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Lilly gets stuffed

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13 year old Lilly gets a visit from the Thanksgiving fairies who punish her for being a brat to her family during Thanksgiving.

I’m off school and got bored so I Decided to write a holiday themed short story hope you enjoy!

Lily sat pouting on her bed. She had been banished here and her phone and laptop had been taken. All this for the supposed “crime” of simply pointing out that her family had some problems. Sure she has called her step-mom a slut, her uncle a perv, her two cousins idiots and her dad a sucker, but she hadn’t been lying. She was just saying what everyone else was thinking. She fell back on the bed to stare at the ceiling kicking her legs in the air as she did. She watched the ceiling fan turn for a while thinking about how much she hated her family, she couldn’t wait to leave she thought to herself. She flung herself off the bed in a fluid motion. She looked in the mirror. Looking back was a rather average looking girl. She had tanned skin with dark brown hair and eyes. She was average height and build and though people often said she was pretty she didn’t see it. Her hair was short, falling just below her chin. She looked at her PJs, nothing special but she thought they were cute. She wore a pair of kids Minecraft boxer briefs and a white cami. She let out a sigh. This was so boring and she had like 3 weeks of this. It was going to be hell. She scanned the room and her eyes landed on a familiar stuffed bear in the corner. Well she thought, I guess I could always do that. She grabbed the bear and returned to the bed. Placing the bear on its back she straddled its face positioning her slit right over its nose. She had done this more times then she could count since she discovered how good it felt when she was 11 but everytime she still got excited. She pressed her pelvis against the bear’s face, grinding her hips against it. She felt it’s nose rubbing between her lips and up to tweak her clit. She picked up her pace forcefully humping the bear’s face. She felt pleasure building inside her. A wet spot appeared on the front of her shorts. She gripped the bear’s head and bit her lip to stop herself from squealing as the orgasm washed over her. She continued grinding and orgasming on the bear’s face until finally her knees felt weak and she collapsed on the bed, her shorts and the bear’s face drenched. She was breathing heavily, her heart beating fiercely in her chest. She sat there for a bit enjoying the well earned exhaustion, but suddenly she heard a crash by her window. She sprung up kneeling on the bed to face the danger.
In the corner lily saw two figures. One was a huge hulking man dressed as a pilgrim the other was a huge turkey standing close to 5 feet tall, and unlike normal turkeys it had a huge penis dangling between its legs. She was too shocked and scared to do anything; she just blankly stared at them in disbelief with her mouth open.
Finally she managed to stammer. “Who…are…you?” Her voice cracking with fear and hardly louder than a whisper. “What do you want?”
The man answered in a booming voice that seemed to be coming from inside her head.
“We are the guardians of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It is our duty to punish those who have forgotten that thanksgiving is about being grateful for one’s family.” He raised his finger to point at her. “And you have been very naughty and need to be punished”.
Lily screamed but the voice just laughed.
“You can scream all you want, no one can hear you, and after how you acted who knows if they would even come.” The man advanced towards her. Lily scrambled back but he quickly caught her. He grabbed her leg and pulled her towards him across the bed. She twisted her body and flailed her arms and feet striking him with all her might, but it was useless; the hits didn’t even faze him. He pushed her shoulders down and straddled her waist pinning her to the bed. With one hand he held down her arms over her head and with the other he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. It was huge, probably close to 9 inches long and thick as her forearm. It pointed erect at her face. He slid closer to sit on her chest, the tip of his cock pressing against her face. Silently he grabbed the back of Lilly’s head and pushed towards his cock. Lily screamed in protest but it was quickly cut off as he jammed his cock roughly down her throat. He released her arms and she pounded his chest in desperation. Gagging and twisting her body. This didn’t stop him at all; he pulled her head back and began to piston her mouth silently while she cried and gagged. The tears and spit covering her face. He moved one hand behind him and placed it roughly between her legs. His fingers rubbed and searched her crotch. He found the opening in the front of the boxers and he slid his hand inside. She was still soaked from her session earlier with the bear and he easily was able to slide two of his fingers inside of her which he began to move in and out of her in a hooked motion. Lily’s body betrayed her. She felt pleasure building inside of her. Her hips bucked against his hands as she felt herself starting to orgasm. She gripped the man’s legs hard as her body started to squirm from the pleasure. The sight sent the man over the edge. He pressed her head hard against him and lily felt something warm erupt from the man’s cock. It filled her throat and stomach. She felt like she was going to burst , he finally pulled out and it came pouring out of her mouth as she gagged and coughed. The taste was strangely familiar and with horror she realized it was gravy. He rolled off of her and she laid there for a second trying to catch her breath. before she could even really process what had happened. She felt herself being turned, the man grabbed her and turned her so her butt was level with the edge of her bed and her legs dangled off the edge. She tried to resist but she was too exhausted. He pushed her down and tied her legs and arms in place so she was immobile.
She gathered what little strength she has and managed to stammer out a tiny plea. ” Please, please I’ll be good just stop please no more.” She was crying softly. The man knelt down and whipped her face with your hands.
“It’s good to see you are learning,” he said with a smile” but you still have to finish your punishment. Actions have consequences.” He whistled and the turkey appeared at the side of the bed. Its giant cock lined up with her spread eagle crotch. I forgot about the damn turkey she thought with despair. The man brought a knife down and quickly sliced off her shorts leaving her naked from the waist down her pussy directly facing this monster and its cock. The turkey inched forward and the man guided its cock right to the entrance of her pussy. Lily bucked her hips in panic trying to keep its cock out of her, but the man held her firm and lilly felt the turkeys’ huge cock enter her. Her pussy stretched what seemed like an impossible amount as the turkey pressed slowly inside of her. She felt like she was going to burst and she could see her stomach expanding to accommodate it. She screamed in terror but there was surprisingly little pain. Finally Lily felt the turkeys cock slam against a wall somewhere inside of her.
“No please, just take it out, please stop I’ll be good I promise” she screamed.
The turkey just gobbled in response before taking its cock out and then slamming it back inside of her. it began to mercilessly fuck her. She could feel the massive cock slide and stretch in and out. She looked down and could see its outline through the stretched out skin in her stomach. The man ran his hand down and as the giant cock impaled her he gently rubbed her clit. This sent spasms of pleasure up and down her body. She squirmed against the bonds and around the turkeys huge cock tensing her body as the orgasms washed over her. She tried to suppress a moan of pleasure. ” Please no more I can’t take it I’m going to lose my mind” she cried. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back. The turkey continued to pound her with its cock. Everything in her mind went blank. She couldn’t form any thoughts over the pleasure that was racking her body. Finally after what felt like an eternity the turkey erupted inside of her. She felt her body swell to a seemingly impossible fullness. Her stomach swelled up as the turkey filled her up with the warm liquid. Lily screamed “I’m going to pop take it out!” The turkey obliged and as it pulled out its cock the liquid poured out pooling below Lily’s feet. The feeling of emptiness completely drained her. Lily laid motionless bound to the bed. Breathing hard.

The man appeared in front of her. Standing between her legs he pulled out three turkey basters.

Karen knocked on her step-daughter’s door. She was absolutely through with that girl she thought to herself. What a little brat. She opened the door saying “I hope you have had some time to think….” But she trailed off. The scene in the room shocked her. Lily was completely naked drenched in what seemed like gravy. Her tiny body was wiggling trying to break free of the ropes tying her to the bed. Someone has also shoved a baster into her mouth so that she was letting out muffled cries for help and two more were stuck in her tiny pussy and ass. And over her head on the wall above the bed the word happy thanksgiving were written in gravy. Karen fainted.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Please make sure to comment and rate below! I love feedback and story ideas!

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    I love fucking little girls whether they want it or not. trickyrick0001 wickr

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    Have you ever thought of writing yourself in a rp?

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    How old can I be to ansur

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    Lilly wasn’t the only young girl getting stuffed on Thanksgiving day

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      Can u assure me

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    Is writing this slop what porn addicts do instead of spending Thanksgiving with their families?

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      I wrote this before Thanksgiving you’re the one who’s reading this on thanksgiving

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    here comes the turkey dicckkkkk but turkeys dont have dickkksssss so my theory is that Karen bitch is schizophrenic and she sees things that isn’t happening 💀💀

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      I like that idea

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    Sweet_tarts I thought it was a very erotic story!! Daddy was hard the whole time reading it!! If you want to chat more add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

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      Aw hell nahhhh man’s talking in the third person, clearly a psychopath

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      Anon shut your mouth it’s called roleplay you dumb ass!!