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A true story about curiosity, trust, lies and surprisingly great sex.

Hi my name is Mark I’ve been reading these kinds of stories for years and always enjoyed them. I sometimes wondered why I like to read stories about pre-teen girls getting nailed by older guys but I think I know why. You see it actually happened to me. Yeah I know what you’re thinking “oh my god they all say this. but in my case it’s actually true and it was life changing. I will say up front this is not about abusing or raping or slut shaming. If that’s what you’re into this might not be the thing for you. All power to ya, but this isn’t like that
You see this all happened years ago when I was 16. I’min my 60s now and still remember it like it was yesterday. A good mate of mine also named Mark also the same age had been telling me about this girl he’d been seeing from another school Nicky. He’d tell about how sweet she was and how smart she was, the fact that she was petite with “a great ass but really small tits” she sounded nice enough and was a little jealous coz it seemed like he was getting lay’d almost every day. I did alright with the girls, I was tall and fit and not a bad looking guy but I was 16. No matter what you read girls that age aren’t exactly throwing it around. High school was a great place to pick up girls and believe me when I say that you’ll never again in your life have suck a choice again and all locked in together. But if I’m honest I was getting lay’d a couple of times a month. The thing is that Mark and Nicky seem to be part rabbit only been together for a few months but I hadn’t met or even seen her, not Evan a photo. So one weekend Mark let it slip that he and Nicky were going to the local ten pin bowling ally. This was my opportunity, I lived near by the ally and knew it well. Well enough to know how to find a hiding spot so I could finally check her out. So there I was at the bowling ally, been there all day waiting for the two of them to show up and I’d go and introduce myself to Marks girlfriend Nicky. All day I’d waited and was about to go home because I was a little bored and I’d run out of money, drinks lunch a couple of frames plus my allowance was pretty shit. When just then I saw Mark walk in but no girl on his arm he was on his own, wtf was this? Was he bullshitting about Nicky? If so why? He was a cool guy he had friends and had had a few Pretty decant girlfriends. Didn’t make sense, so I thought I’d just go over and find out. Well, turned out that Nicky was already there. He walked strait over to this cute little blond with a tight little ass and very small tits. They were playing it cool but I could tell this was the girl. Mark said that she went to a different school and that I believe to be true just by looking at her. Primary school! She must have been eleven or twelve years old. What the absolute fuck was he thinking? I was in shock, Mark was good friend and I didn’t want to embarrass him not like kids today. Kids today would take a photo and upload it all their friends before the two of them had time to drink a coke. But what was I going to do? I thought about it all weekend and decided to try and talk some sense into him.
So Monday lunch time we were sitting having lunch just the two of us, when I told him that i saw and Nicky at the bowling ally on Saturday and he looked horrified. “How old is Nicky for gods sake” I asked. He looked down at his feet and asked if anyone else had found out. I said, “not that I’m aware but shit man she’s a little kid. Oh, and are you really fucking her?”I could tell by the look on his face that he was. “Jesus Mark theirs a name for people like you I said”. He smiled and said “yeah we’re called happy”. “Get fucked”, I said. “This is crazy you’re gonna ruin your life”. Over the corse of the next few week or so he went into great details about their sex live and I went into great details about how he was going to be thrown around like a “fuck-puppet” in prison. Well I won that little battle and he came to his senses and broke up with Nicky. Fast forward about two months and I was walking around the local mall this Saturday morning with a few friends Mark not being one of them, I only bring this up for reasons that will become clearer later. A saw a couple of girls in a record bar and thought they were cute about our age and I’d never seen them before. One of them was quite tall and cute and was checking me out so I thought I’d go say hi. Long story short her name was Claire and we hung out the rest of the day. As we were saying goodbye and making plans to see each other again she asked if I’d like to come to her house tomorrow because they were having a bbq. Never one to turn down free food I said “yeah, sure where do you live” she gave me her address and said goodbye. The next day I set off to the bbq I had about an hours walk but it was pretty quick. When I got there I was introduced to mum and dad can’t remember their names but seemed pretty cool. She had a little brother Simon or Steve can’t really remember. I’d been there about an hour or so when I got introduced to her younger sister Nikola. I nearly fucking died on the spot. She looked a lot like Nicky, now I never did get a close up of Nicky but I was sure this was her. I have to say she was very pretty yes only about twelve but very pretty. Through the afternoon I got talking to her a few times but she looked really sad so asked her straight up. “You don’t look very happy” I said. “I’m not” she said “my boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago his name was Mark like you” BINGO! This was Nicky. For the rest of the day I was talking to Claire but thinking about everything Mark had told me about how good Nicky was in the sack. I just could not reconcile that the horny little slut was this pretty little 12 year old little kid. Clare like Nicky went to a different school, unlike Nicky it was a high school. She rang every night that week and we agreed it was her turn to come to my house. That was all good except her parents made her take her little sister. NO this doesn’t end in a threesome, boring I know but this is a true story. So they came over and were there the day and I kept thinking about Nicky and Mark. Should I tell her that I know Mark? She might then assume I know all the sordid details. That weekend though she found out what school I went to and her ears pricked up . The week went the same as the last phone calls and shit. But with one exception. I got a call from Nicky. She asked me flat out if a knew a Mark R. I said I did and he was a good friend of mine. There was silence on the phone so I asked how she knew him? “I can’t tell you over the phone” can we meet somewhere” she asked. While I was thinking she suddenly asked if I would be home this Saturday morning? The family were going to visit their Nan that lived about five minutes from my place. I said “yeah that’ll be fine and we can talk then because my folks will be out for the day” so it was all set just very curious about what she wants to tell me. Saturday morning arrives and it’s about nine I’m sitting out the front waiting for Nicky. It was a nice warm day as I looked up the street and saw her walking toward me. She was wearing a white T-shirt with a picture of a dolphin or something on it and a knee length thin cotton light blue skirt. We say hi how are you? The usual pleasantries I invite her inside we go to the kitchen where I get her a can of coke and ask her to take a seat. We talked for about ten minutes about the usual crap then I asks if there was a chance Claire might turn up. She said “not a chance, she and Nam have always been super close and she wouldn’t dream of leaving there” I said “I got the feeling you already knew that Mark and I were friends when you asked me about him” she replied “you called me Nicky a few times Mark was the only one I ever let call me that” “so it seemed likely” This was no little sex slave she was very sweet very articulate for her age and well spoken. “So what did you want to talk about then” I asked. “I’m just a little curious as to what if anything Mark told you about me” she asked. I thought about this for a while. I have to tell her the truth, what if Mark had told these lies to other people she deserves to know. So told her exactly what Mark had told me. I promised her I hadn’t breathed a word to anyone nor would I. I knew now I was doing the right thing, she didn’t deserve that, poor kid. The room was quiet for a while then she looked up at me and said “thank you for telling me” “I never thought he would do something like that, he and I are finished for good” she then got up and came around the table . Me sitting her standing we were about the same hight. She leaned in slowly to give me a hug I assumed but then she kissed me on the lips. Just a few seconds but it was enough, her lips were what dreams are made of. Whether she meant it or not that small kiss was the most sensuous kiss I’d ever experienced. Her lips were warm slightly moist and as soft as clouds. She stood there her face no more than 6 or 7 inches from mine just looking into my eyes. She thanked me again leaned in and kissed me again. My mind was blown this time the kiss was longer deeper somehow more perfect, then I felt the tip of her tongue. I’d kissed many girls, lots of tongue. Sluts, virgins , drunk, sober. This was the most amazing mouth I’d ever put my lips too. Her hands then caressed my neck as her arms began to pull me in closer. My arms too had wrapped themselves around her tiny body and I was holding on for my life. We were like this for ages all the while never wanting this to end. This wasn’t my first kiss or hers but it was like the first time, only infinitely better and unbelievably sweet and tender. She started making quiet little moans and the more she started to moan the harder my dick got. By now she was sitting on my lap and I knew she could feel my cock against her leg. I felt her making small moves rubbing up against my cock that was now about to bust through my jeans. I’ve never in my life been this horny, I wanted to lay her over the kitchen table and bury my face in her crutch. But I was in denial, she’s not like this Mark was bullshitting. Or was he? I took a chance, while holding her tight I found that my left hand could reach right round to her very tiny tits. How would I find them they’re so small but I had to try she and her tongue were driving me crazy. I moved my hand slowly around her tiny form hoping to find a small bump but instead I found a rock hard nipple sticking out through her T-shirt about half an inch or more. I do love me some hard nipples and these were diamonds. As I ran my hand over it and held it between my thumb and forefinger she started moaning even more our lips still locked together but now we were ravenous. I had her nipple between my fingers rolling back and forth and she moaning and writhing under my touch. I gently squeezed her nipple harder and she pulled her mouth from mine and made the most exquisite sound I’d ever heard. This sweet young girl was in ecstasy she looked at me with beautiful pleading eyes and said “we need to go somewhere a little more comfortable and private” I picked her up in my arms like I was carrying her across the threshold and made my way to my bedroom. All the while our mouths lips and tongues were locked together.
Inside my room I lay her down on the bed as I closed the blinds as the sun was shining in I saw her fumble under her skirt pulling down then throwing off her little white cotton panties. I couldn’t help but notice that the crutch seemed wet. Is this really going to happen? I hadn’t even thought that maybe Mark wasn’t lying. As I approached the bed I could see her looking at my very hard boner. She smiled and said “you don’t wear those to bed do ya” I started to unbutton my jeans when she jumped up to help me. She was In a fever until she had her hands on my ridged cock then everything slowed down. She started rubbing it back and forth slowly and deliberately her stroke back was soft and gentle but the stroke forward was tight like she was milking me. This is when I started to moan and groan and instinctively started making small thrusting motions in her hands. “Easy she said” “we don’t want to end it before we start it” “pretty Sure I can go again and again” “really” she said sounding surprised “I didn’t think men could do that” “with a bit of rest in between , sure we can” her face lit up her eyes widened this was obviously News to her but I said “if we’re not careful I’m going to cum all over you and your cloths” she locked down at her T-shirt and dress then looked at me with a cheeky smile and said “you’d better remove them for me then” she let go of my nearly bursting cock and I knelt on the floor beside the bed. “That will be my please young lady” I said. I reached out and pulled tiny body toward me. We kissed passionately as my hands slip inside her shirt. Running my hands gently up and down her sides no bra just the softest skin imaginable. I held the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up higher and higher until our lips had to part to make way for the shirt. As I began to pull the shirt over her head I had my first view of her beautiful pink bullet like nipples and just a hint of boob . I had a shiver go down my spine. I’m a guy that loves a descant set of tits but these little things were intoxicating I had to have them now. While her shirt was still half off over her face I leaned her back and took left nipple into my mouth. She groaned and moaned and started breathing faster heavier I then took her right nipple in my mouth she let out a grunt and a moan while running her fingers through my hair. “Oh yes oh yes” she kept saying over and over “please don’t stop” she cried “that’s fantastic, I had no idea I could feel like this” “ this is nothing” I said “the real fun is just beginning” with that I took the rest of her shirt off. I then ran my hands up under her skirt to her waist and around her tiny firm butt. I was just about to pull her skirt down when she giggled and looked shy. “We don’t want to get this all wet now do we” I said “wet” she said with a puzzled look. “Yes wet, very wet” with that I gently parted her legs and stated kissing her ankles then the inside of her calves then I slowly ran my tongue all the way up to her beautiful little pussy with just a smattering of fine blonde hair. By this time she was breathing harder and harder the higher I went and when I finally kissed her pussy lips she shuddered and moaned I licked along both her inner walls her mound then nibbled at both her tender lips. She was in heaven panting groaning moaning writhing but when I parted her lips and ran my tongue along the full length of her sweet pussy and put my tongue inside her and tasted her juices for the first time I had trouble holding her down on the bed. I licked and sucked and she spasmed and shook and groaned. This pussy was to this day the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted and she getting wetter and wetter her moaning louder and louder till it seemed to crescendo. She started to settle down and I slipped her skirt all the off. “Oh God” she said “oh, I’ve never felt like that in my life, I thought I might pass out” “can girls your age have orgasms” I asked. “I’ve read about them” she said “and I think a may have just had one, that was incredible” with the taste of her beautiful pussy still on my lips she sat up and once again kissed me hard. This time there was a change, she seemed to be trying to taste her own pussy juices on my lips. so I reached down ran my fingers over in and through her young muff then brought my wet and slimy fingers up to my mouth to taste them, before I could get them in my she grabbed my hand and put them in her mouth and sucked all the nectar off them. This turned me on so much I told her “oh I think I’m gonna cum” she immediately wanted to taste my juices so she got on the floor and put the head of my cock in her mouth. With a little help from her I Jack off until I felt the eruption about to happen then I told her to suck and keep swallowing. As I squirted rope after rope into her mouth she again began moaning and groaning clearly loving what was happening. She swallowed and swallowed a little running down her chin but she drank her fill. When she finished she used her fingers to wipe up any she missed and sucked them clean. With that we both sat back sucking in gulps of air. “Would you like a drink” I asked “I’ve just had a belly full” she laughed “yes please I’d love one” I went to the kitchen to get a couple of glasses of water but when got back to my room I could hear her moaning a little. I stopped outside my room and listened. As well as the moaning I could hear a wet slapping noise. She was masturbating, my cock went hard instantly and I put the water down on a hallway table. The slurping slapping wet sound was getting faster and faster and moans and groans were getting louder and louder. By this time I was beating off so fast I thought I might pull it out by the routes. Faster she went the louder she moaned I had to see this for myself so I peaked in to see her laying on her back on the floor with her legs spreed as far apart as possible her mouth open her eyes wide open and panting like a dog she saw me looking but never stopped I took this as a sign to go right in. I kneeled between her legs still pounding my cock and then it happened. She cried out loud and juices flowed from her pussy with the flat of her fingers she rubbed as fast as she could back and forth across her tiny clit all the while cum actual cum was splashing out over the inside of her legs her belly and overmy cock at this point I lost all control and shot my load all over her pussy her belly her perfect nipples and her face. I just kept cumin squirt after squirt I then collapsed on top of her our bodies squishing in our own cum we were exhausted. We caught our breath and she talked about how embarrassing but how truely incredible that was. I told her it nothing to feel or ashamed of and now you know you can do this any time. “So if we can do this on our own, why do we need each other” she asked. “Because the best is still yet to come, I’m just sorry we haven’t got to that part yet” I said. “You mean, intercourse” she said with a grin. “Well, yeah you’ve done it haven’t you” I asked. She just shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. Then it hit me like a bolt of thunder. Mark Was bullshitting. “So you and Mark never um” “ no she said, we’d kissed a few times and thought I’d like to but we never did. That’s why I think he’s such a prick for telling you those stories” I was floored, she was so willing and so fucking good and eager to please how could this be her first time. Because she’s only twelve I thought and then started feel a little sick. Following Mark was bad enough because I wasn’t the first to fuck her but now I am or I should say am going to be that’s a bit different. “We’re still going to have intercourse aren’t we Mark” she worriedly asked. I looked at her without saying a word for about a minute then said “NO, we’re gonna fuck each other’s brains out” “but first a shower. We made our way the bathroom our shower at home wasn’t huge but it had a small alcove with a shelf/seat in it. Standing up on this little shelf/seat made Nicky the same hight as me. We took a long shower soaping and cleaning all the cum from our bodies but most of all kissing. I loved kissing this little girl I never knew lips like hers could exist. Soft tender while being passionate and somehow firm. Amazing. While in the shower we were making out and I thought we have on demand hot water and if she is a virgin the shower is perfect. I toyed with her perfectly erect nipples and massaged her little pussy from behind she was biting at my neck and shoulders with ecstasy while moaning into my chest she looked at me and said that she wanted my tongue in her pussy again I sat on the step and got her to straddle my face from the front. This time she held open her lips and rubbed her clit while my tongue was darting in and out of her hole tasting all of sweet nectar she came at least three times I’m aware of and eventually I slid her body down mine till her pussy was touching the head of my rock hard cock. Remember now that I’m 16 I’m not a porn star so my cock while being adequate for the job was about 61/2/inches and not real fat. As fate would have it on this occasion perfect for the job at hand. I rubbed the head of my cock over the entrance to her pussy and all along her slit I kept rubbing faster and faster till i thought she might soon cum again. Then lowered her down so the head of my cock. I managed to open the gate to Heaven. “This might hurt a little” I warned “I don’t care I want you inside me I want you to fuck me I want all your cum fill me up please I’m begging you just do it” how could I hold back from an invitation like that. I trust into her hitting her hymen she let out a small scream “fuck me please don’t stop” she cried I withdrew and rammed home again this time all the way in “oh god oh god” she cried and her fingernails dug into my back. then she started grinding up and down on my ridged cock it was incredible so tight so wet and the texture of her passage was the stuff of fantasy. She moaned kissed me I took her tongue in my mouth played and squeezed her nipples while all the time trying not to cum I wanted this to last forever “oh Mark oh Mark I think I love you oh my God this it I’m going to aaaaaaaaahhhhhh yeah aaaahhhhh yes give me your cum before I faint please Mark pleeeaaaasee ” with that I exploded into her shot after shot “oh fuck oh fuck that’s it oh god im not stopping aaaahhhhh” I yelled.
### we cleaned up dried off had some lunch then spend the rest of the afternoon fucking each others brains out. She was very late getting back to her Nams house she told them she got lost. She was grounded for a few weeks, we spoke on the phone a few times and I saw her once more before her family moved. It was at a shopping centre we snuck into a handicap bathroom she said she wanted to taste my cum one more time. She did, twice that day but wasn’t a scratch on that incredible day where I spent hours fucking the brains out of a twelve year old girl who was incredible. Like I said I’m in my sixties now been married had plenty of girlfriend but when I’m alone and feeling a an itch I always go the the wank bank and leave a sizeable deposit for a certain little girl. As for Mark, he was a Lying piece of shit but I can’t help but thank him where ever he is.

I hoped you enjoyed this tail , like I said it’s a little tame coppered to some I’ve read but I promise every word is true. please tell me what you think about both the story and my writing as it’s my first attempt. Cheers

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    Wow you left me so hard and horny. I needed this

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    had to add about 40 paragraph breaks, but good content.

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    GREAT story… very believable. Cannot wait to read more from you.