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My first time at 12

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My name is Amanda I am currently 14 but here is how I lost my virginity at 12 to a 29 year old-

I was on vacation and in Miami FL and was staying at a hotel with my mom,dad,older brother, and little sister. As I said I was 12 but I was already a C cup and started getting perky tits so I would start wearing tight crop tops to show them off, anyways at my hotel they of course served breakfast in the morning so it was my job to take it to my family but as I was doing that I saw this older guy that looked like he was in his late 20s eyeing me so I ended up winking at him but I thought that it would be the end of it. Until late at night my parents went to a bar and my aunt who was in the next door was in charge of taking care of us but my aunt was already intoxicated so I ended up sneaking out. But as soon as I was walking out of the room I saw that same man that was eyeing me earlier, he was on the phone smoking right in front of his room. So I waited for him to finish the call and I eventually went up to him to say hi and try to tease him. He honestly seemed very happy to see me again, he ended up inviting me into his room to “talk more privately” I accepted and went along with it as you know one thing led to another and we started making out on his bed. He later started to grab my waist and rub my thighs which of course really turned me on. He ended up taking his clothes of and then forced me to give him a blowjob, so I did. I was kinda struggling though since he had a big dick. After that I took off my shorts and my panties so he could lick my tiny pink pussy, As he was licking my pussy he put two fingers in which made me moan so much loader and squirt. After that he convinced me to let him fuck my pussy (yes he did use a condom) As soon as he put his big rock in me I immediately moaned he was going slow at first but also kept whispering dirty things my ear. After a good minute of going slow he ended up pounding my pussy, “Fuck!!” I yelled, “Damn baby you have such a tight pussy”. We both ended up cumming at the same time, and as soon as we finished I pretended that had never happened and just ended up going back to my aunt’s room and staying there until my parents came back.

But that’s the story lmao

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Not very believable and
    Short on detail.

  • Reply Transcoso ID:19iamkeiwluy

    Me and my friends back when we were teens would dress like how you were Amanda. Go to a hotel, bar, and a club. We looked like average women to people. Some of these places would never ask for IDs. We get hit on groped and get fucked by men, and they don’t care if we were teenagers they fucked us however many times and leave.

    • [email protected] ID:8ldkjntqrb

      Damn this is hot! Were you as young as Amanda when you started clubbing?


  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

    Nice story Amanda.
    Being that it was during vacation, I guess you didn’t stay in contact with him?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:2qj59q2a3e6

    Loved it Amanda and I am so glad to hear you taking charge of tour sexuality. It is a blessing when beautiful young girls such as yourself tell her sexual awakening story. Sex is amazing and perfectly healthy for you body, mind and soul. I hope you are still having amazing sex and if you are not maybe another daddy wouldn’t mind helping you to another amazing orgasm. Ride that cock Amanda and enjoy yourself to its fullest.

  • Reply Zeeland Guy on Snapchat ID:1dc0a2xiqyh0

    Great story, could have aborted a little more

  • Reply Me ID:1crd2so53c86

    Let’s talk

  • Reply Zeeland Guy on Snapchat ID:1dc0a2xiqyh0

    Great story!

  • Reply Liligirl ID:1eefahqgelp6

    Try him without condom ..
    Feels so good when he cum inside you while you cum on his dick .

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story Amanda, I was 12 when my Grandfather fucked me and LOVED it, nice fat cock. Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Demon ID:1dfta7ods2kx

    Part 2 please