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(Chapter 5) Jacking Off For My 10yr Old Step Daughter

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Becky is distant but curiously asking questions Helena wants more and I can’t resist .

It’s been almost a month since Becky caught me cuming on her 10yr old daughter pussy.The site of seeing little Helenas pussy completely covered in my hot cum her little forming breast nipples poking out so strong and firm,legs spread wide gave me plenty to jackoff to over the weeks.My thoughts on doing more with Helena had slowed way down until I could figure out if Becky was going to leave me or not.Becky couldn’t tell police due to the fact she let our neighbours 10yr old daughter Nicole eat her out in our shed and I caught her.

Helena is still as horny as ever , Becky still works nights so that gives me and Helena time for what ever we like but Helena has been distant as well.I still snaek and watch Helena threw my found peep hole in the bathroom.Ive discovered Helena is using one her Moms smallest dildos in the tub to satisfy her sexual desires.Its so sexy to watch a 10yr old little girl lay back in warm water,put her saliva all over the head of the about 4inch long very thin fake pens and slowly push it as deep as it will go in her little pussy.

Helena puts her legs up resting them on either side of the tub starting slow at first enjoying every thrust of her dildo into her little cunt.The site of seeing it in real life always gets me to cum so quick there is dried cum all over the attic where I watch this almost daily.

Helena raises her head looks at her little pussy spreading it open with one hand while fucking herself with her other hand and starts forcefully slamming into her little delicious pussy.The water splashing her moans of pleasure,the quiver and jerk of her legs an belly,she slammed the dildo deep flings her head back and shakes uncontrollable. The bath water between her little legs begins to turn milky, she’s cuming so hard and so am I.

It’s been about a month since the awkwardness streamed threw our house.Yes I had still jacked off in front of Helena but it had only been maybe 5 times all month.Helena would just pull her panties to the side and allow me to only see her little cunt and she wouldn’t let me cum on her.I was OK but I wanted more and after watching Helena fuck herself with the small dildo I know she now desired a cock deep inside her.

Becky is gone to work as usual it’s around 8pm and Helena yells says Daddy I’m taking my bath.Soon as I hear that I know Helena is going to fuck herself with her Moms dildo.The desire to watch her in action is more then I can control.Slowly so not to make any noise I slip over by the bathroom door and listen.It seemed like it took hours but finally I hear a small moan, then a splash, and I open the door cock in my hand stroking away walking up to the tub.

I look at Helena as she thrust the dildo in and out of her little cunt just on the edge of cuming and I say , would you like to feel a real cock inside you baby girl.Helena looks at me ,nods yes and then says but I promised Mommy I wouldn’t let you touch me until she says it’s OK.What did that mean,Becky said I could still molest Helena but only when she is gone,what does this mean.Helena what else did Mommy say,Helena had stopped and the dildo was just sitting inside her it looks so erotic and beautiful.Her little forming breast nipples so hard, my cock dripping pre cum into the bath very erotic and wrong a perverts dream.

Mommy said she she will tell me later this weekend but do not let you touch me.So I agreed. I had fully intended on bending Helena over the tub and enter her little cunt doggy and fill her full of cum for the first time but my curiosity had me my wife is up to something.So I ask Helena can I watch you , she said yes.So she started thrusting again and I started jacking over top of her pussy .Watching her cum up close and smelling her sex aroma rise from that cuming little 10yr old pussy had me blowing cum all over Helena her pussy,her little bigger then golf ball breast,her face all had ropes of cum on them.Helena said she missed me cuming on her and I also missed cuming on her.

Becky and I had not fucked since we caught each other molesting the girls.I know Becky had been using her big dildo I can see it’s been moved several times.Its Sunday afternoon and Becky is just waking up she’s off work today and the next 3 days.Becky usually will split her vacation days up which is what shebis doing but we have no plans.To not bore you I do work I have a small roofing business myself and my cousin runs.Im the office side my cousin does 95% of the work.So not to bore you with my job I do contribute and I am the bread winner of our home.

Helena and myself were in the livingroom watching a movie, no Nascar this week it’s a off week so no Bridgett and Katie fun this weekend.Out of the blue in walks Becky completely naked holding her big dildo,around 8 inches and the same girth as my cock, and the small dildo Helena has been using and she laid both in my lap.I was stunned had no clue what was happening.Becky walked to our front door closing it,locking it and pulling the curtains shut to the very large front window.Becky turns and says , OK, it made me horny seeing your cock dripping cum after jacking off on Helena and I was mad at myself for getting so wet seeing you to in that position.Becky said feeling Nicole’s mouth on her pussy gave her the strongest orgasm she has ever had and she can’t get it out of her head.

Becky looked at Helena and said Do you want your Daddy to put his dick in you?Helena in as much shock as I am ,ask Mommy what are you doing?Becky cuts Helena off and says I need to watch you and your Dad fuck ,do you want to be fucked or use this little dildo until your older?I’m staring at Helena as I pull my shorts down hoping she says yes I want Daddy to fuck me cock hard as fuck I can’t believe we are doing this, I might fuck my 10yr old step daughter.In just a few months it went from sneaking jacking in her bedroom her sleeping , to her catching me jacking off , to her watching willingly,to me eating out her little preteen pussy and fingering it,to now I may get to cum in her for real please say yes please say yes.

Becky looks at me and ask, do you want to fuck Helena?My first thought of an answer Fuck Yes I want to fuck this beautiful 10yr old little girl deep in her virgin pussy.But I also didn’t know exactly what my wife was doing was she horny or hurting?So I hesitaed to answer and Beckey after waiting about 20 seconds said , I want to watch you fuck our daughter OK. She went on and said I’ve dropped little hints I want you to touch Helena since we first were together , and you missed them all.I ask what hints baby?Becky said like when her bath is over I send her to you to dry her off hoping you touch her pussy ,or slow jacking you under the covers the nights Helena slept with us,telling you her nipples are getting bigger she growing breast , things a wife don’t tell a little girls Daddy I told you hoping you would molest her.Then when I found out you had been molesting her I was mad you missed my hints and I was so hot and wet , I was jealous of Helena and you.

Becky lookedvat me again and ask, Do you want to fuck our daughter?Before I could answer Helena spoke up and said Daddy I do want you to put it in me.WOW I was pre cuming instantly and harder then I had ever been , my 10yr old daughter just told me she wants my cock in her in front of her Mommy.I need to cum now.

Becky goes and sits by Helena and says sit back baby ,then she looks at me and says ,eat her out get her wet I want you to fuck her.So I do as I’m told I get on my knees , take in the sexual aroma of Helena as I get close to her little cunt and suck her entire pussy into my mouth.Becky spreads her legs and starts rubbing her clit ,I can her Becky is soaking wet so I switch and take Beckes pussy into my mouth sucking all her juices Down with Helenas lingering flavor.For 20 minutes I switch back and forth Mommy to 10 Yr old daughters pussy until finally I’m sucking on Helenas clit and she Convulsing shakes head rares back her little breast shaking from the orgasm rocking her little body, I hear Becky rubbing her clit frantically splashing her cunt juices all over us she’s now quivering belly shaking moaning is sheer pleasure of cuming with her little daughter.

I reach down to jack and shoot my load and Becky says with a shakey voice, put it in her baby, fuck her cum in our daughter.I pull myself up between Helenas legs wiping her pussy with the head of my cock getting her cum as lube.Becky now intently watching pushing the bigger dildo copying what I’m doing with my cock to her 10yr daughters pussy,I put the head at Helenas cunt opening and slowly push just enough I can feel shebis very very small but so sloppy wet.Becky holds the dildo on her cunt waiting,wanting to fuck herself but she resists,watching my cock at her daughter cunt.
I push a little more Helenas belly raises up her legs try to close but can’t because a man is between her 10yr old legs about to give her the 1st fuck of her young life.

I put more forward pressure, half the head of my cock feels her little cunt opening.My cock feels like it has very tight rubber bands around it , it almost hurt.Helena had already broke her hymen fucking herself with her hair brush handle so I knew the only pain this little 10yr will feel is from my cock stretching her cunt to fit.Its all I can do not to cum seeing my cock head half in Helenas pussy , looking at Becky fuck her self I’m the same way I’m entering her daughters cunt and Becky not looking at me shebis focused on Helenas pussy.

I feel Helena is so moist , I push a little harder and the head of my cock just pops inside Helenas little cunt like it reached out and pulled me in, Helena pushed at my hips trying to push me out but I pushed more of my cock in her .Helenas mouth is wide open she raises up sees my cock is in her and going deeper she says it hurts please stop.I won’t stop I have to feel her cervix I need to feel her cum and my cum mix inside her little cunt ,pain or not I push all the way in and stop. I feel her cervix pulsing the moisture from her pussy is all over my balls that lay against her little ass hole.My wife has her dildo buried in her cunt and she says do it baby , fuck her for me I need to see you fuck our daughter please fuck her.

I grab Helenas ankles hold her legs spread wide and pull back out and plunge in again holding allowing her to catch her breath.Then again pulling out bringing her wet pussy juices spilling out onto the couch ,Becky coping every move with he 8 inch dildo.Helenas continues to say how it hurts but in no way could I stop.This was my first time fucking a 10yr old little girl I was going to cum in her I will not stop.Beckys body is shaking ,she’s fucking herself hard and deep saying I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum oh my god aaaahhhhh. Ahahahahhhh I’m cumming fuck her hard baby fuck her.

Hearing my wife’s words I couldn’t resist ,I held Helena spread wide as I could and started in and out fast hard and deep as my 6 inches would go into her little 10yr old pussy.The sounds of my wife’s wet cum filled pussy fucking herself and my daughters pussy taking my cock more and more with every thrust I exploded , One final hard thrust and load after load after load of cum just a continus flow it felt like filled my little girls cunt.My body was shaking out of control I had Helenas legs pushed back against the couch pinning her tiny body puming her full of my cum I yell out oh fuck I’m cuming I’m cuming baby Helena I’m cuming in you.The sounds of how sloppy wet she was now from all that cum pouring out of her little pussy was the most erotic sex I’ve ever had to this day.The night Helena walked in and caught me jacking off was my best orgasm until now ,I’m cuming in a 10yr old virgin little girl and my wife ask me to, the best cum I have ever felt.

I pumped no less then 10 good spurts of cum into Helenas pussy and I collapse on her breathing so hard I can’t catch my breath.My wife is still laying legs spread dildi still in her breathing just as hard as me.Helena did not cum she was in pain and had tears coming down her face.I start to pull out Helena grabs me says no don’t move. Helenas hips begin to move up and down slow ,the wet sloppy sex sounds begin, she’s fucking my now soft cock I have to keep it in her let her cum.I use my hand hold myself inside of Helenas pussy saying that’s is baby fuck Daddy’s cock,does it feel good , cum for Daddy baby.

My cock get about a quarter of the way hard from watching Helenas little pussy mound go up and down fucking her Daddy, she moans more and more I pinch her little hard nipples says that’s it baby fuck Daddy , cum on Daddy’s cock how Daddy cums in your little pussy.Her hips jerk up and down her moans are now loud and breathing is hard and fast she gonna cum and then it happens , I feel her little cervix pulsing so fast the moisture just flows washing more of my cum out with hers , she says aaaahhhh. Iuaaan n. Daddy daddy I’m cccuuimmminngvg her little hips thrust up and hold her belly quivers causing her little 10yr old breast to jiggle ,she’s cuming harder then she ever has.

My wife is again fucking herself madly yelling cum with me Sissy Mimmy is gonna cum oh my god Mommy is cumming baby momma is ccuuummmmiIInnhg,they both he’d me hard as a rock and filling little Helena with 3 more pumps of my hot man cum into my 10yr old daughters pussy.

That night was the best most erotic night of sex I had ever had , every fantasy I had about molesting my daughter came true , we fucked several time , Helena watched me fuck her Mommy, just to much to describe. Around 4am was the last time I remember seeing the clock we all fail asleep in mine and my wife’s bed that was soaked in all 3 of our cum.

Helena had not yet had her period so we were not worried about me cuming in her which I did a lot that night.My wife admitted to me that night she had secretly fantasized for a couple years about me molesting Helena, so both our fantasy came true.We now slept in the same room always and we always had sex together after this wonderful nite of molesting our daughter together.

All true it really happened. Helena was barley 10……..Make sure to read my comments below about the following months with my 10yr old daughter ,her Mommy,and me fucking.

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  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    you are 1 very lucky man. i cant even get a 8yo to let me touch her leg so brainwashed with stranger danger crap that they fill the little girls with these days as i have stated in previous comments in your stories and it is so frustrating

  • Reply The Penetrator ID:30hrg0lifia

    Fuck it would be so much fun to bury my cock in a 10 year old, and after I’ve blown deep in her cunt I’d lick her cunt clean then sit back and watch her suck my cock until I blow in her mouth.

  • Reply Bob ID:1dt2wzqeekjx

    Every time you do anything with Helena, it’s hot as hell. Now, envisioning you fucking her is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Did you ever knock her up??
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Bob I never did get her pregnant and years after being away from Helena and Becky I had my sperm tested.The girl I was with wanted to be pregnant we tried for a year no luck k.It turns out I’m steril which is bad I can’t have kids bit after knowing I’m shoting blanks it gave me freedom to cum in any pussy I wanted.

  • Reply UserFromArea52 ID:2wcg8yx6id

    They weren’t 10, they were closer to 13 or 14 and somehow, I have no idea how to this day, my step-daughter’s friend talked me into jerking off and letting them watch me do it one time. Looking back, I don’t have any idea how that’s possible but that’s what happened. I was scared as shit that they were going to tattle but they never did, which was a miracle.

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      That’s hot jacking off in front of teen and preteen girls feels so good,I still do it now and then when chance occurs.About a week ago I was at a party and a girl was walking past I followed her when she turned and seen me i was already stroking.She stood about 15 ft away mouth dropped open and just stared , it inly took about 30seconds of stroking and I started cuming .She covered her mouth watched till I stopped cuming and ran off.She looked maybe 11 or 12 yrs old it was so fun.

    • Hornyfox ID:1ewl5v0dqxz7


  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Awesome really good, one more chapter, bring the neighbor girl and make it a foursome

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      The next chaper Katie and Bridgett come over for they weekend and I fuck Helena in front of them it was so hot and the best orgasm yo date.Helena still has yet to get her period so I can still cum in her.The girls trie ages are Helena is 8, Bridgett is 5, Katie is 7 but I can’t say that in the stories or they won’t publish Make sure you read about me molesting my best friends daughters at his house it sets up how I was able to get Bridgett and Katie to let me molestvthem.Chapter 6 will be out next week.

      Enjoy and 69themyoung11