Cat: PreTeen

My Step Neice

I was watching my step niece, Jia, for my brother. She’s over here all the time anyway. She loves me. My brother is eight years older than I am. I was 14 at this time. His stepdaughter... # # # #

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The Steps

I was 7 when I met Xuan. She was the daughter of the man my mom was dating. We were the same age so we instantly hit it off. She was a brain child. The daughter of a doctor she was... # # # #

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Girlfriends daughter

Veronica and I always slept naked. Especially summer. Sunday morning daybreak after having sex in the night. Am half awake my hand on her thigh feeling my cum that has dried on her... #

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My Uncle Used Me and I Loved It

My name is Ethan. I wrote a story here once about I wanted my uncle to fuck me. And it happened finally on New Years. My mom had to go to a party for work so my uncle came and watched... # # #

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