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Little Dance Competitions. Can be dangerous. Use caution

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I have a thing for young girls, but I never gave into it before.

I went to my niece’s dance competition for the first time.  My sister has been saying how good she is and she would love for her favorite uncle to come watch her.  I haven’t gone for good reason.  I have a real weakness for young girls.  She just turned 11.  I almost gave into it a few times.  Not with my niece even though she is very attractive and her little body seems to be developing beautiful curves and a great ass.  Her breasts are coming along slowly but other than that she is hot, Hot, Hot-HOT!   I will continue to be a good uncle but it is really hard.  It was with other girls I almost took advantage of.  There are several that live in my apartment complex that have been flirting with me and I know I can have them at any time if I want.

My sister was right; she got first for her solo dance and her group dance got second.  All the girls in her dance team looked as hot as she did.  Then there are girls from all over and my poor little cock has been hard from the moment I arrived.  The competition is only for two days and we will be going home tomorrow.  I am thinking I might have to get a prostitute to help me through this.  I have never used one and I don’t really want one, but I have needs and I am going to go crazy if I don’t do something.

I was going back to my room to wash up since I have been perspiring so much here.  As I turned the corner from the elevator I saw such a sexy little minx, in a bikini.  She must be done for now and is on her way to the pool.  I recognize her from a solo dance she did, she isn’t from my nieces group.  She is from an entirely different state.   As I walked down the hallway I noticed that there was no one else in it.  I didn’t bother looking to see if there were cameras or not and I should have, but I was only planning on going to my room.

The next thing I knew, I was in my room with my back to the locked door hyperventilating very hard..  I had one hand over the mouth of this sexy minx and the other hand holding onto her.  After taking a quick breath or two. I carried her over to the bed. I had her bikini off in no time at all. I was sucking on that tight little virgin pussy.  I looked up at her face and the poor little thing was scared stiff.  I asked her what was wrong and all she said was “please don’t.  Please don’t hurt me.”  I told her to be a good girl and relax and let me do what I have to do and don’t ever tell anyone about this.  If you promise then I will make it quick and let you go swim with your friends.

I already had my pants down and I was between her legs holding them open.  As  I started to push my cock into that beautiful pussy, she spread her legs wider for me and she grabbed part of her beach towel and she put it in her mouth and screamed into it as my cock broke through her hymen.  I was pumping my hips in and out of her like I was a rabbit on steroids.   I’m not sure if I was able to give her a Orgsm or not, She started to act like she was about to have one.  That is when I started cumming.  I blew my load as fast as possible.  Then I made her straighten her bikini and I took her to the elevator and shoved her onto it.

We been back home for a few weeks now and I havent heard anything, so I guess she kept quiet about what I did to her.  It was quick and I would have loved to have had her for like a month. But, it was something that just happened and it was stupid of me to just let  it happen.  I think god he allowed me to do it and get away with it. I am just lucky, So Lucky.

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  • Reply Mitesh ID:1640wuzsfpc9

    Nice video

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] You took a very big chance considering cameras could’ve been in the elevators, as well as the room hopefully you will eventually get more pussy at these competitions are very tempting. I used to go to them with my sisters as well when they were younger, they used to do dancing all around the country. It made my eyes water when I was younger, and my cock was really hard.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eof6oufs2xk

    Great opportunity at a hotel. I usually find the housekeeper closet a good option.

  • Reply BCB ID:3odr1ov3

    Nice story. More!