined to a huge zoo, they are an attraction for machines. Our men resemble metal octopuses, each of their 8 arms ending in a large ball. I personally find their build exciting. I love to imagine their tentacles penetrating my every orifice as I kneel before my father and begin to lick his balls. The smell that hits my nose is divine, I crave it every moment, I want to taste his cum in my mouth. My father always smiles at me as he slowly rubs his cock against my forehead, guiding it towards my mouth. I take hold of it with my mouth slowly sliding the tight ring all the way down to my father’s testicles. My dick stands up as I hear him sigh, sensing his desire. Slowly withdrawing my mouth to cup his, I spread my buttocks to reveal his yawning open anus. I let out a sweet moan as my father’s cock slowly penetrates me, big and hard and covered with veins. It feels amazing. As it slowly makes its way to my testicles my brain resets. My cock is dripping with precum which is dripping underneath me. I can feel his movements, he moves me slowly as if he just had sex with a virgin. While Father was advancing my sweet ass a woman was allowed into our enclosure. She was about 50 years old, a slender goddess body with slight curves. Our gaze was caught by her large E size breasts. She watched us jerking her clit, licking her lips showing us her nature as a real bitch. Her cunt was wide open, clearly used many times by machines. I felt Father spurting inside me, his hot cum spilling out of me. I watched mesmerized as my Father approached the woman. He knelt down in front of her and put his whole fist up her cunt. Her loud moan of pleasure rang out across our paddock. I was jealous, I didn’t have an orgasm, and Father took care of the stranger. I reached for my dick and began to masturbate in slow fluid motions as I watched Father fuck the slut with his hand up her pussy. She stood firm, moaned loudly and her juices dripped on the ground.

As I neared completion I felt mealy cold arms grab me, lift me high and carry me across the paddock. I saw about 30 machines ready to fuck me in every hole. I couldn’t believe my dream was coming true. I felt the first tentacle begin to enter my anus. Icy coldness coursed through my body as the tentacle pushed in hard. The second tentacle ran along my cock, the third tentacle slid into my mouth. They were huge, cold and flexible. I began to drown in excitement. My eyes opened wide as the second tentacle began to slide into my anus. A sharp pain shot through me as the machine’s tentacle, thick as a marker, began to press into my cock. My anus opened more and more, the pain gave way to pleasure. The machine accelerated the movements of the tentacles, penetrated me hard and fast. The tentacles secreted a fluid similar to precum and sperm, so they were slippery. Then a second tentacle entered my mouth and a third tentacle expanded my anus. The tentacles in my dick grew thicker by the second, splitting into two. Its thin ends began to penetrate my vas deferens causing me extreme pain. I wasn’t expecting it, but I just had an orgasm. Cold tentacles gushed fluid into my anus and throat. The tentacle in my cock also gushed, starting to overflow my testicles. I fell to the ground straight into a puddle of fluid. I couldn’t move, my anus was gaping open and my dick was purple from the spurting. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my sister, she was also being fucked by one of the machines. Tentacles penetrated her pussy and anus, another penetrated her throat. Two tentacles were fucking her nipples and pushing deep, she now had two huge holes in her breasts for fucking. The most interesting was the tentacle that penetrated her urethra. I watched my sister choke with pleasure. The machines announced that we were about to be fucked by a specially prepared group of a thousand men. I can’t wait for it to happen.

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