dragon hermaphrodite

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The sun’s rays woke me from my sleep in my cave, I yawned heavily unhappy with the early wake-up call. I got out slowly and looked around, in the distance I could see a city of people, their massive walls and towers however much smaller than me. I felt my pussy getting moist and my dick waking up, I spread my green-purple wings and rose into the air. I flew straight to the city of people, landing in the city square. People were not afraid of me, they knew me not from today. I approached a massive stone statue set up in the center of the city square, people built it for me so that I could satisfy my urges. The statue shimmered in gorgeous white, the mighty stone carved in the shape of a cock tempted me every time I visited the city. My cunt dripped heavily dripping onto the cobblestone plaza below me. I licked the statue showing people my wet pussy, once I had adequately moistened the stone I slowly began to impale myself on it. I roared loudly with pleasure, the cold stone stretching my pussy. I heard the delighted cheers of the crowd, encouraging me to impale myself all over. After a while my pussy reached the cobblestones, I exposed my big breasts to the whole city. My faithful human mascots admired me with all their attention, my cock was dripping with excitement and pleasure. My darling mascots began to endure smoothly hewn thick logs of wood, they were clouded, I felt them resist the scaffolding and my balls. They climbed up and handed the logs to each other, moistening them with black oil. I moaned as they began to put the logs right into my big cock, they didn’t play with gentleness they pushed in hard and forcibly. They also started climbing higher, putting the balls into my nipples causing great pleasure. Once they had filled my orifices, I could start fucking myself with the city statue. I was writhing hard, fucking my ass with my tail howling like to the moon. Finally she gushed heavily from my dick and nipples flooding the city streets with a torrent of sperm and milk. The women gathered in the square caught the white liquid in their hands and rubbed their cunts with it, the men drank it and shook their dicks with all the power they had. I love my city, maybe someday I’ll let my mascots take control.

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