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Daddy and me on my 11th birthday

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I love daddy mommy tara and grandpa very much

Om my 11th me and dad and spent the day going fun things . Dad took me shopping we went to launch. Then he took me to a very nice place for dinner . I’m wearing a very tight white dress with flowers onit hight heels no underwear no bra . Dad got on nice slacks nice shirts and black shoes. We go to dinner to a very nice restaurant. We are talking about school how much dad works . We have dessert dad pays the bill .

We are driving and pill up to this big nice hotel . Go in the room it’s huge very pretty . Dad get us a glass of champagne we drink our glasses of champagne dad gets us another. Dad kisses my cheek says I love you . I say I love you to dad. Then dad says , one day you will be married with your own family me and will have to stop having sex . I said dad no we won’t I still will come visit you and we will have sex . . Dad you will always be my dad boyfriend lover my first sex partner. I put my hand on dad leg say dad you can have sex with me any time you want when im married. Plus dad your dick and you will always be my favorite dad I will always love you and you will always be my dad boyfriend best sex partner.

Dad pulls me up to in front of him .dad puts his hand on the back of my head pull it down we start kissing passionately dad hands are running up and down my body . Gently squeezing my boobs and butt. Then dad unzipped my dress pull the straps off my shoulders it falls to the floor. Dad stands up turned us around and sits me on the bed as we are still kissing. Dad gets on his knees spread my legs . I lean back on my elbows. Dad starts kissing my inner thighs. Dad kissing down my inner thighs . Then dad starts kissing and licking my pussy. Dad tounge going in and out of my pussy I’m moaning dad hands are on my boobs . I put my hand on dad head im moving my hips up and down. I’m moaning loader tell dad I’m going to cum . Dad tounge still going in and of my pussy. I start cumming. Dad stands up start taking off his shirt I start undoing his pants. I pull dad pants down his dick springs up hits my chin with a thud sound. Dad says sorry sweetheart my cock smacked your face . I tell dad it’s ok I start sucking dads dick . My hands are on dad hips. I’m going back and forth fast so dad fucking my mouth. Dad reached down pinching my nipples. I’m moaning and going to cum again. I take dad dick out of my mouth. Tell dad I’m going to cum again fuck me. Dad gets between my legs puts his dick in my pussy.. dad pumps in my 3 or 4 times . I yell im cumming dad still pumping in me as im cumming. Dad lifts my legs goes harder. Then dad says baby girl daddy going to cum . I feel dad dick jumping his cum shooting in my pussy dad finish. Lay down on top of me . Dad dick still in me dad kissing my neck . I say dad can you promise me that we can always fuck and suck each other. Dad says he promises me we can .


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  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    Aww well i hope you win that case Tara she deserves a vert happy and good mother like you xx

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhw

      Yes she dose Ian I love her so much

  • Reply White wolf ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Very nice done Jen.

  • Reply Dmac ID:c1es1do6ic

    Loved the story, great detail. Add me on Snapchat dmac1718. Anyone can add me to

  • Reply ian ID:55x32ifid

    Hope you and mommy tara are well been missing you both like crazy on here. xx a very beautiful dress. a very lucky daddy.

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      Hi lan how are you we miss you to sorry it’s been awhile. It has been crazy with court to get crystal to to be adopted into our family

    • White wolf ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Be nice or I might have to kill u of n my next story again

  • Reply Sjayd17 ID:1evw8ju9fqc2

    If you have actually read these previous stories in this Saga….The English is actually believable

  • Reply Emma.H to Daddy ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    A big happy birthday sweetheart 🌹🌹🌹loved your story but need more got me extremely wet as it reminded me when I was 12 and my Grandfather fucked me after school, Emma from Australia.

  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1ei9mpwwvh1i

    Happy birthday to you beautiful dress love to go out a date with you sounds like we would have a lot of fun then maybe afterwards me you and your grandfather and Dad and we can all have fun together

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Birthday presents all around! Happy Happy !!!

  • Reply dad ID:mybk3btd4

    Happy birthday to you sweetheart