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On the Prowl (Cont 3)

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We introduce Jim and Vivian to different pleasures

It was Susys school end of term play. Susy and some of her friends only just scraped in as they were leaving at the end of term being eleven. But as they had started rehearsing earlier they were allowed to take part.
They were using the Gym changing rooms as Dressing Rooms and it was full of Grannies and Mothers fussing around the children aged from eight to eleven The Drama teacher had stolen some ideas from a number of childrens stories so a lot of them were fairies.
They had short frilly Tu Tu skirts frilly tops and not so convincing wings.
Elsie was Susys representative so to speak and soon got talking to a very attractive lady who seemed to be fussing over the very young ones. However she turned out to be the Drama/Music teacher
Her name was Vivian and maybe Elsie should take up the story
The play had begun and I found myself standing next to Vivian in the “wings”
She couldn’t take her eyes off them and I found she was holding my hand
“Aren’t they beautiful I sometimes take P.E and help the younger ones changing”
“Have you no children of your own Vivian?”
“No I’ve been told I can’t”
“No partner of any kind?”
She shook her head
Every now and again she would squeeze my hand as the girls did a certain movement in the dance
“Vivian why not leave it till the interval, come with me.”
I walked her away towards the toilets and in to one of the cubicles
Cupped her face in my hands looked into her eyes
“Why not relieve yourself of those thoughts?”
She gasped as I began kissing her, unbuttoning her blouse, unclipping her bra, holding her breasts, beginning to kiss them as I pulled down her skiirt. Soon I had her naked she was hairy like me and wet as I groped her, one hand fingering a wet hairy cunt the other tweeking and squeezing her breasts and nipples all the time kising her passiontley
i whispered you are coming home with me, she just nodded

The play finished and the children were back in the dressing room Grannies and Mothers helping them all to prepare for home. Soon it was just Vivian Susy and myself
“Susy you can’t keep your costume you have to take it off”
Vivian was still adjusting her clothing when Susy was taking hers off and soon she was naked in all her childhood glory.
“You can touch she wont bite”
“But I’ve never……….”
“Well were would you like to start?”
“I’d like to kiss her all over”
“Then I had better get the two of you home!”

We arrived, I had ensured the place would be empty Susy skipped upstairs and we followed Susy and I began to undress and eventually Vivian followed, The bed was king sized and soon Vivian understood. She was being seduced!! I spread some toys on the bed puting a vibe in Vivians hand and guiding it to Susys smooth now wet pussy I slid down the bed opening Viviens legs to find her forest of black hair covering her cunt I began to tonge licking then biteing the cunt lips her reaction being to quickly vibe fuck Susy. Soon we were all licking and tonguing. Until when Vivien was on her knees sucking Susys cunt her bottom cocked I had my strap on with my largest dong and entered her soaking wet hairy cunt. she jerked and sucked susy even more. Susy wriggled away laying over her back finding her asshole with her little fingers, one by one she pushed them in as she’d been taught to do until her whole hand was in and Vivien was being fist fucked up the ass and dong fucked in the cunt. She was screaming Her whole body jerking and trembling, her thick cum dribbling down her inner thighs. When we had exhausted her we turned, all three of us lying panting on our backs

“Oh now I will take some lovely photos of you two lovely ladies, something for you to remember Vivien”
IShe was exhausted and I posed her open legged, then the same but pulling the hairs to expose that lovely pink inner. Then on her knees pulling her buttocks to display her gaping bud. Then the important ones of her and Susiy in erotic positions of Susy being abused, lovingly yes but still abused.
I said how lovely an afternoon it had been but she would have to go and we would be in touch I gave her a hug
“Don’t worry dear nobody will ever know”

At home we were comparing notes and I said it looks as if we have got our “nice couple” well there not married but it’s as near as we are going to get and there is no way we are going to get them both together. So we agreed that we should invite Jim and have Elsie and Susy here to meet him
When he came Maureen sorted out the drinks saying Elsie would be here shortly
When she arrived with Susie in her school uniform his eyes widened
“should we go into the studio”
He just nodded dumbly as we walked in,
“Lets all undress shall we”

When we were naked it didn’t take long for Jim and I to harden as we began to stroke each other espacially watching Elsie carressing and fingering Susie
He knelt and took my cock in both hands licking my cock head before taking fully in his mouth, as he began to suck Susie knelt beside him finding his balls to gently squeeze.I was looking over his head at Elsie who was standing wide legged fucking herself with a large vibe, I just couldn’t hold on and spunked not so much in his mouth as down his throat, He spluttered but managed to take my love juice in one or two gulps.

We reversed of course but I only brought him to full hardness he was big.
Elsie prepared Susie laying her on the cushions her plump bottom cocked.
I shuffled him forward on his knees “Imagine she is John” Her smooth plump slit of her pussy lips wasn’t at all like Johns bud but he knew what was hidden between them
With my guidence he probed and found the hole then it was alright! he pushed she screamed and he began to fuck Elsie and I sat watching finger fucking each other bringing ourselves to a climax as he withdrew and spurted over her back in her hair and last dribbles down her legs.
Oh god thank you thank you they are both wonderful
We sat talking and asked about his wife how she looked waht was she like he showed us a photo a handsome woman a little older looking than Jim but full figured
“Jim you know how we caught you is there anyway we could catch her you know we never resort to blackmail unless you call this pleasure”

He said they had a decent sex life ut obviously hadn’t mentioned his likeing for boys and now with a nervous laugh girls.We suggested he bring the subject up as we have found it surprising what desires people have hidden

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