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Thirty Minutes

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How thirty minutes and a fall changed my whole life

I met my fiancee Paddy, actually Padma, when I enrolled in Notre Dame. Some friends and I were walking the campus and I was awestruck. This beautiful Indian girl was standing there on the lawn. 5’7 lovely complexion, nice chest and curves. I had to talk to her. I approached her and made small talk. I asked if she wanted to get a coffee with me. She declined my offer.

I kept seeing her everyday on campus and would offer free coffee but kept getting rejected. The next time I saw her I thought “it is Do or Die.” If I get rejected again I am done. She was in between classes. I again offered coffee and she declined. “You never quit do you?” She said. I said, “Look give me a chance okay?” I asked her how long she had between classes. She said 45 minutes. “Ok one cup of coffee or thirty minutes and if you’re still not interested in me. I won’t ever bother you again.” She finally agreed to go.

The whole plan backfired. She was being very cold and standoff-ish to me at the coffee shop until it was done. Discouraged I said, “All right you win. I won’t bother you again.” I got up and tripped and planted my face right into the floor. Now she laughed. “Oh my! Are you okay?”, she said. Starting to feel concerned. I said, “I was fine.”

Helping me up she finally started to open up to me. “Look I am sorry. I don’t mean to seem so cold. It is just a big campus and I got to be protectful of myself. You seem like a nice determined guy. I asked some people about you and they said you were nice. I am just alone for once in a big place and it can be scary.

She laughed. The whole “give me 30 minutes” thing was kind of original though.” She laughed again “Did you really think I was going to let you win?” She asked. “You are still here aren’t you?”, I said. She gave me a sarcastic smile sticking her tongue out at me. “Tell me Superman. Do you think you got the girl with this “30 minutes” idea?”, she asked. Nicknaming me “Superman” because of the shirt I was wearing. “I..I..don’t know.” I said nervously. “hmmm”, she said. She smiled. She was toying with me. She always loved to.

“You are kind of cute. A little advice: Please do my gender a favor and don’t try the “telling jokes thing” again to win another girl please. It needs work.”, she said. Now I Iaughed. “I did not know what else to do.”, I said.

“Why are you soooo determined to go out on a date with me?”, she asked. “Because you are the most beautiful girl I ever saw.”, I said. Her mouth dropped open and she put her head down trying to hide her expression.” She raised her head.

“Ok. Ok. You got your chance. Meet me here tommorrow after class, 7pm, and we will go out on a date. But if you don’t win me over. It is over.”, she said. Trying to play my game now. Laughing I said, “Who do you think you are fooling?”, I said, “Please! If I haven’t won you over you would never arrange such a thing with me.” “Ew look at you! Someone is learning something in college! Maybe Superman will win the girl after all?” She said laughing. She put her hand on my face. “Tommorrow ok?” She said. I nodded. I watched as that beautiful ass walked away. I walked across campus with my head in the clouds. Something finally worked. Even it involved hurting myself.

“Tommorrow” came and we had a great time together. That wall she built was coming down. It was a few dates in that we finally kissed. She was determined to NOT make this easy for me and I loved that about her.

Summer break came and we went to a beach on Lake Michigan in Michigan. She was super hot in her swimming outfit. He beautiful breasts with the erect nipples pushing through her top. Her gorgeous skinny body with her soft olive oil complexion. “Get your mind out of the gutter!” She said. “How do you even know what I am thinking about?” I said sarcastically. “You are practically drooling over my body!”, she said. “Have you looked in the mirror lately? You are gorgeous!” Again she tried to hide her expression. She loved when I complemented her.

I laid next to her. I thought I would go for broke and kiss her. I kissed her cheek. I chickened out. She busted out laughing. Getting up on her side and looking me in the face. “What the heck was that?” “A kiss?”, I said. “A KISS? Have you ever even kissed a girl before?” She asked. I said, “YES! I WAS NERVOUS OK?”. “Who did you kiss? Your mother?”, she said mockingly.

She shoved me down into the sand and really laid into me. Our mouths met as her tongue tried crossing the threshold of my lips. She was a great kisser. We kissed for about 5-10 minutes. Our tongues doing a lovely dance as they came together. Then we remembered we were on a public beach. Oops.

“That is how we kiss. Superman!…..OH MY!” , she gasped. I looked at what she was staring at, not realizing I had a huge bulge in my shorts. “OH SHIT”, I said. I rolled on my side. She busted out laughing. She mocked me, “Seems the Superman got excited.” I laughed and we held each other on the sand. My erect cock poking her body felt soooo good.

Our summer make out sessions continued. I tried for more but she kept stopping me. She was acting strange, distant at times. We went to a beach in Indiana on Lake Michigan not far from her parents place. It was late at night and it was only us and the moonlight watching the waves come in and admiring the Chicago Skyline across the lake.

“Come on Paddy! What is going on here? Are you having second thoughts about us?” I asked. She told me no. She asked if I would like her more if she was more like American girls. “What?” I said. “You know put out more and everything.” She was feeling a little insecure.

“Oh is that what you think? How can someone so smart be so dumb? I am crazy about you! I think your beautiful. I tried hard just to get a date with you after you rejected me over and over. I luh…you.”, I said. I could not get the word out. I was nervous about telling her how I felt.

She gasped loudly. Excitedly she said, “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” I replied, “I said I was crazy about you and I think you are beautiful.

“MICHEAL!”, she said, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”. Whenever I am “Micheal” I am in trouble. I toyed with her as much as possible. She got on top of me. Emboldened now and not so insecure. She grabbed my nipples and twisted them. I felt an instant erection. “YOU ARE PRELAW! THIS IS COERSION AND DURESS!”, I exclaimed. “It is going to be murder if you do not tell me what you just said” she exclaimed.

I looked at her beautiful face and I kissed her. I kissed her passionately and then let go my feelings. “I love you Paddy! I knew I had feelings for you after our second date. I knew you were someone I want to build my life around!”

She was in tears all her emotions stirring up inside. “I love you too! I was afraid you did not feel the same way. I liked you even before the time you asked me for “thirty minutes”. I rejected your attempts but you kept trying over and over. I thought it was so cute. I think about you all the time! I love you and want to spend my life with you too!”

We kissed. We kissed and suddenly all the barriers from before were lifted. I cupped her breast. I started rubbing her hard nipples as we heard the wave sounds crash on the beach. “I got to tell you something.” She said kind of embarassed, “Before we go any further……I….. I am a virgin.” I smiled. Figuring she was. “AND?” I said. “I thought you should know!” she said. “I wanted to save myself for someone special who loved me and whom I loved.

Wow! I felt awesome after she said that. “Ok Paddy. Don’t be nervous. We will take it slow.” I pulled my already hard cock out and just let her touch it in the moonlight. “Lick the tip Paddy!”, I said. “Don’t be nervous.” She did. For a virgin who never went this far she gave some good first time head.

Her tongue was magic as she circled the tip of my dick. I told her go down on it and come back up and do the same. She did. I seized up as I felt the orgasm coming on. I threw my head back as I held her head on it and I blew my load in her mouth.

She spit it onto the beach. “Did I do ok?” She asked nervously. “Did I come in your mouth?”, I asked sarcastically. She slapped my chest with both hands. “I just want to be good for you.”, she said. “Paddy please stop being so nervous. Whatever happens tonight happens ok. It is not a relationship test. Ok. Relax.”

I pulled off her bikini bottom. There before me was the thing I wanted to see since we got together. Her gorgeous pussy even in the moonlight looked extraordinary. I spread her lips apart and began carressing her virgin clit with my tongue.

The sounds of waves and sexual moans filled the beach. I started sucking her clit. Sliding my finger down from her clit to her hole and then entering and repeating. She loved it.

She shook. She shook as she let out a wild animalistic “errr ahhh” for probably the whole town to hear. Lmao. Her legs locked around my head as she came. I kept going. She came again. Having a couple orgasms at once. She opened her legs and pulled me by the hair up to her face. Whatever animal I unleashed was now running wild in her.

She kissed me more passionately than she ever had. I grabbed my man hood and got her prepared. “Just relax ok.” I saw her facial grimmace as the head slid in. Then I slid the rest in her. “Ow ow”, she said. I did her gently as possible until she finally got used to it.

She undid her top for me and her lucious breasts were before me. I sucked her nipples as she moaned senuously. I told her to rub her clitoris while I did her. She did.

She started shaking again. Her legs locked around my waist and she arched her back up as she came. She laughed, “come her you! Come here! I bent forward. “I love you Micheal!” She exclaimed. We made out as my cock was sliding between her wet walls.

The tongue dance is finally what did it for me. I arched back up as I came. “Uh ah ah….shit!”, I exclaimed as my warm juices entered her hole. “Fuck Paddy that was great!”, I said totally out of breath.

We recovered on the beach and I asked her jokingly, “Are you happy now you gave me the thirty minutes?” “Uh if I remember correctly Superman struck out on those thirty minutes! I am just happy you fell and that I started feeling bad about rejecting you. I thought about asking you to the coffee shop once you finally gave up but you never did.” She flicked my nose teasingly. We both laughed squeezing each other.

After getting dressed we were looking at the Chicago Skyline again and watching the waves roll in. Talking of the wonderful things to come.

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  • Reply Mike123 ID:4o717tkqm

    This was actually going to be Something About Mary 2. But I didn’t want to make it sad with a breakup and everything

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

    Very good story and well written with little mistake here and there. It is refreshing hearing about people getting together in these hard times of complete corruption and false Plamdemics. I would like to hear more and actually hope the one i am met and am talking with follows this example. I want her so badly.

    • Mike123 ID:4o717tkqm

      Thanks Gonzo. Even proof read the damn thing and did not catch the errors then but I noticed them now. Lol. I hope you do get the girl like I did. If you really thinks she likes you persistence pays.