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My Baby Girl Is Growing Up To Fast. 2 I Saw The Video!

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My little 10 year old baby was being filled up with his baby seed on the video right in front of me.

I installed hidden cameras in the family room, Evie’s room, My bedroom, and the bathrooms.  I then went to my sister’s home, under the story that she just had surgery and I was going to help her for a few days.  When I got home and was alone I watched the video’s.

I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I was feeling so many different things that I thought I would lose my mind.  Evie and Todd looked like they had a wonderful time and their relationship went up to a different level.

I was feeling horrified,  guilty, jealous, angry, excited, arousing, overpowering. It started very innocently like every evening.  She sits on his lap and they watch tv then she starts to rock back and forth on his lap a little at first then slowly she starts to rock more and I see her lean back against him and close her eyes.  He then told her to get ready for bed and he went and got ready as well.  She came back to the family room and was wearing a very sexy mini teddy he bought.

She immediately started where she left off.  As she was rocking on his lap, his hands felt up and down her sides a few times and then finally rested on her thighs and slowly moved across them until his fingers were between her thighs.

That seemed to make her start moaning.  I then saw him change the TV from cartoons to a favorite DVD of his ( Earth Girls are Easy )  and that really got her attention.  Before I knew it, my sweet little girl went from rocking back and forth on Todd’s lap, too rotating and grinding her little pelvis into his huge hard cock.  My little girl was giving my boyfriend a lap dance while he was fondling her, on the video right before my eyes.

I was feeling awful, not because of what I was seeing, but rather because what I was seeing was turning me on so much.  I was actually wishing I was there with them going in.  I feel like I shouldn’t feel this way.  It is just that I am only human and what I was watching was so beautiful and loving, as well as being so very hot.

Evie then lifted her little ass up off of him and turned herself around, and lowered herself back onto his lap. She was then facing him as she was doing the lap dance and she leaned forward and they both started kissing.  Not little pecks, they were kissing full on the lips, tongue on tongue action and they were really going at it.
I found my panties to be soaking wet from watching this. Todd then stood up while holding Evie in his hands and carried her to my room and placed her in my bed.  They never stopped kissing the entire time.  Ass Todd removed his clothes, Evie raised up onto her knees and started bouncing up and down on the bed  and clapping while she was giggling.  She was looking just so excited.  The last time I saw her this happy was when I took her to Disney.

Then when Todd removed his shorts and his large thick cock stood out so hard, straight, and thick. Evie stopped bouncing as her eyes became transfixed on his cock.  Evie’s face didn’t move, it froze in time as she kept her eyes on his cock the rest of her slid out of her clothes so fast.  He then took her in his arms and there naked bodies pressed up to one another as they continued kissing.

He then laid her back down on my bed as he licked his way down her body. She would giggle until he reached the top of her little tight pussy.  She just looked down at him when he got there and she started to lick her lips. just as he started to lick her pussy she put her hands on his head and stopped him and said,
” wait, you know never to tell anyone about this, right, especially mom. This is just our secret.”

He replied,
“Yes, I would never want to hurt her.  I am just so in love with both of you.”

She then took her hands off of his head.  He then started licking her pussy.
She put her head back and closed her eyes.  As his tongue stroked up and down her engorged pussy lips she would moan in such a happy tone and I could feel the pleasure in my pussy as I watched. He does have a magic tongue.  I know the pleasure she was experiencing.

Then she started to breathe deeper and faster as her moaning increased. She started having her first orgasm just after about 10 minutes of his tongue lashing on her little clitoris.

She  then said she heard girls talk about doing a 69 position and she really wants to try it.  She said she has thought about doing it with him for a long time now.  So they both started shifting into position and as she grabbed hold of his massive cock with her tiny hands the look on her face was one of surprise.  I think holding it up close she had a lot going through her mind.  How would she get her mouth around it and how much could she swallow?

I know she was wanting him to fuck her and she had to be worried about how he would get that into her tiny little pussy.  For now she seemed happy to just be stroking his cock with her two little hands.  It was so cute how she started kissing the head of his cock and then she started to lick it all up and down the shaft as she was also stroking it. He was enjoying it I could tell, as he was moaning at the same time he was licking her pussy.

He finally raised up onto his knees and wedged himself between her thighs.  She knew what was coming and she spread her legs far apart and bent her knees.
She kept her eyes on his cock and she was looking very apprehensive about it.  He placed a couple of pillows under her hips and made sure she was comfortable.  He asked her if she was ready.
With a shaky voice she said yes.
As the tip of his cock touched her engorged pussy lips, she pushed him back and closed her thighs.  He asked her what was wrong and she said nothing was wrong she just got nervous for a second.

He gave her a moment and attempted again.  Once again she did the same thing.  He asked her if she was really ready for this.  He told her they could just keep playing like they were doing and save that for later when she was ready.

My horny baby didn’t want to wait.  She wanted to do it now, she was just very scared.
If his cock would have been my first cock then I would have been scared to.  Luckily my first time was with my best friend’s father and he was a good 7″ but not thick at all.

Her sweet little tight virginal 10 year old pussy was aglow with a shimmering lustful discharge.
It looked smooth, soft and hairless. I could just imagine the wonderful smell that must be coming from her innocent virginal.
She wanted it bad and she was scared.  I could tell not only from how she was acting or from her shaky voice, but also from the nervous look on her face and the small tears running down her cheeks.

Todd grabbed  some lubricating oil from the night stand and covered his cock with it. Evie ran to her room and then ran back to my door.  She stood there in the doorway holding her favorite teddy bear.  She then walked the rest of the way to the bed slowly and seductively as she held tight to her teddy bear.
She then climbed back into my bed and got in position, once again spreading her legs wide apart with her knees bent and pillows under her hips. He then got ready between her thighs again and this time Evie put her head back and closed her eyes as she held onto her teddy bear for dear life.

This time as the head of his manhood touched Evie’s unsullied pristine little pussy between her lustrous engorged lips.  She made a sudden gasp as she squeezed her bear.
He slid the head of his cock into her and she began convulsive breathing in between moans as he pushed in deeper.  He paused for a moment and gave a hard little quick thrust. She let out a surprise squeal and then shoved the bear’s nose into her mouth as she started to bite down on it.
I knew that he just took her virginity.  As her hymen was now broken I saw a few streaks of blood drip from her pussy.
He then started to push in and out slowly,  Evies poor little pussy was being expanded so much that I felt both sorry for the outstretched little thing and very erotic over watching it. I was wishing it was me getting a massive cock for the very first time.
Her face was so red and her tears were flowing.  He just kept his rhythm up and he went a little deeper with every thrust inward.  She was twitching and squeezing her hips in and out, up and down.  She was trying to figure out what she was supposed to be doing, but the pain made it difficult for her to figure out what she was to do.

She would make a half grumble and half sobbing noise as she was biting the bear’s nose. After a while her pelvis thrust started to match his and they began to move in a sensual manner.  She let the bear’s nose out of her mouth, but she still held it for dear life. My sweet little 10 year old baby laying naked in bed holding onto her childhood bear, while a grown man, my boyfriend, was fucking her good as he took her virginity.  I was so wet. My pussy lips never felt so swollen before as my pussy juices flowed down my thighs.  I shoved a dildo up my pussy quickly and put the vibration on max.  I guess I wont be getting mother of the year and at the moment I don’t care.  I just want to join in with the fun that they are having.

Both of them were moaning up a storm as they enthusiastically Thrust in and out ever more intoxicating with every thrust.  She was no more crying; she was in heaven enjoying this new chapter in her life.
There was nothing perverted about this, it was erotic, loving, pleasure seeking, between two inflamed souls.  Finally Evie’s muscles all tensed up and she wrapped herself around Todd as she screamed out loud in jubilation as Todd shoved his manhood as deep as he could. I had no doubt he was all the way in her cervix.  I know the look on his face, he was shooting ejaculation after ejaculation into her.
I could only imagine that my baby’s little pussy would be overflowing with his baby seed.
Sure enough it didn’t take long to see his cum dripping out of her pussy.

He then tried to get her to clean him off with her mouth, but she wouldn’t even taste it.  He tried to encourage her and tried to let her know that most love it once they get used to it.
She said she thought it sounded gross and didn’t want to do that.
So Todd said that was alright.  He told her someday she would be ready to try it and there was no rush. They then went into my bathroom and showered clean.
I could tell that they were getting into it again in my shower, but the steam fogged up the glass so I wasn’t able to see what was going on.
I will have to fix that. in the future.

Now I need to decide for how long to allow it to go on, before I tell them I know.

I want to join in, but I am really enjoying watching without them knowing.

I will start her on birth control immediately.

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  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    So very good! Can’t wait to have a young one on my lap – grinding away!

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] It’s good to watch as long as you can without them knowing video everything you possibly can and see how far they will. Go see if he will fuck her in the arse as well, but she is the perfect daughter and you are a good mother.

  • Reply Jesse ID:1e74kikb282b

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    Great storie and hope fore more. No better feeling then a young girls pussy around your cock

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    This is exactly what I should have been looking for when I was younger. A mom with a sexy daughter who is open minded about sex. I know there are real people like you and real situations like this. I missed the boat and at age 60 no one is going to even look at me. Alas I have this wensite!

    • Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

      Very nice – that got me horny

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    I’m surprised Todd managed to be so gentle and restrained, especially with her holding on to her teddy (very sexy)! But I think he’s a good guy and she’s a very lucky girl!!

  • Reply Pual ID:fyhga60d1

    Maybe put a baby in both of you at the same time and hope you both have baby girls so when they hit age 10 we could have them as welll

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    I wish it was me fucking your baby because after I would have fucked her I would have started on getting you and her in bed at the same time

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    What a fantastic story and if true yes the mother of the years award for sure. I have been very lucky to either have mothers do this or an older sister I was fucking. Bringing in the younger preteen is so fucking hot I can not believe how much I came in her.

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    Very hot story.

  • Reply Jerry ID:2px1mmwn4hs

    Excellent idea for birth control. That’s when you should let your daughter know that you know all about what happened and assure her it’s ok