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My relationship with Red

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My dad and I have always been close. Whenever we have family stay the night, I sleep in bed with him. He still sits beside the tub when I’m in the bath, even though I’m 12. And he always dries me off after. He recently got a new dog. He was a very friendly dog. A big German Shepard named Red. He loved to give me kisses and sniff me. He’d always shove his nose in my crotch. I only pushed him away once, but never again because daddy said that’s how he says I love you. There are days when he’ll just sniff my pussy for 30 minutes. Sometimes more. It always makes me feel funny. But good funny. It makes me feel really good when I just get out of the bath. One night, when I was home alone and getting out of the bath, he licked me. I called my dad and told him, daddy said that means he’s in love with me. And not family love. But he didn’t tell me anything else. After That Night, Red licked me a lot. I couldn’t help but really like it. It felt really good. Daddy even took pictures sometimes because he wanted me to remember Red’s love. Daddy made me start taking baths more, and even let me take them alone as long as I was with Red. I bent over to unplug the drain and Red sniffed my pussy before licking it. I got on my knees so he could keep licking it and I could drain the bath. But he did something unexpected, he jumped on me. I felt something warm and hard hitting me until it went inside. He started to thrust into me really fast and I was making all sorts of noises. Daddy came in and took pictures, he was really excited. He said Red made me his girlfriend.

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  • Reply Reggie Wheatley ID:2atyd6xzr9

    I love woman fucking animals such a turn on snap Lilreg80

  • Reply Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

    i like this story. it reminds me of my Uncles dog doing that to me when I visited them, My uncle caught us when he came in and I was sprawled out on the settee and rusty had his head up under my skirt licking my sex through my panties, I panicked and stood up and pushed Rusty away. I was very frightened, but my Uncle just cuddled me and soothed my fear, telling me that he understood. I was frightened that he would tell my mum. I was eleven at the time, but my uncle told me that no one would know and he said that my panties must be wet and I should take them off to dry them on the radiator, I let him take my panties off and he got some tissues and wiped all over my sex then he just rubbed my sex with his fingers and tried to push his finger inside me but it hurt so he stopped and he made my sex tingle. After that time he started to lick my sex and it felt really good each time I visited.

    • 15y/oTrans ID:8h102i5gb57

      I wish I had an uncle like that- Well, if only I was a girl, but still, I want an uncle like that.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

    Great story is it true I would love to chat with you

    • Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

      yes it is true, He taught me to suck him and he took my virginity on my twelfth birthday when my aunt was out shopping. It hurt but it was much better the second time

  • Reply Dryst ID:15ey4cemm9c

    Nice story 🙂

    • Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

      Thank you

  • Reply alex ID:8cindgx7qk

    when i was little, i always wanted a dog to fuck my tight young pussy

    • Dkon ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      How old are you now alex

    • [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

      Hi sounds great would love to chat with you did it ever happen