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Saving Grace Part 9

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Part 9
Nothing had happened on that Saturday, I was struck down with Pneumonia. I couldn’t raise a smile let alone anything else.

I was housebound for a month after my stay in hospital, apart from the times throughout covid, I was never in! I got bored real quick, there’s only so much console you can play.

A phone call from Jess stirred me from my slumber on the sofa, she was trying to talk to me about something, then Grace shouted down the phone,

“I’m going to come see you, make sure you’re ready”.

I wasn’t ready! I excitedly grabbed a shower, put some fresh clothes on, and made myself look somewhat decent.


I opened the door to a bear hug from Grace, Jess was in the car still, I made my way down to see her.

“you sure about this? I’ll drop her back home if you don’t feel up to it, she wanted to really see you, I think she’s missed you more than me”.

“ I’m fine, I need to be normal again, plus it saves us both being alone and bored”.


I walked back into the house, and literally got pounced on, she was all over me like a rash, she was pulling me into the lounge and telling me how much she missed me. I wanted her to kiss me as much as she was but still was caught off guard.

I was caressing her body all over, the ache after not seeing her for so long was real, we didn’t even shut the curtains and she started to strip me. it can only be described as being mauled like a lioness.
I finally gained some semblance of balance and regained my composure.

“we should take this to the bedroom, so we cant be seen”

My time away from Grace made me really think of how not to get caught and what the next potential phase of our relationship.

We made it to the bedroom, both of us half naked from passionate kissing all the way up the stairs.
She looked absolutely beautiful in the low evening light, she was dressed in a pastel pink underwear set, I didn’t buy this 1 but I didn’t care, she looked amazing in it.

“you look amazing in that” I commented.

“yeah I bought it off she-in, I hoped you’d like it”

I shut the curtains and grabbed the supplies from the hidden compartment in the wardrobe. I hid it so that Jess didn’t find it, hadn’t wanted to do anal with her, Grace was my anal princess.

“No you don’t need that, see,”

I turned round to see her prone on the bed, panties pulled to the side and exposing her gorgeous holes, I was struck back slightly before just chuckling and chucked the supplies on the floor.
I began kissing up her legs all the way to the nape of her neck and back down the other side of her body.. the small bit of stubble I had was tickling,

I began my advances on her, I pulled the panties off her and slid my fingers inside her, the kisses and the attention had made her wet. I began thrusting 2 fingers inside her with greater ferocity and depth that I ever had before.

“ oh yeah, deeper, harder” Grace screamed.

I loved it when she was vocal, amongst other things of course.

In that moment I thought of Mia, her olive-skinned body backing up on my cock, her tight little butt looking ripe enough to take a dick, how I yearned for her, and that Saturday encounter we had.
“whats the matter? You’ve stopped” broke my daydream.

I shook my head clear, and carried on my relentless fingering of my teenage girlfriend, her moans were piercing the silence of the house.

“you have to be quieter, I have nosey neighbours, and if they see a teenage girl coming out of my house, they’ll call the cops”

I didn’t give her much chance to answer, I became animalistic, I grabbed her panties, scrunched them into a ball and placed them right in her mouth as a makeshift gag,

“ mmmmhmm oomph yyea”

Her stifled moan told me that she loved it, I loved it too!
I walked round to the front of Grace and pulled her panties out, before sliding my hard cock straight in her mouth.

She didn’t hesitate to begin bobbing up and down, each time pushing her mouth down further, she sucked dick so much better than her mom!
It had been a while since this was happening, so I was so close to climaxing, so I pulled away, a line of saliva hanging from both my cock and Grace’s mouth.

“Awh come back with my cock daddy”.

I couldn’t turn her down when she spoke like that, she knew I liked it when she spoke a certain way of filthy.
I slapped my cock all over grace’s outstretched tongue, before thrusting it back in her open mouth, going deeper with every thrust.

It was so wet and nasty, but I like that sort of stuff, her saliva literally enveloped my raging erection, it made sliding more inside her throat even easier!
I reached over her body and found her tight little asshole, rubbed them on my tongue and placed 2 fingers straight inside her.

“Oomph…. Fwarph” She moaned.

I started to move my fingers in and out with an increasing speed, all the while Grace was trying to match my speed with my… or her cock in her mouth.
I moved my other hand round to her wet pussy and slid my finger inside her, I had achieved something, my teenage girlfriend was airtight! We both loved it.

We were both writhing and moaning almost in sync with each other, I didn’t want to fuck her this time, I just wanted her… not wanted, needed… that would seem appropriate.
My phone started ringing, shit!! it was Jess! A bolt of panic ran through my body, do I answer it? Or leave it to ring?
I removed all my fingers from Grace’s holes, used the towel and grabbed my phone.

“Shhhh it’s your mum”.

“Hey Darling, you alright? Finished already?” I asked.

That’s all I could muster.

Grace was sucking my cock again, whilst I’m on the phone to her mom,

“Yeah, she’s…. umph. fine”.

“No just a bit of pain that’s all… so I’m upstairs putting some cream on it.”

“Yeah, yeah that’s it. oh no… just like when you get the pain area right and it’s… umph… going, yeah…”.

I wasn’t even pulling away, or stopping her, truth to be told, I didn’t want to, and I thought it was such a turn on.

“Yeah ok, see you umph… around 9, bye darling”.

I looked down at Grace, she met my gaze, and just smiled, and a small chuckle.

“You were so naughty, we could have been caught”

She never replied, she just looked back at me and shrugged her shoulders whilst carrying on.


I pulled away from her and told her to get on her knees. She knew what was coming, and she assumed the position with eagerness.
Within seconds. I climaxed shooting my (what felt like endless) streams of cum all over her teenage face.

She waited for me to finish and began using her finger to place it all her mouth, she was really the best.
She cleaned herself up after eating every drop that she could collect from her face. She was in the bathroom when her phone went off…. It was Mia

I never saw the message, I instantly checked the contacts and found her name, and speedily wrote her number down before I was caught. I’d make use of that later.

“Baby your phone’s been going off, and Mia’s text”

We settled down in the lounge and watched some stranger things, we both fell asleep from our activities, I was awoken by the doorbell.
It was Jess, I tentatively woke Grace,

“Grace darling”


“Your MOMS here”

Her eyes bolted open, and instantly started searching for her.
We all said our goodbyes after dinner, as we all had work and school the following day…
I sat there alone, heart racing still a little from potentially being caught, well… at least she was fully dressed when her mom turned up.

I grabbed my phone, went to my recent calls, and message the number not saved in my contacts list.

“Hey Mia, It’s Grace’s dad” and pushed send

A reply came back rather quickly…

“Ohhh hey! i’m feeling sick again, can I have a drink 😊 xx”

Part 10 coming soon
Apologies for the delay in writing, had a few issues to deal with.
KS36 x

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