Roll in the hay

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Working on the farm has it perks, farmers daughter.

I was 16 working out on a farm. It had been a cool late spring morning and I was in the barn moving bags of oats into the barn for the horses. And like any old wood barns the hay was stored up in the still useful hayloft.

It was shortly before noon when the farmer’s daughter came walking in. She was 13 and blooming. Still shorter than most girls her age. She was starting to fill out her breasts. They had to be full A cups, almost B cups by now. With her petite body they looked huge on her.

Like always she came in humming to herself as she checked the cat and horse water. She loved to brush the horses when they were in the barn. None today they were all out in the pasture.

She glanced over at me, stuck her tongue out and climbed the ladder up to the hayloft. She loved to tease me. So of course I had to chase her up there. She loved to play hide and seek up there with me. And since the animals can all graze now. There wasn’t much in the way of hay bales up there this time of year.

She had a problem of giggling too much in this game. But, I don’t think she cared. She wanted me to find her. And I did in a short time.

“You caught me. And my sundress fell off.” She said playfully standing there naked with her dress around her ankles.

“Now you get to do with me as you pl—– aaaah!” She squealed as I grabbed her ponny tail. I pulled her head down to my junk. She frantically started to unbutton my pants and pull my rock hard manhood out. She smiled and looked up at me with lustful eyes.

I didn’t have to tell her what to do. She slurped it into her mouth. The whole last year or so of training her what I love has paid off. She had me filling her little mouth in no time. She knew to milk me when I came. Then wait a minute before the licking began again. It was once again hard.

Once she got me hard again I pulled her up and threw her over a bale of hay. Her little round ass was sticking up. She shook it back and forth. Her legs spread wide. I reached down and grabbed her wet lips and slid my thumb in her hole. She giggled in anticipation.

With my middle figure I found her love button and began to rub. It didn’t take long for her to grab that bale for dear life as her body shook with pleasure. Just as she got done cuming for me I buried my shaft deep in her tummy. She let out a loud moan.

Once again this 13 year old little farm girl came again. Her body convulsed as she grabbed the bale. She went limp, breathing hard.

I walked around to the other side to face her. As she lay there, I walked up to her and put my junk in her face. She knew what to do. Exhausted she reached up and took my nuts in her little hands and proceeded to lick my shaft clean.

Once I was cleaned. She got up and held her dress over her arm. We climbed back down the ladder and walked out of the barn. I was still in shorts and tshirt. This little nypho only had on her purple cowgirl boots she kept on the whole time. And we headed for the house.

Just them her mom walked out side.

“Girl! Why do you even wear a dress if you’re just going to take it off?!”

“Because it drives him nuts!” Pointing at me.

I smirked and nodded.

“Lunch is ready. Corn dogs”

“Yes mom” we both answered.

“YES! Corn dogs. I bet I can put the whole thing into my mouth.” She stated looking at me.

“Little girl, can you not think of your brother’s penis for one minute?” Mom asked. Sis just shook her head.

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