Cat: PreTeen

Cum princess daughter

I woke up at 3am to get ready for work. Noone is ever up this early. I lived with my wife, son and little princess. What I didn’t expect was moaning from my 10yo daughters room.... # #

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My Sexual Explosion At 10

I seem to be different than friends of mine. I like many things they like, like shopping, make-up, skating, riding bikes,and boys. While my friends like to go shopping for clothes,... # # #

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Young daughter

my 10 year old daughter saw me and her mom having sex. She ask me what we were doing I told that we where making love. She then ask why was mom crying, I said she was not crying but... #

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My relationship with Red

My dad and I have always been close. Whenever we have family stay the night, I sleep in bed with him. He still sits beside the tub when I’m in the bath, even though I’m 12. And... # #

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Lily’s School Trip

Lily is an 11 year old girl, who’s very cute and smart for her age. She has brown hair to match her eyes, softest skin to the touch and has just begun showing small perky tits... # # #

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Mark Littrell and Skip Young were two total degenerates. Living on the streets of the cities, they were well known to local law enforcement. As the seasons changed, the two men, both... # # # # #

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Riley get rape by daddy

Riley is 12 year old, and just started to develop for her age, she is a daddy girl.i will explain what that means a little bit later, daddy girl is a tease me all the time. She has... # # # #

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When we finally fuck

This is a true story of me and my lil sister, no shit, but the real stuff..sorry for my bad grammar.. This was back in the days, late 90s early 2000. This first happened one day after... # # # #

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The blue door

There this old amandon house with a blue door.l was looking for a rape,now I just had to find her,then when I was walking down the street towards the house. ONG! Not just 1 but 2 pretty,... # # # #

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No daddy please

First of my Daughter is not.blood she was adopted. At 4. I know what you are going to say I’m killing the English language my grammar is poor and my spelling sucks I so sorry... # # # #

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Pedoboy Stories

Things I’ve done as a pedophile. The people: my little cousins, My friend’s little sisters, girls at school and more…(Sorry for bad grammar) # # # #

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Mother day force

A week before mother day 2013.a week before mother day. I over heard my Mom on the phone she said, I wish I would have had craving aborted. Out of all my kids Craig is the world, and... # # # #

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