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Cat: PreTeen


Im 12 years old im writing this on real life experience i love very much doing i have dislyxia sorry for wrong spelling and period # #

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Back To School

Stacey Parks didn’t know Ben Kawolski. She’d never seen him before, never met him. A complete stranger. Until now. She was twelve years old, in the back of some work van like her... # # #

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The Dream Sleepover

“Being a single parent can be stressful, though it does have its perks. Name’s Mike, I’m a 32 year old supervisor working at an industrial plant and I live in a beautiful... # # #

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Labor day

He was thinking back to when he was younger. He was brought up on old fashion family holiday traditions. Now just an old dog in his kid age, he passed them down to his 2 daughters but,... # # #

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Im jen 12 years old real life experience that i love . I have dislyxia sorry for wrong spelling and period. # #

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Doctor became my bro 3

Doctor tore her ass with his 8inch cock and went deep in her belly. And he started smashing her ass. The blood faded with the speed of fuck. Man: doc, don’t be so rough, you are... #

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Im jen Im writing this on real life experience i love it all . I have dislyxia sorry for bad spelling and period # #

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Bath room break

Years ago I was in Sears store headed for the bathroom when a boy about 12 literally walk into me as I was about to walk into the bathroom, I said to him excuse me, he turned and looked... # # # # #

541 words | 5 |3.81