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cum dump at 11

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story of me getting raped by my brother

If you dont want to hear abt rape or anything like that click off of this story please!

When i was 11 i stupidly decided to suck off my brother, like i saw on porn vids online. It was fun the first few times but after he turned 18 he changed. He didnt want to be told no at all.

We were sitting watching tv when he stuck his hand in my underwear. I looked at him in a disapproving manner. I told him i didnt want to fuck anymore, i got enough from dad. He didnt care. He started fingering me which was slightly painful because he didnt wait for me to get wet. He pulled off my underwear and pinned me to the couch.
“You dont get a choice”
he started to take off his pants and i pleaded him not to. He positioned his dick to go inside and he pulled out his phone. I covered my face and whimpered as he forced himself inside and recorded it.
“look at the camera slut”
I tried burying my head behind my thighs but he ripped them away and forced his fingers in my mouth. tears streamed down my face as he continued to fuck into me and make me gag on his fingers. It felt too good and i came. He felt me tighten down on his cock and he went faster. He recorded close up of my pussy and his dick fucking it. He pushed his cock as far as he could inside me and came in my pussy. He recorded his cum leaking out and pulled my underwear up and left me filled with his cum.

I know this story was short but i decided to write 2 stories in a row. let me know if u want me to write more and what u thought abt it

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