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Cat: PreTeen

Me Dean and the hoover

After the day Dean came round mine wile his Mummy went to Swindon to see her Mother in hospital and he got to taste my cunt cream,there was no stopping him,he wanted it as often as... #

473 words | 15 |3.44

my baby momma’s

“lets go in your mothers room.” I said to Sarah. she was 12 and my next door neighbor. I was babysitting her for her mom, Jane Meese who was 32 and divorced. I was 17 and... # #

3159 words | 13 |4.00

Little Sister’s Awakening pt5

(This is a redo for the hecklers on the last version of this chapter.) Chapter 5 >> ………… Tuesday I wake up relatively rested and I have the most comfortable feeling ever.... # # #

2540 words | 4 |3.63

10yr lilly wants me to play her way !!!

Lilly is a tall thin girl who has been staying with me an my son over the summer months ! She comes outta of a broken home an has never been shown any kind of love or affection !!!... #

903 words | 5 |4.36

Serving my Uncle (Part 2)

After he put my sister to bed, he came walking into the living room while I was enjoying the Nintendo, he asked me if I was alright or if I had any questions about what had happed in... # # # #

716 words | 5 |3.88

Boy next door part 3

When I got home from Rose’s I thought about what had just happened,I knew it was the hairy sticking out of my knickers he liked I just knew it before he had even told me, I had... #

1609 words | 10 |4.29

part 3 on show

Mr Collins said to call him Peter. He was a little tubby and as I had been told by my older friend, totally hairless and totally nude and his cock was way big. It was kind of really... # # # #

620 words | 7 |3.38

Daughter not feeling well

My daughter woke my wife and I up early this morning and said she wasn’t feeling good. I sleep near the door so she approached myside first, we all sleep naked and I had a hard... # # # #

538 words | 9 |4.45

Cassie and Logan

I’m back. I left off with Logan fucking his mother in the ass. With his little 3 inch cock. And he’s fucking ass hole like a pro. Cassie began to scream in pleasure as her... # # # #

770 words | 1 |3.88

Boy next door part 2

The day after Dean had been looking up my skirt,I had come to a decision on what to do which in the end became easy after seeing the state of my knickers after I looked up my skirt... #

710 words | 8 |4.91

The boy next door

My name is Karen I am in my fifty’s divorced with a son of 15, when I got divorced I had to find some where else to live, so after looking for ages I found a house which was just... #

777 words | 11 |4.61

Sibling desires Part 4

Early the next morning I start to slowly wake, again the sun shines through the curtains this time in my own room as I gently roll to my side my little sister Meg fast asleep in my... # #

880 words | 2 |4.45