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An anal focused mom; daughter needs an enema

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A mom brings her young daughter to the clinic for “constipation”. I pick up they there’s more going on in moms pervy head than that


It was another classically busy day in the clinic. I’m a 45 year old single male RN. I run the clinic most days. It’s a job. Sometimes i get a bonus of seeing some cute young girl in very little clothing. Today was one of those days
As I’m running around filling docs orders as the clinic RN my interest peaks when i see the suppository order for room 18. She’s young. Grade school age and as the only male RN I’m going to need a female chaperone. I go in and introduce myself. “I’m Nick. I’m going to be Megans nurse. Looks like the doc wants to try a suppository before we do much else. ”
Her mom just listened very matter of factly. She tells her daughter to pull her pants down for me. I think i stuttered when i saw that very cute, very round little ass. “Would she be more comfortable if you did it?”
“No. She’s use to all this.” Megan laid there while her mom talked.
“Oh? Maybe she could use something more aggressive?” I throw out there.
Her mom just smiles. April, the mom is a 28 year old, tall, long haired cutie. She looked like a college athlete with just a bit of mom fat to round out her curves.
“I had trouble with my bowels when i was a kid. My mom use to give me pretty regular enemas. If by more aggressive you mean that direction, hell yes. I think she’d feel really good. I know i did.” April leaned back against the sink. I slipped in the gloves, but wanted so very much to do this bare skinned. Wanted to feel that tight little spincter around my fingers. I could use just one finger, but almost always used two. This would definitely be a full 2 fingers to the knuckles bit of fun.
“So did the doc check for stool before he ordered this?”
Saying that knowing the doc hadn’t even seen the patient. This would give me a chance to really finger that gorgeous, bubble butt.
“No. But go right ahead.” Mom took a step towards the bed. I thought she was gong to hold her hand. Instead she leans forward, pulls down megans pants just a bit more. She hovers as i lube up and basically finger her daughters ass while she watches.
“I don’t feel any thing down low” I say. “Wow i bet she would do great with regular enemas. I mean most people would.”
April smiles and says “sign me up to.”
I unwrap the suppository. And very casually slide that all the way knuckles deep. The little girl doesn’t even budge. My heart races.
“Well we don’t do them here in the clinic, but” and here i lie, i see a real epic possibilty, “I’ve got the colonic treatment kit still from my days doing home care. The retention enema nozzles are really therapeutic. If she’s use to all this it’ll be real easy. The only issue is it’ll have to be a cash deal through me. We don’t do home visits. I’d just be doing you girls a favor, and breaking out some fun equipment”. I stopped talking. I felt my cheeks flush after letting the fun equipment thing out of my mouth. Turns out i didn’t need to worry at all.
“Oh that’s so nice of you to offer. What’s that like a $100 home visit.” I looked at moms boots and her Rock Revival jeans. $100 isn’t anything to this hipster mom with an ass of her own.
“Here’s my card” i say, “just let me know if i need to bring equipment for you both”.
“Just plan on it.”

I had my first text from April about her daughter that night. I’m thinking to myself, goddamn maybe she sexualized the enemas when she was a young girl. I don’t really know. All u could do was hope.
We planned on a wednesday. She worked from home so any day was good. She also homeschooled so again, easy.
I asked how aggressive i could be with both size and volumes. My head spun. I put an order in for specialty nozzles, and anal dilators. I wasnt going to pass on this opportunity. I could only hope April was thinking the same thing i was; that megan needed her little round ass to be spread and used by a grown ass man. Just like mom wanted when she was young.

Part two, the home visit is next.
My first submmision. Be kind.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    OMG!!! Great story. I love a good ass cleaning. Just before I fuck my brains out. Must have. I can’t wait.

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    You have to write many more stories on this theme and much longer as well…

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    Enemas are so relaxing, been couple months since my last. Always have an orgasm in the end.

  • Reply Enomax01 ID:rz5vjb0b

    Part two and three and four and even part five should have been here already. The setting is great, so I expect nothing short of fireworks. Keep writing….and writing. Five stars for me…and any serious reader out there I suppose.

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    Get that hole clean and ready to be use and abuse. I need that for my daughter

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      You’ve always got the best comments. Makes my face warm and my dick hard. Thanks!

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      Young mom I would love to use you and your daughter!! Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

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    Please post the part 2 i love little asses

    • Dankbuddy ID:2px1o1idldh

      I lost about 700 words of part 2 cause i am using my phone to write. Jfc. I’ll get it out this week. You’ll love it. There is plenty to write about since it went on for 2 years

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      Me too

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    I can answer questions here or at my gmail addy. Try that joe

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    Can’t wait to read about you stretching her young arse wide open . What age is she

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      She wanted one about every week and I loved giving them to her

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    Oh yeah