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Whoring Piece Of Trash

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A wife is a slave who’s safely abused, fucks a dog and subjected to verbal humiliation.

One September Thursday evening, the white, 36-y/o Roland was surfing the ‘Net when he found “OnlineSlaves” and noticed that 2 site members, the white, 2o-y/o Haydn and Marshal lived in his city.

He accessed their joint profile regarding their interest in ‘safely abusing older females by stomping their dignity.’

Roland next attached Deborah, his 34-y/o wife’s nude photo to a message he sent the youngters ‘inviting them to a 9 o’clock discount sale at the couple’s home the following Saturday night.’

After opening his e-mail, Marshal and Haydn accepted the husband’s invitation while looking at Deborah’s picture showing her pretty face, well-formed legs, brown hair and large, firm bust.

‘She’s a hot, isn’t she?’ Marshal inquired.

‘Yeah,’ Haydn said.

However, upon the friends arriving at the Roland’s house, introduced himself.

‘Nice meeting you. I’m Marshal and this is Haydn,’ the former replied as Deborah walked into the living room.

‘This is Deborah, my slave-wife,’ Roland said, then: – ‘I don’t care about money, besides which she needs humiliation and I’m selling her to you for $1 apiece.’

‘Okay,’ Haydn answered.

‘You probably realize she’s a filthy women, don’t you?’ Roland then asked.

‘I like filth!’ Haydn snorted.

‘That’s what you’re carrying in your jugs!’ Marshal said while slapping Deborah’s tits inside her dress.

‘They aren’t filled with anything but sour milk!’ Haydn jeered.

‘No wonder you’re selling her so cheap, Roland,’ Marshal said.

‘I never commit fraud,’ the husband answered.

‘Our scorn for your wife isn’t fraudulent, either!’ Haydn remarked.

‘Aren’t you a pleasant fellow!’ Roland grinned.

‘Pleasant? Take this, stupid!’ Haydn responded as he flipped Deborah the bird.

Having done that, he commanded her to undress.

She obeyed before he rammed 2 fingers into her vag.

‘Aaah!’ she gasped.

‘Quiet!’ Haydn said, after which he removed his fingers and wiped them between her lush thighs.

‘You’re a sexy, little wench!’ he noted.

‘That’s too polite. Call her the foulest names possible,’ Roland urged.

‘Bitch!’ Haydn spat the word into her eyes.

‘Skank!’ Marshal had scarcely added before Roland whistled and his St. Bernard trotted into the room.

‘This is Toy,’ he said.

‘Your wife screws dogs?’ Marshal said,

‘I didn’t mean to surprise you, but, yeah, she does, First, you’re going to bang her,’ Roland replied as he, Marshal and Haydn stripped.

The latter then pushed Deborah to her knees and thrust his 11-inched pecker into her mouth.

‘Suck, you dirty slut!’ he snarled.

‘Uh-hmmm!’ she nodded.

‘You whoring piece of trash!’ Marshal shouted.

Feeling thoroughly degraded, she had an orgasm while Haydn’s warm lava exploded in her mouth, followed by Marshal bending her over and smashing his 12-inched pole into her rectum.

‘You stinking ass-hole!’ he yelled.

‘Stomp her dignity!’ Roland referred to his and Haydn’s profile.

‘Yeah!’ Marshal roared as he angrily pounded her body until his cock spewed jizz into her entrails.

‘Now, comes the real fun,’ Roland smiled.

He then led Toy, Haydn, Marshal and Deborah into his garage.

‘Are you ready for bestiality?’ he asked.

‘Yes, master.’

‘Crawl under Toy’s belly and masturbate him,’ Roland ordered.

She complied, and brought the canine’s pizzle into a 7-inched boner.

Next, she turned and guided it into her snatch.

Immediately, the dog started fucking her, though Marshal and Haydn couldn’t believe her when she panted, ‘Rape me!’

Hearing that rendered Marshal and Haydn completely silent while they watched the perverted act.

A few minutes later, Toy shot his load into Deborah’s cunt, withdrew from it, lifted his hind-leg and pissed on her.

‘Oh, my god!’ Marshal exclaimed.

‘She’s a kennel-toilet!’ Roland laughed as he stroked his brutally fat, 10-inched penis and ejaculated in his wife’s hair.

After a pause, he said. ‘I’ll give you refund.’

‘Why?’ Haydn asked.

‘Would you boys hold a slave-auction next Saturday night?’ Roland said.

‘Where?’ Marshal inquired.

‘I own an empty building and know at least 2o guys who’ll attend it,’ the husband replied.

‘Sure, man,’ Haydn agreed.

However, Deborah’ auction value dropped to 50 cents per bidder, though even then, she wasn’t worth that much!

The End

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