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Cat: PreTeen

Tickle tickle

Tony was in his late teens , I was 10 (maybe ) He was my absolute favorite . He always had treats for me. Gave me pony rides, dollars, took the blame when I was in trouble, and stuck... # #

1953 words | 10 |3.94

taxi driver helps out

i was positioned out side the train station,when i notice a 12 year old girl crying coming out of the station,i ask her what the problem is and she says she has lost her train ticket... # # #

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Sexual desires

My innocence taken at a young age, I embarked on a mission to take as many virgins as possible and get as much sex as I can. # # # #

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Dad and boys part three

After the time I had played with Dads cock and made him come I knew I did not want that to stop I knew for sure I would want to play with Dads cock a lot , it was such a great experience... # #

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Tropical Paradise part 2

I wasn’t going to stop now. Annie’s pussy was beautifully formed – still with the blush of a preteen pussy, with both lips and only a light coating of hair. I slowly... # # #

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