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Dream Life Part 10

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I just love my family, What could happen…

(Read part 1 – 9)

I woke up and checked on Ashley after last night and she said “Daddy it was amazing can we do it again”, I looked at her adorable face and said “Whenever you want” and then I kissed her on the lips, after I get off her bed she runs to me and hugs me and said “I love you so much daddy”, I looked into her eyes and kissed her again and picked her up, Ashley then asked if we could have sex right now so I kissed her again and put her down on the bed, I took my cloths off while she did the same and then I sat her on my lap and slowly lowered her body onto my erect cock, “OH FU-CK D-DADDY ITS FIL-LING M-ME UP”, I rap my arms around her small waist and bounce her up and down on my cock until she cum’s, as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock I cum deep inside her, I lift her off my dick and watch as the cum flow out and she says “Oh d-addy th-ank you so much”.

Later on that day I get home and Hazel (Alice’s daughter) is waiting in the living room, I sit next to her and she asked “Daddy can we have some special time like you do with mommy and Ashley”, I look at her and said “Sure”, I then started to unbutton my pants pulling my cock out and told Hazel to start sucking it as I know Alice showed her how, Hazel took my cock into her mouth “Wow Hazel your pretty good at that”, she then looked at me and said “Mommy showed me how”, she then picked up speed until I came down her throat, she looks at me while her mouth is full of cum and I said “You can either swallow of spit”, Hazel then swallows my load.

Hazel runs off to her room after cleaning the rest of my cum off my dick, Alice and Ava get home Alice heads to Hazels room and Ava comes to me and strips naked and begs me to fuck her, Ava then sits on my lap and with her hand she guides my cock into her ass, “Ahh fuck it so tight in my ass”, I then take her waist and starts to bounce her on my cock, as I fuck Ava she starts to rub her pussy, with in seconds I cum in Ava’s ass, with Ava resting on me I look at the door and see Ella and another girl, Ella then said “Sorry daddy I wanted to bring my friend over”, Ella’s friend cant take her eyes off my dick, after Ava gets off I put my cloths back on and Ella shows her friend to me.

Ella said “Daddy this is Katie she’s the youngest girl in my class”, I looked at her and asked “Well how olds that?”, and Katie looks at me and said “9 sir”, I then said there’s no need to call me sir.

(This is Fiction)

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich bin gespannt welches Loch du von Katie fickst ich hoffe doch alle drei

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I hope the 9 year old bears your child