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Flashing at the pool. Part 1

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A fantasy about flashing a tiny girl at the pool and then teaching her the joys of her body

I don’t go to the pool often. I’m pale and thin and honestly not in bad shape, but not in great shape either. That said I love to watch the guys and girls all dressed up. Jim 33 and bi, so I like both genders.
I love seeing young girls in tiny bikinis and older girls sunbathing. I love seeing young guys climb out of the pool and the water makes their swim trunks hug their cock.
I normally wear baggy swim trunks so if I get hard it’s not as easy to see. Today though I figured I’d get in the hot tub, relax a little. As I’m sitting there enjoying the water a girl, maybe 11 or 12, walks up. Dressed in a little white two piece I could see her little nipples through the top and the cleft of her tiny pussy. Long brown hair in pig tails and tan skin. Shy little voice. “Do you care if I get in?” Smiling I nodded and waved. “Of course hun, plenty of room!” I am about 6 foot tall, 145 pounds, sorry brown hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses most of the time. I have a deep and slow voice, making me sound slightly southern. This little girl at all of 4 feet and maybe 80 pounds smiling and climbed into the hot tub. Sitting across from me or was clear she hadn’t worn a two piece for long, the top wasn’t on tight enough and kept floating up. She would blush and fix it, but she kept flashing me.
“I’m Aaron, what’s your name hun?” Trying to keep her talking I smiled, spreading my legs a little more. She smiled shyly and giggled. “I’m Emily.” She didn’t fix her top this time, letting me see her budding chest. I moved my leg again and let my shorts ride up. We talked a little more before I shifted and let cock fall out. Since I was hard it wasn’t easy.
She of course saw it and blushed more. “Are you to warm Emily?” She quickly shook her head but I still leaned over and felt her forehead. She blushed again since I was looking down at her little chest now. Sliding over I say next to her, cock still out. She kept looking at it and wiggling. “If you want you can sit closer.” She nodded shyly and I gently moved her into my lap, cock pressed against her tiny butt.
“Are you comfy? I can move you hun.” Without waiting for a reply I moved her, letting my cock pop between her legs. Hearing her little squeak was amazing. She mumbled something and I wrapped arms around her belly, leaning closer to listen. “What’s that thing Aaron?” Smiling I held her closer, keeping my voice low. “It’s my cock. If it’s hard it means he likes you.” Flexing my cock it tapped against her little pussy. She squeaked again.
Reaching down I rubbed my cock between her legs, brushing against her little slit. She swirled and blushed and after a minute squeezed her legs against my hand. “Aaron? I have to pee…” Smiling I moved my hand against her, wishing I could reach into her bikini. “Let it happen sweetie. I promise it isn’t pee.” She blushed but nodded, letting me keep running. She made sure she didn’t moan, knowing she couldn’t be loud. After she was done shaking and clamping her legs against my hand she relaxed and I just held her. Putting my cock away she told me she lived near by and we planned to meet up again so I could make her feel good.

Hope you enjoyed and look forward to part two. If you want to talk on Kik my name there is AdultRP
I love guys and girls and really love young. Any age is welcome though. Just tell me your age and gender, were you found me. We can talk and maybe play!

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  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmcvx9b7qa

    Little boy cock and Little girl pussy. My favorite fantasy is fucking a little girl. And sucking two little boys at the same time. That makes my little sissy cock hard.

    • Grumps ID:5az7uf2v4

      Me too but I want their mom to watch

  • Reply Jeanine pedo ID:y8hyzb0d

    Awww, I loved the super sweet way you treated her all the time. It was so cuuute! ❤ >///<
    This is exactly how every pedo should be with the little ones, be women with little boys, preteens and teens, and the same for men.

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    Part 2 will be welcomed

  • Reply Kinky old man ID:upy1mp43

    Love those young little girls

    • Kink5280 ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      Me too. So cute with their tight little butts and flat chests

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    A great story , I hope there is more to it . Like yourself , I love young boys and girls

    • Kink5280 ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      Young boys can be really cute

  • Reply Girl ID:2c3g1djl40

    Hey I messaged you on discord

  • Reply Watcher69 ID:30hrgktxv9i

    Looking forward to part 2

  • Reply SUNKISS ID:8ef0702k0k

    her pussy must feel so nice, you should finger her

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Mr Gonzo….have you had your meds today??

  • Reply ErectAssassain ID:4loccetv1

    When is part 2 coming

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0d

    Maybe I should abuse people like they abuse me. this fucking story is no better than any of my fucking stories then why in hell should I rate it if all I get is abused by fucking low life Idiots.

    Fucking tell me mother fuckers.

    • TwinkBoy ID:5u0x7ka5ql

      Why so angry bruh, I liked ur story but ur replies r making me reconsider