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Deepcleaning my younger sister

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This story is about me, Jason (13 M) who stumbled upon his younger sis Isabella (10 F) and gave her a thorough deepcleaning.

I am a 6 inch boy (body length, not under there) and I live with my mother and little sister Isabella in a small but beautiful house in a calm village. My sister goes to school in the middle of the village, but I go to a school far away from my village. I always take busses to get to school because my parents don’t have time to bring me by car and on bike I’m just too slow. That’s not because I have a bad condition, just because my bike isn’t really it and I’m always late to classes when going to school on bike. One day I woke up early because the bus times were slightly changed and I really don’t want to we late. I picked up some breakfast and walked of to the bus stop that’s close to my house. I hopped on the bus, ate my breakfast while sitting on one the uncomfortable seats. Around 30 minutes later we finally arrived at school. The bus stopped and I walked in the school. All the lessons of school were boring, but i had something to look foreward to. Yesterday I had biology class from Mr. Smith. He told us that tomorrow we would get out first lesson of sex education. Now I’m sitting in maths class counting minutes untill the class finally ends. I had always looked forward to sex education. I really eagerly wanted to know how everythin worked and so on, and today was the day. I took a seat in the biology class and Mr. Smith learned us very much about how the penis went into a vagina and that’s what people call “having sex”. I really wanted to try for myself. Much children on school are further in knowledge aout sex than me and they said it feels really good. Because biology was the last class of the day I walked out of school and took the bus back home.

When finally arrived at home, I dumped my bag somewhere randomly in the livingroom and got upstairs to play some video games. After playing some matches I wanted to listen to some music so I grabbed my AirPods case from my desk. When I opened the lid I saw that they were kinda dirty so I walked off to the bathroom to get some cotton swabs. I opened the door and found my sister lying on her back in a full bathtub. “Hey”, she said. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to come in while you were here”. I walked off to the cabinet in the bathroom, opened one of the drawers and grabbed a cotton swabs. I walked out of the bathroom to clean my AirPods. While listening to some music I imagined the image of my 10 year old sister naked in the bathtub. I felt my dick grow in my pants and remembered I kinda know how to have sex now. I really wanted to try. I got up and walked into the bathroom again. My sister was still on her back in the bathtub. I glazed at her bald pink pussy. I wanted to touch it so badly. “Hey”, she said again. “Hi”, I responded and I took a seat at the uncomfy chair in the bathroom. I kept looking at her beautiful pussy for a long time. “Why are you looking at my thing”, she eventually said. “I’m sorry”, I responded. “I just wanna know how it feels” “How what feels”, she asked. “Your pussy”, I said. “Alright”, she said. “Here you go”. She got on all fours in the middle of the bathtub, her pussy facing in my direction. I just kept looking at it when she said:”Well, are you gonna touch it or not”. I stretched my arm and slowly put my finger on her tight pink pussy. It was really warm, and wet ofcourse. I massaged her clit for a couple of minutes and asked her if it felt nice. “Yes, really nice”, she responded. “Can’t you come in the bath too? Mom and dad aren’t home”. I din’t need a second to think about that. I pulled all of my clothes off and got in the warm bathtub. We have a fairly big bathtub so she could sit right next to me. The water was perfect, not too warm and not too cold. I started touching her pussy again and she slowly covered her hand around my hard dick. “It’s really big!”, she said. We masturbated each other for a couple of minutes and then she said:”Can you maybe put your finger in it. I saw it on the internet by accident, but it looks really nice”. I don’t know if it was relly by accident or she was just early, but it didn’t matter to me. I slowly pushed my finger in her tight hole. She moved a little bit, and it was fully in now. I move my finger in and out and she started to slightly moan, still playing with my dick. After a couple more minutes she said:”What if we put this in there?”, pointing to my dick. “We could try”, I answered. She got on top of me and she aimed my dick at her tight hole. She slowly lowered her body and my cock touched the outside of her hole. She began to sit down on me and my dick slowly moved into her, when all of a sudden she gasped. I broke her hymen. “It’s really nothing, it’s just part of it”, I said. When I convinced her it was fine she finally fully sat down on me. It felt so good on my cock, I just can’t describe it. She started moving up and down, going faster and faster. After around 20 second I already got my orgasm, my cum shooting in her, not virgin anymore, pussy. I pushed my dick harder and harder and then she finnaly came too. “That was amazing!”, she said. “Yeah, I know”, I responded. Whe cuddled each other and masturbated each other a little it when she said:”I want to do it again” “Okay, I know something”, I said to her. She got on all fours again and I aimed my cock at her pussy. It got in a little bit easier now and whe fucked really hard. I pulled out right before I came and shot all over her body. She laughed and whe had lots of fun. I started fingering her and she came, heavily moaning. I really hope we will never stop having so much fun together!

**This is my first story so if i did things wrong just comment and I will try to get better**

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  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Very lucky guy to experience this. Hopefully you will continue to do it with your sister. You will have many enjoyable moments.

  • Reply Dmac ID:c1es1do6ic

    Great story, keep it up and continue to fuck and play with your sister. Looking forward to part 2

  • Reply White wolf ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Keep it going kid you did great

  • Reply Nessa ID:53eij6tm2

    Loved it! When I was 8 my 2 cousins stripped me and did things with my buddy and ass. It went on for a couple of years. I loved it so much

    • Zeyphr ID:11awn1pjqrc

      That’s hot would love to hear about your fun

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cqaaskflbw7

    Good story really and yes sex with your sister would be amazing but I never had the chance only with other guys sisters and daughters. Next time give yourself a little more height more then 6 inches lol I think you just drowned in the tub before hitting your sisters pussy.

  • Reply Jerry ID:2px1mmwn4hs

    Seems you learned more about sex education from lil sis than your teacher. Good Job