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Sexiest 12 year old ever

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Sexy pics, funnel Cake, Cold beer and a hand job, all and all a great night.

I was visiting an old friend from the military and his county was having a carnival celebrating rodeos.  I’m not into carnival rides much, but I enjoyed the food and atmosphere, especially the women. There were a lot of beautiful women of all ages.  I think I might have been looking at the young ones a little too much and it became noticeable.  Or at least one person noticed. While I was  eating a funnel cake and drinking overpriced beer a very cute girl approached me.

Now to start I am no movie star, I like to think that I am at least average looking. I am 5’8″, 190lbs, 45 y/o, thin black hair no grey yet.  This girl was about 4’10”, 75-80lbs maybe, copper brown skin that looked like she was kissed by the sun, I could see little tan lines but most of her tone was natural, brown eyes, dark hair, I found out talking to her that she was 12 and in middle school. she had maybe A cup size breast I’m not sure (about the size of a tennis ball cut in half).
A sweet innocent looking smile.  She had on black cut off jean shorts that went up high on each side enough to know that if she had panties on they had to be a thong. She had a white shirt that left her belly exposed from just about her diaphragm to hips showing off a cute belly button.
I think she might have had some Latina in her, but I couldn’t hear any type of accent.

She asked me if the funnel cake was good.  I told her that I thought it was good, It was a funnel cake with strawberries and whip cream.  She then asked me if I liked cherries and I said yes but I think strawberries go better with the funnel cake.  She then said that’s not what she meant, but she likes the whip cream and chocolate on hers.

I told her she should get one because they are good.  She didn’t have the money for one. She used all her money just to get in and go on a couple of rides.  She then said if I was lonely she would keep me company as we ate them if I got her one.   I wasn’t really lonely, but I did enjoy looking at her and I didn’t want her to go away.  I wasn’t planning on trying anything.  I just enjoyed looking she was so beautiful. I was hoping maybe to get a selfie with her and if I was lucky a couple of other pics of her in that sexy outfit.

So, I bought her an extra large funnel cake, hoping it would last longer with chocolate sauce and whip cream and sprinkles and a large cherry slush to go with it. I then got me another small one just so I had a reason to sit with her and enjoy her company.

While we were talking I found out her age and her likes.  I also asked if she approaches strangers like this much and asked if her parents came with her.  She came with a friend from school and her home was close to the fairgrounds.  They didn’t know everything would be so expensive.
She said she talks to some men, but not just any man.   She said that she noticed that I was checking out the girls and I was especially looking at the young ones.   I didn’t realize I was being so obvious.

I asked her if it would be alright if I got a selfie with her and she said if I got her some tickets for some rides she would let me get some special pics of her.  I didn’t ask what she meant, I just said yes and we walked out to the parking area where we couldn’t be seen.  She then got in a few sexy poses and I took pics that are now the most treasured things I own along with one pose of us cheek to cheek.  Her soft cheek next to mine felt so good that I didn’t want to snap the pic, I just wanted to stay there all night with her cheek on mine.  That was when I realized she smelt like coconut which is now my favorite fragrance in the world.

I gave her enough to go on several rides and then she said if I let her keep that money and just buy the tickets then she would go on the rides with me. We spent the next few hours going on the rides.
I didn’t care that I didn’t care for carnival rides. That was the best time I had in a very long time.
She held my hand or was holding onto my arm the entire time from ride to ride, and on the rides I could put my arm around her shoulder or around her waist.  All depending on the type of ride and how we would be sitting on them.  A few times she had her hand in my lap and she was touching my cock.  I was rock hard and I know she knew it. She saw a few of her friends from school throughout the evening and she introduced me as uncle Bob.

When it was time for her to go home she said that she wanted to ask me something in private. So, we went back to the parking area away from where we could be seen.  She then told me that she knew I was hard all night and wanted to know if I would like her to help me with it.  She said for $40.oo  more she would give me a hand job.

I couldn’t believe this beautiful sexy little 12 year old was asking me if I would like her to stroke my cock.  I wanted a lot more than that.  But, I was thrilled that she was offering to do that.  The money had no meaning to me.  I was so aroused and wanted her so much by the end of the evening.
She undid my pants and pulled out my cock which was not easy. It was so hard that it wouldn’t just flop out. She had to pull my pants and shorts down a bit before she could free my rod.

She mentioned how hard it was and that it felt so hot that it should be on fire and that I was huge.  I know I’m not huge.  So, she was wanting to flatter me or she really didn’t know what a big one was.  She was right about it being really hard and hot.  I wanted to explode the second she touched it.  Her hands were so small and soft.

She began slowly stroking up and down my magic rod and it felt like I was in heaven.  She started with both hands on my cock then she moved one of them to my balls and gently massaged them.
It didn’t take long for me to want to cum but I held back as much as I could.
I then started to really tense up and she kept talking so sweetly to me, telling me how good it felt to stoke me and how much fun she could have with me.  I was dying between her magic touch and the way she was speaking. Then she started stroking me faster and faster and squeezing me a little tighter.  She then started going from sweet talk to dirty talk.

She was telling me that that cum belonged to her and she wanted to see it.  She started calling me Poppy and saying she wanted to see what it looked like when a man would cum.
She was saying

” Poppy, cum for me Poppy.  Give it up, cum for your little girl. Please Poppy I need to see it, please cum for me, I want you so mu.”

That is when I blew my cum like I never erupted before. it shot out a good 3-4feet all over the door of Toyota. There was a big thick sticky clump hanging from the door handle and I unloaded 4 good spirits and then she shoved my cock back into my shorts and pulled up my pants.  I didn’t tell her but I was still Cuming a lot. I had a big mess in my pants when I got to my hotel room.

I told her I wanted to see her again.  She said I could see her tomorrow at ” The Cup ” around noon, she would be there after a dance lesson.  I said great.  I had no Idea where this was or how hard it would be to find. I just wasn’t thinking.  So, I never got to see her again. I will be coming back to visit my friend a lot. He just won’t know why I am coming. I will find this place and I know to hang out around noon until I find her again.  I might even move here.  Until I find her at least I have my pics and my memories.

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    That was the best story I read in a long time

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    GREAT story! Love any stories to do with young (sexualized) teens (boys or girls)! Google Goler family wikipedia” – My wanking imagination runs wild with fantasies of this family!

  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    Such a great story

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    Should’ve fucked her

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    So hot. Left me feeling very horny

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    Lucky indeed.

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    Wow! Lucky man! [email protected]

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      Really is