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sperm bath

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I love cum in any edition, when I jerk the dick and gush I always cum s woich fingers. I often walk around my neighborhood naked, more than once I was dragged into a dark alley where I was anally raped and forced to give blowjobs to different types. I love the feeling of someone forcing me to give them ass. One day I was dragged once again to a side alley, It was the middle of the day, and I felt a hard cock near my anus, and it went inside me and started to fuck me hard, and I was filled with pleasure. behind me a line of about 50 men started to fuck my asshole and fuck me, and I moaned loudly, giving them satisfaction. I noticed how they brought a large plastic container, I was surprised but did not ask questions. The queue grew and grew and one by one these guys approached the container and started jerking their dicks off, lowering themselves inside as the others fucked me. The container was slowly filling with cum, the rest of it was full to the brim. It was like a bassinet full of milk, delicious and wonderful thick milk. The men guided me to the container and helped me enter it, I was submerged all over in their cum. I was swallowing this wonderful nectar and shoving it up my ass, jerking my dick with all my strength and adding cum to the container every now and then. As I surfaced to take a breath several cocks penetrated my throat hard, they fucked me in the snout hard and hard. I was drifting off with pleasure, out of the corner of my eye I saw a large pack of dogs numbering about 40 individuals. The guys took me out of the container ospermic and satisfied, they threw me in front of the pack of dogs, I quickly piled out on all fours towards them. I felt the first dog’s cock in my ass, the human’s in my mouth. The wonderful feeling of my sore ass and throat. I promised myself that next time I must give myself to a pack of horses.

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