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Your a filthy little slag

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My husband doesn’t like our 12 year old daughter, Chloe, looking at or talking to boys.

The first incident happened when we went to one of her friends birthday parties at the local bowling alley, we were sat down eating when my husband saw Chloe talking to a boy by the arcade machine and he didn’t like it one bit.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” I asked him, after seeing his angered expression.

“Who is that she’s talking too?” he asked me.

“I don’t know. Probably a boy from her school.” I replied.

He glared at her for nearly 20 minutes until she came back over to the table to eat some food, “Who was that boy?” he asked her.

“Just a friend from school.” She replied.

“Friend?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“He looks like a nice boy.” I said to her, and she smiled and blushed like she fancied him, but my husband didn’t like it at all.

Everything seemed fine, the party went on as normal, then we drove home, but as soon as we got in to the house he went nuts.

We entered the house and he closed the front door, then he turned around and immediately slapped Chloe across the face.

“Sean!…” I yelled at him, I couldn’t believe he’d just struck our daughter, “…What the hell do you do that for?” I asked him, while checking Chloe’s face.

“You think I’m fucking stupid? – Do you think I don’t know what was going on with you and that boy!” he yelled.

“Nothing, Dad.” She replied, sobbing as her face swelled from the slap he gave her.

“Sean, calm down, what the hell is the matter with you.” I said.

“I’ll tell you what the matter is. Your daughter is a dirty fucking slag.” He replied.

“I beg your pardon?!” I said in shock.

“Fuck you, Dad, I’m not a slag.” She shouted.

He got angry and grabbed her by the hair, then he frog marched her up the stairs, “Argh, Dad you’re hurting me. Mom – Help me!” Chloe cried.

“Sean! – Let go of her, Sean! – Sean!!!!” I shouted repeated at him to make him stop, but he didn’t stop.

He dragged her in to her bedroom and threw her on to her bed.

“You humiliated me in front of everyone. What are they going to think when they see you talking to some boy like that. I’ll tell you what they’re going to think, they’re going to think I can’t control my own daughter. Oh look, there’s Sean’s slapper of a daughter, talking to boys again. It’s fucking humiliating!” he shouted at her.

“Sean, you’re overreacting.” I said.

“We were only talking, Dad. I think he’s cute that’s all. What’s your problem?” She said.

“What were you talking about then?” he asked her.

“Just stuff.” She replied.

“Like what stuff?” he asked.

“Just – Stuff!” she said.

“Filthy talk want it! – don’t fucking lie to me. You were thinking about him want you? – having filthy thoughts about him.” He said.

“This is ridiculous now, Sean, stop it.” I said.

Then he suddenly got even angrier for no reason, he rushed over to her bed and pulled her off the bed, then he spun her around and bent her over the bed, then he pulled off her skirt and yanked her panties down her legs.

“Jesus, Sean – What the hell has gotten in to you? – Get your fucking hands off her!” I shouted at him and tried to get him off of her.

He swung his arm out and knocked me over, “Touch me again and I’ll fucking kill you!” he shouted at me, my husband who I loved very much had just turned in to a monster all of a sudden.

“You were thinking about his cock want you…” he said, with his hand on her back holding her down, then he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, “…You were talking about meeting up for sex weren’t you?!” he said.

“No, Dad. I wasn’t doing anything, Dad, please.” She cried.

Then he penetrated her pussy with his cock, “This is what you were thinking about wasn’t it? – You were thinking about having his cock inside you weren’t you? – “ he said, and he started thrusting in to her repeatedly, fucking her from behind, “…Is this what you wanted from him, is it?!” he shouted.

“Oh my God, Sean, what have you done? – Stop it!!” I yelled at him, but I was now too afraid of him to intervene.

“Argh, Mom, Mommy, help me, make him stop!” Chloe was crying for me.

My husband raped and came inside our daughter just because she was talking to a boy at a party, he had become enraged by something that was completely innocent.

When he’s finished and ejaculated inside of her, he flipped her over on to her back as he pulled his cock out of her, then he put his hand around her neck, “You’re not to speak to that boy or any other boy again, do you understand me?!” he asked her.

She nodded while choking and struggling to breathe, then he released her.

He looked at me, “Clean your slag of a daughter up, I’ll be downstairs having a beer.” He said.

It happened again a few weeks later when he went to pick her up from school and he saw Chloe talking to a different boy at the school gates, when they got home, he raped her in her bedroom as punishment for her disobedience.

I don’t want to leave my husband, I love him, but surely this is wrong, or am I the one who is wrong.

Is my husband correct in punishing our daughter this way for talking to boys?

What should I do?

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  • Reply Orion Sears ID:5l3vpibwdgn

    Why haven’t you called the police?

  • Reply daddysslut ID:7b6tspy6ib

    He is completely in the right. He gave your slut of a daughter a clear rule and she disobeyed him, he was even very easy on her, she should’ve gotten a way harsher punishment. You should start helping him rape her and use her yourself. Make sure to tell her that he’s only doing that because he loves her so much and only wants to help her understand her place, which is to obey her father and let him do to her what he sees fit.
    hope he starts being more rough with her and breeds her soon

    • sara112002gmail.com ID:1ewzuwzc3bk6

      would love to know more of your views and discuss my own.
      dm me in pvt

    • Anon1 ID:yil502i8

      Daddysslut do you have any socials

    • tom ID:bhq5zy38m

      your a mother fucker he is literally raping his own child

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    He completely over reacted, and was way out of line. While I agree that girls should be bred by their daddies, it’s one thing if she is acting like a slut, but just talking way overreaction

  • Reply Kiddy Kisser ID:7zv190kk0a

    Look what he did was a little extreme, but he needs to assert his authority over her then anal in a effective way of getting a submissive response from women, honestly he shouldn’t have been rough like that she should have been made to understand that it was a punishment like a spanking but ment to be more lasting in her mind.

  • Reply Pual ID:fyhga60d1

    Put his fucking ass in jail. It would be different if she want her daddy to fuck her virgin little pussy but not the way he just took it from her

  • Reply Sofia ID:5q5t9i4jz

    so good!! i need more pls my cunt needs it <3

  • Reply Pervy pete ID:eyg9id3

    Fuck yea, rape that little whore bitch

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    He’s absolutely right to discipline his slag daughter and cunt and ass raping her is the best way!

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    I am all for having sex, but I am definitely not in for what your husband has done to you and your daughter. I would definitely get rid of him and I would call the police on him. This is unbelievable if it is true. [email protected]

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Kill his bitch ass in the slowest most painful way possible or just beat the fuck out of him with a baseball bat make sure you destory bhis dick/balls and tell the police a robber did it.

    • Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

      Hi 100% agree

  • Reply Dukeofcamden ID:4phnbe49a

    You shouldn’t leave him, you should be helping him, she is clearly a dirty slag and daddy will teach her properly. You should be helping him hold her down and spread her legs open, as well as licking his cum off her

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      You’re a piece oof shit, just because you’re daughter is talking to a boy about random stuff doesn’t give you the right to rape and potenitally impregnate your daughter

  • Reply Bad Uncle Leo ID:4cwit8gz49b

    You need to support your husband. Deep down, you know she deserves it.


  • Reply Nanook ID:f4cz4kim4

    Call the authorities have him arrested

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:e79w9sjphxa

    Of course he’s correct. He should be helping him holding her down. Make the little slut cum on her father’s cock. Suck her clit. Maybe next time he’ll rape her asshole dry

    • Dukeofcamden ID:4phnbe49a

      Exactly right, he should bring a couple of his friends to gangbang them both

    • Daddysloli9 ID:1dmka8muptpm

      Shes daddys slave and knew better. He was right to rape her and use her