Cat: PreTeen

A new chapter 2

Kat divulges that she has told someone else about us but not until I have fucked her several times more # #

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Adventures of one fat boy

Well, first some things for me, from a young age I have big love for chips, potatoes, chocolates, hot dogs any unhealthy food in other words. As a result, at 10 years old I wasn’t... # #

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My sisters bedtime stories

My sister, Stacey was 15 when this started. She was 7 years older than me. She went away on a school trip for a week to Ireland. When she got back she started asking me into her bed... # # #

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I was raped by my uncle

My name is Joaquin, I lived with my grandmother’s house, since it was a big house my mom decided to live there, and my uncle also lived there, he was a goofy guy, made jokes that... # # # #

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Christmas morning

I wake up suddenly on Christmas morning when my daughter Emily jumps onto the bed. Climbs on top of me and starts shaking me. “Santa came , daddy! Santa came. Wake up and come downstairs.... # #

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My Jnr High Buddy

Here’s the story about my jnr high buddy: I guess it started when he moved into our neighborhood at 6th grade. I think we were both 12. Not many other kids in the neighborhood... # #

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Love incest

I love fucking my cousin Riko, we take showers together and watch porn together it’s amazing but lately I’ve had my eye in his friends Nani, he’s Latino with curly... # # #

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I became my mom

My mom left my dad when I was 12. He was okay for the first few months but after that he changed. He’d sit in my room at night and make sure I wouldn’t leave like she did. He kept... # #

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