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The little girl nextdoor

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I fell in love with a 11 year old girl, I know it’s wrong, but I love her very much.

It stared when I moved in an apartment the most Getto places, but it was cheaper, after a few months had passed I got new neighbors that moved next door to me, and that’s when I saw her, I saw this beautiful little girl she had to be like 11 years old. She had beautiful brown long hair very slim like a real woman, had a very cute ass that I dream about putting my face in, I started to think to myself am I becoming a pedophile because I fell in love with this little girl, I couldn’t get her off my mind, the more I think about her the more I want to fuck her. After a month had passed her mom started to bring a lot of guys over to the apartment and yes she’s a hooker, I started seeing this little girl playing outside of the apartment all by herself, and I could hear her mom getting plowed by a lot of guys that she brought over, I asked her what are you doing all by yourself sweetie, and she is a very playful girl, her name is Jessica, she told me mommy always tells me to go play outside while she brings her friends over. I was very shocked to hear that her mom doesn’t care about her daughter but I got excited at the same time because,I told her would you like to come inside to my house, she said yes, I was so excited and horny that I was able to have a little girl in my home, I brought her inside let her play with my Nintendo switch while she sat on my lap on my boner that almost jizz in my pants. she said is that my wee wee poking her butt, l yes it’s normal when a boy or a man likes a girl. She got scared and ask me can I see it, I slowly took off my pants showed her my hard cock, She said so really do like, I said yes you wanna be my girlfriend. She nodded yes, she asked me if she can touch it, I said yes go ahead it won’t hurt me, her soft hands touch my raging rock hard dick that I was about to explode good the more she keeps on stroking it the more i want to cum, I asked her can you take off all your clothes, she slowly did, I told her to take your time sweetheart it’s okay, when she got completely nude she had the most beautiful body I ever seen her ass is so nice and plumpy, I asked you do you want anything to eat and watch a movie with me she gave me a big smile that she wants to see Frozen, I said okay, we sat next to each other on my couch completely naked that she started to sing the annoying song but it was very cute at the same time. I had her sat down on my lap again having my raging cock between her thighs and starts slowly humping her l thighs, she didn’t mind but she let out a soft moan of pleasure saying that she feels weird and feels good at the same time. I told her it’s okay that means you love it your body’s telling you that you like it as I kept on humping her legs between my cock I shoot my large load on her legs, few more minutes I got hard again I picked her up lay her down on the bed and told her that I love you very much that I will do anything for you, she said really and yes I am serious I really do love her, as I was about to take her virginity I slowly give her a passionate kiss and tell her it’s going to be okay, as I slowly forced my cock inside her tight preteen pussy, I slowly started fucking her, after a few minutes of fucking she started moaning in pleasure, I came all over her belly her legs and some of her face like I was holding it for years, after our fun time making love I send her home, and I asked her what place do you want to go on our date, she said I want to go to to the movie theaters with you, and I knew I was going to get lucky again I set up a day for our next date. Her mom never cared about her daughter her mom always ask me can you take care of my daughter while she was busy, I always say yes she doesn’t pay me but I do it for free because because her daughter is the love of my life, Jessica’s favorite places is the park we secretly make love there, and go camping because I’m an outdoor person we fucked inside the tent or outside, and inside the car. I love her very much she spends the night with me all night, and we all walk naked inside my apartment and sleep naked and shower together, she’s my little princess and I always show respect for her.

Remember guys show love for your little girlfriends show them respect love them respect them treat as a princess so they can respect you.

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    I have always loved this story and I am wondering as to why I never posted. I to have fell in love many times as you might know through my stories. I simply love the passion, love and respect I get from them as I do for them. I have had many fall in love with me and I hope a few more in my time. Every young female deserves to be loved and taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay. Even at my present age I still have a ton of love to give and it shows as the girls love the attention I give them including them in everything I do. It makes them feel like they are wanted so the return feelings are ten fold. No woman I have ever been with shows me that kind of respect and pure love.
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    I was that girl when turned 13 I started babysitting for some of my parents friends, and then 1 day babysitting they came home and he gave me lift home as normal but this time he went different way and he asked if I drink or smoke !?? And so I said yes drink with mates and yes I smoke so he opened glove box and gave me bottle of vodka and we both drank it then he stopped shop brought me box of cigarettes and then I light cigarette up in car took a drag and he was starring at me and then put his hand on my leg and then up skirt between legs and was playing with my pussy and at first I said stop what ya doing and then he pulled out bag of white powder and then made up lines kn cd case and he sniffed up a couple and said to me to snort the rest up so trying to be cool I sniffed the 5 left and then

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     In 1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7.  Parents and society should approve. Everything from nude children depicted in art (including photography, there so many wonderful artists out there) to child pornography (which should be legal), relationships on whatever levels all the way to falling in love, marrying and producing children whenever the little girls are capable of having successful pregnancies. Many little girls would love to be wives and mothers and society should support that. I know girls as young as 8 can develop beautiful tiny breasts. If they want to, they can share their sweet milk with adults too. All sexualities should be practiced and honored and all children should grow-up knowing that their bodies are beautiful and that sexual love is a wonderful and amazing thing, so that they can grow into healthy individuals that will pass-on healthy sexual attitudes to their children. Children are so curious and should be lovingly taught. Nudity should be encouraged, even in public at beaches and camps, etc. and public love-making should be practiced as there are places where that is done. Incest should be practiced as parents and other relatives can be wonderful teachers and mentors to their children and their kids should take part in love-making sessions. I love adult women, but my strongest preferences go to little preteen girls. I dream and daydream about having a preteen wife and having children with her. There are societies that allow for sex and love between adults and children. People should be welcoming it.

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      @Castiel Novak not true. I know most people will think of it like that. But I really genuinely love her. Yes there’s a significant age gap. But since we’ve been together, I’ve never cheated. Bit once. Even when we initially started dating, she was too young for sex. For a year and a half we didn’t have sex. And even then I didn’t cheat or have flings or One night stands. She is my everything.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    I’m a little surprised that you didn’t use her absentee father, and abandonment issues to groom her. That seemed like the obvious route, considering the situation. Her mother being a prostitute should make her already capable of seeing a father figure sexually, if she hasn’t already been hit on/molested/raped by one of her mother’s customers.

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    Sorry for the bad grammar I know it’s bad tried to enjoy it

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