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Weekend at my girlfriends part 2

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Part 2 with my girlfriend and her daughter mia

To recap, I just had my first encounter with a underage girl, Mia, my girlfriends daughter, in the shower. I had no idea my Hannah was suck a perv.. hell I didn’t know I was.. I couldn’t stop thinking about Hannah slapping mia in face with my hard cock, teasing her… Hannah asked me if it was to much, I told her no.. I had no idea I had this desire.. but I think all guys do. I couldn’t believe I had just cumed all in her little mouth and her mom my girlfriend was cheering it on.. I wanted more of Mia her little less then 10 year old body..

That night after the shower Mia ran off to get changed.. I stood in the bed room with Hannah talking about it all. I told her holy fuck, I had never … she cut me off saying it was ok that is a turn on for her.. she told me she was into kids and I asked her if she ever fooled around she said no and I joking said you really want to suck a little boy and she said yes, with a serious face… I got turned on and she said imagine you big cock going into mias tight pussy how amazing it would feel.. she kissed me whispered in my ear, I know you like the idea I know you want to fuck a little girl .. I whispered back, yes.

About an hour went by I heard Hannah ask Mia if she wanted to sleep in our bed. I got excited got in bed and my heart started to beat faster and faster.. Mia and Hannah came in to the room, i was already under the covers with my boxers on.. Hannah thee Mia on the bed playfullly, she was only wearing a shirt.. the shirt rose up exposing her tiny ass, and bare pussy. Hannah took off her shirt only wearing her thong and got in bed.. Mia position herself between us, and Hannah leaned over Mia kissed me and reached down feeling my hard cock under my boxers. She said take these off while she pulled them down and I kicked them .., again I couldn’t believe I was laying naked next to a little girl.. Hannah grabbed Mia’s hand and placed it my cock she said don’t be scared crawled over both of us and now I was in the middle. Hannah started to suck me and held onto Mia’s hand helping her jerk my cock . Mia was just laughing going along with it said I want to try.. Hannah spit my cock out and wiggled it at Mia looking at me Hannah said tell her. I looked at Mia grabbed her little head and suck my big dick Mia and pushed her head down.. Hannah said good girl helped her. I felt Mia’s warm mouth on the tip of my dick I could tell her mouth was a lot smaller and watched as she started to suck me. I started to moan and closed my eyes for second taking in the moment again.. I was having a little girl suck my dick.. Hannah stopped Mia and said let’s try this picking her up. Hannah took Mia’s shirt off and positioned her on top of me with her head at my cock and her little pussy at my face. 69.. I Hannah held my dick while Mia took it in her mouth. I looked at her little pussy and tiny ass. My one hand could cover her whole ass.. her ass hole was so tiny I spread her ass apart and stuck out my tongue.. Mia’s pussy was so nice. The feel of my tongue going into her pussy and taste of it, I’ll never forget. I started to eat her out.. I took a second and thought holy shit… this happening, and stared to eat her tiny ass..

I was enjoying mias ass when Hannah came up next to me and said your such a perv.. look at you eating my daughter’s little pussy.. I said yes I am I love it, Hannah stopped me and said fuck fuck her.. I know you do.. I said yes I want my dick inside her pushed Mia off.. Mia was on her stomach with Hannah on her knees next to her.. I got on my knees looked at Hannah and said you want me to fuck her Hannah said yes and spread Mia’s ass cheeks open and said what do want.. I looked at her tiny pussy it was wet from my licking it.. I started to rub it feeling her little underage pussy but I stopped I said in want her ass.. Hannah took my dick her mouth and stared to suck me .. I just kept saying I want to fuck her little ass.. Hannah stopped after a second getting my cock nice and wet .. she held Mia down I took one hand opened her ass and started to rub the tip of my dick on her tiny ass hole. My cock was so big next to her ass I rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks and my cock went half up her back .. my god I thought this is going to feel amazing.. Hannah said do it perv fuck her tiny ass..

I slowly put the tip of my cock in mias ass, it took a lot of force but not what I was expecting, he ass hole was wet from me eating it and dick was wet from Hannah.. Mia let out a little scream and i paused, I kept going the tip of my cock was in Mia’s tiny ass .. I started to slowly thrust in and out.. Mia let out another scream, Hannah told her to be quite that it was ok.. Mia said ok, I kept going I stopped just a little less then half way, this was enough I thought.. it felt so good .. Mia’s ass sucked my dick in there was hardly any resistance. I started to slowly fuck her tiny ass.. Hannah was next to me watching cheering mia on, telling her she was good girl and calling me a perv. Fuck her she said you like you cock in her ass.. yes I said.. I have never felt anything like this it was heaven. I started to hump Mia’s ass a little a faster until my dick came out. When it did Mia scooted away and Hannah started to suck it.. Hannah was gagging on my cock and I looked Mia on the edge of the bed. I told her to come her and she listen. I stared to kiss Mia .. she was bad at kissing but whatever. I was on my knees Hannah was sucking me and I kissing her little daughter like she my girlfriend. I started to play with Mia’s little nipples she didn’t have boobs.. I pulled my dick out of Hannah’s mouth and told Mia to start sucking and she did. She laid on her stomach grabbed my dick from my hand and it put in her mouth.. Hannah started to jerk me off begging for my cum.. I couldn’t hold back any more. I exploded.. I started to pump cum into mias mouth Hannah held her head and push it so she was gagging.. I was in aww I yelled and moan in joy .. Hannah continued to call me a perv.. yeah you perv your a fucking pedo jerking my cock so more cum came out .. give her your cum. Mia pulled away and swallowed what was left in her mouth.. holy fuck I thought .. Hannah sucked my dick until it was limp and Mia laughed. I looked at Mia and asked if she liked that and she nooded.. Hannah told Mia to grab a towel and she ran off.. I laid back on the bed Hannah laid her head on my chest.. she said next I want to fucking cum inside her .. I said ok.. she said no I want to hear you., I said next I’m cuming inside ..

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Verdammt du bist so ein Glückspilz du musst deine freundin heiraten lass sie dir nicht entgehen ich freue mich darauf zu lesen wie du die kleine enge Fotze ihrer Tochter knackst und ihr die Unschuld nimmst und du musst beide Schwanger machen

  • Reply Barry ID:8bvy5nbb0c

    I wish I had a girlfriend like that.

    • Perv boyfriend ID:1e2rk8jv7uex

      Check out part three

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Need more

  • Reply Iloverough ID:5rhv9j5u8l

    I love this. More please!!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed her

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Great story. I recommend slowing down to read it before publishing to correct errors. They can make the story harder to follow. Let’s hear more. I like how she makes you admit you’re a pedo. I had a girl do that to me. Always turned me on.

    • princess ID:nike3vrv3

      I liked it better when she talked dirty
      Like telling him to fuck her daughter
      N begging for him to cum while she pushed her daughter’s head down