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Cat: PreTeen

Shelley and friends

Shelley had always been a sexual creature since as long as she remembered. No one had taught her or shown her how to pleasure herself, she found her own way. Should recall getting excited... # # #

2564 words | 3 |4.57

Sibling desires Part 3

Early Saturday morning I wake with the sun shining through the curtains still in my sisters bed and she is no where to be seen. I give out a big yawn and stretch as I settle for a moment... # #

1306 words | 6 |4.82

How they used me

We went hiking. Just me and my dad. It was a few months after he had been using my kitten for himself. My momma watching as he forced me to cum. We were a few miles in when I had to... # # # #

272 words | 5 |4.00

11 yo Claire and me

I never intended to lay my hands on a child. It’s not like I had been perving at kids and dreaming about molesting one. It just wasn’t like that. I take full responsibility for... # #

906 words | 15 |4.78

Wam fun

Me and gf Ruby have a very fun sex life we do all sorts of sex kinks and fetishes our favourites are Piss play , wam , mud , scat , free use , cum play, human liquids , incest , public... # # # #

362 words | 1 |3.08

Siblings desires Part 2

I can’t actually believe what I’m doing… My hand deep in my 12 year old sisters knickers but definitely no going back now, she feels so soft and warm as my fingers... # #

370 words | 7 |4.68

BadDaddy201 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of BadDaddy201. If you haven’t read part one, please feel free to do that by clicking my profile name to see my content. I heard the front door open, “hey... # #

1139 words | 14 |4.55

Beach day

It was a bright, sunny day at the beach, and the warm sand beneath my feet felt invigorating as I strolled along the shore. I couldn’t help but notice the group of people gathered... # # #

926 words | 3 |3.73

Yummy sperm

My brother forced me to jerk him off one day and since then I have become addicted to sperm like it is chocolate. # # # #

1091 words | 9 |4.85

Honey life- Par-II (Flagellation)

I am Honey and just at the age of 11 developed a sexy figure of 32-24-34 by the kindness of my regular breast message by my dad David and sucking of nipples and clits of my mom Goldie.Today... # # # #

1039 words | 0 |3.20