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Cat: PreTeen

Mall rats

Im in the mall for a quick bite to eat in the food court, I get my usual chinese food and go and sit down to eat, as it is close to closing time the food court is almost empty except... # # # # #

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Family Business II

Chico and Juan Martinez were both about 19 years old. “Legal” citizens of the US with their fake ID’s, they lived a good life. Their family back in Mexico City ran the best whore... # # #

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I love chocolate

He’s on the hunt looking for his next little lamb. He’s a predator on the loose. Some people say his blood goes back all the way to the old country, to his family’s... # # #

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Im jen 12 years old love my experience i have dyslyxia sorry for bad spelling and period. # #

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Can anyone rent this happening to them? 10 years ago I was just turning 12 Mom got home from work shortly after I got home from school. She was in a bad mood. Taking it out on me. Then... # #

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A beautiful surprise pt2

As we approached my house, Olivia’s family all looked excited as they realised they were visiting a big modern villa, with a massive garden, outdoor swimming pool and beach view... # # # #

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A beautiful encounter

My name is Grey, i’m 20 years old. I am 6’1 (1m87) for 160 lbs (73kg) with a slim, lean build. My dick, a healthy 7 inches is cut and shaved. My hair is messy, medium length... #

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Boogeyman doll

I wasn’t going to write anymore I was going to take Tara’s advice and just write comments but I remembered I made a promise to all of you to write another Boogeyman within... # # #

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Disturbing burglars

I was 12, and I went downstairs in the middle of the night and discovered 2 men robbing our house, they stripped me naked and had sex with me. # # # #

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First wife fun

So my first wife was raised in foster homes. She had a rough life. Told how she was molested by her brothers and her dad at different time’s growing up. He dads encounter drove me... # # # #

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Last night me and daddy went out to the shor to go food shopping. Daddy having a football party today. Some of his friends and thier wifes and kids . So today i am daddy daughter not... # #

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Never too old

I sat there, staring at the young boy’s genitals. I couldn’t believe how big his penis was. It was circumcised and looked at least 5″ long # #

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