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First time getting fucked (multimedia)

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This is a story about the first time I got fucked by my stepbrother Shawn I was 12 and he was 14… Join discord sever for photos steps at the bottom👍

⚠️This story has nothing to do with abuse⚠️
This is true and from my perspective I am the younger one.

This happened in the summer time I don’t remember much of what happened in the day time so this story will start at night sound 10pm. It was summer time and we stayed up all night and woke up at 3 in the afternoon I spent a lot of time at his house the same big house from the last story. We started to sleep In The basement on the sectional couch mostly because the floor was concrete under the carpet and we couldn’t bump and it was in the basement while our parents slept on the 3rd floor so they can’t hear us play fight that’s what we did most of the time and played games. It’s been about 9 months since the last story where I first sucked his dick. It became a regular thing when I would spend a night before summer time I only came over on the weekends. But now I was there for a weeks he wouldn’t ask me to suck his dick every night it would be like every 3 days sometimes 2 days in a row but I got used to it and barely had gag reflexes. He started to watch porn while I sucked his dick too but only sometimes. We took a shower around 9pm than We were chillin in the basement it was about 10pm Than and our parents was going to sleep.his mom went to work at 12 so she was already sleep than My dad went to work around 2 in the morning and came back at 10am. So once he left we were by our self his sister was 17 and I didn’t really talk to her but I don’t know where she was I just knew she wasn’t home. Shawn went upstairs to get the Xbox so we could hook it up in the basement. I had on black pj pants soft and a little baggy kinda fit like Nike jagging pants u could still see the curve of my ass from the side he had on red jagging pants which I remember specifically and a white t shirt with light brown designs on it. He came back down with the Xbox and he hooked it up we played the game for about 2 hours until we got bored it was 1 something now after that we took all the pillows cushions off the couch and built a fort it took us about 30 mins to build than we chilled in it and watched tv than 2 came we heard my dad leaving 3am came and we got bored again. He kicked me and I kicked him back than we started play fighting we fought for About a hour nowww it was 4am we started to clean the Basement up and than we just chilled again tired than went upstairs to find something to eat we did came back down and watched tv. She said “u wanna go get on the trampoline” I said “yeah but won’t the alarm go off when we open the door than like police come” he said “no I’ll just deactivate it first duhh” I pushed him as I told him to shut up then followed him upstairs he deactivated the alarm we went outside the back door the trampoline was in the backyard next to the garage although there was slot of space for it elsewhere we would jump off the garage into the trampoline. But we played on the trampoline for about a hour 5am came and the sky was a little lighter we chilled on the trampoline on and off until 6 until the sun was coming up than we went into the house and locked the door didn’t set the alarm again we went into the basement and sat down not sleepy just tired and we was kinda bored well at least I was Shawn had something else on his mind he turned on YouTube than it was quite for only 10 seconds and he asked “can u suck it” I said sure he laid on the couch looking at the tv and pulled his red pants down to his knees and took his shirt off which was normal for him he would do that anytime in the house around anybody. I got in between his legs a pulled his pants down more and took them completely off one of his legs his pants with his Drawls inside them were wrapped around his left ankle hanging off the couch he also had short black socks on we were alone and I was filling a little more horny the i usually do when sucking his dick I spit on his tip and slid it down my throat without gagging his dick was now 7 and a half inches long to me it was big I remember just always knowing he had a big dick when I was masturbating alone at home the thought alone turned me on he had hair on it now but his legs were mostly hairless and face of course I was still hairless everywhere I spit on the tip and rubbed it around than put his dick into my throat my lips went from to tip almost to his balls he moaned a little than I started to stroke my throat with his dick he laid his head back and I closed my eyes and kept going. back when I was still learning to suck dick he would tell me things he liked he like when I hummed on it with it in my throat and moved my head left and right every now and again he discovered that one when I told him no after he told me to go deeper one time where my gag reflexes were still bad. I was sucking his dick and spit was dripping down his balls and I took it in and out of my throat did that for 10 mins passionately than my jaws got tired I stopped and he said please keep going smiling I said “no my jaws are tired can u just try to put it in my butt again” he said “u can try get on top but it’s not gonna work” we had already tried this before a few months ago and it didn’t fit but this time I was determined also had no idea what it felt like…. I pulled my pants down to my mid thigh showing my hairless ass to him and stood on the couch and kind of squatted in front of him not facing him so he could see my ass my legs were kinda close together so I had to hold myself up I put one hand between his hip and stomach and grabbed his dick with the other directed it to my hole than tried to move down slowly… Than the tip went in he was surprised than said “wait don’t move” grabbed my hips and told me to lay on my stomach I didn’t understand what he was trying to do so I just went to lay down and it came out he said “noo I was trying not to let it come out” he thought he wouldn’t be able to get it back in than hovered over me rubbed his tip between my cheeks which felt good than he grabbed his phone and turned on the flash trying to spread my cheeks than I told him I’ll do it and grabbed his dick and put it on my whole than he pushed it wasn’t going on than he asked me to suck it so it could get wet again he stood on his knees on the couch over me and I went to suck it again made it super wet to where his balls were dripping alot but still sucked it for a while minute than he said ok u can lay back down than I took it out my mouth and laid down I led his tip back to my whole than said ok and he pushed… his whole dick slid right in I jumped a little as I felt his tip poking the front of my stomach. He starting and going slow it did hurt bad especially when it was going deep every single stroke he went deep but even though it hurted I took it because I’m the one who wanted it so bad and for so long in the first place the thought of him being inside of my and my whole opening up to his dick perfectly was worth the pain I told him to go faster and he didn’t say anything just started going faster I started to moan with each stroke than we heard his sister walk in the front im for I put my head up and got scared but he slowed down but kept going than we Hurd her just go upstairs to her room than he started going faster and deeper which I didn’t even know he could go than he rested his body on mine and started going fast I kept feeling his tip poking my front of me I started to feel like I couldn’t take it and started moaning kinda loud he still didn’t care I felt his balls slapping behind mine and the slimy saliva making a string every time he stoked I started to moan his name quietly with my high pitched voice that had not seem puberty yet I loved it but I was also scared because the poking made me feel like something was going to bust so I was moaning his name because I wanted him to slow down but I didnt want him to slow down enough to actually say slow down he put his arms under mine and locked it his body tightened up and he started going faster and hard which felt like he was going deeper at that point I was actually letting out screams with his sister on the 3rd floor he just continued to stroke hard and fast than he started to cum Inside me I could feel his dick pulsating he pulled his dick out and stood up with it dripping nut and slimy saliva he went upstairs to the bathroom and I just laid there I was kinda stuck with cum in my ass saliva and cum sliding from my now swollen hole onto the couch which did leave a stain he came back down and I was laying in the same spot he brought napkins down and whipped my ass for me told me to move over and I told him I didn’t feel like it he grabbed my hips pulled my ass to the air and pulled my pants up I laid back on the couch and moaned I still felt my ass throbbing I think he forgot nothing that size had ever entered me before probably forgot my age as well I laid there and went to sleep our parents came in and went right to sleep so we woke up before them. But yeah thanks for reading

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    Nice story.
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    Bro you are fricking amazing, keep up my lovely brother, we love you so much for doing this

    You. Are. Super. Fucking. Awesome

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      How old are you?

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