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Cassie and Logan

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About 5 years ago. I moved in to an apartment. It’s a little. Mother-in-law suite. It’s built over a garage that’s attached to a house. Cassie and her dumb ass boyfriend rent the house. Cassie has a 10 year old son. Logan. Who lives with them. It didn’t take long for us to become very good neighbors. Well,except David.
Her dumb ass boyfriend. We get along ok. But we didn’t talk much. He’s just a goofy fucker. Anyway. He didn’t seem to mind that Cassie and I had a good friendship going. Cassie was 32 years old when her and I started to become friends. Just about every day. She’d come up to my apartment and chit chat with me. Cassie wasn’t the greatest looking girl. But she had a great body. She had long red hair, nice little tits and a little ass. Oh! I forgot to mention. I was 61yo when this all started.
So, anyway. Know and then her son Logan would come up to my apartment with her. He was a cute little kid. Red hair just like his mother. He may have been about 4 feet tall. He was a skinny little boy with pale skin. Again, just like his mother. After about 6 months into our friendship. I noticed that Cassie and Logan seemed to have a very special bond. What I noticed first was. They were very lovey-dovey. They would whisper in each other’s ears and laugh and giggle. And they kissed each other a lot. But not like a mother and son would normally do. I must confess,it did turn me on a bit. One time thay were getting ready to leave and Cassie gave Logan a kiss and he started to reach for her pussy. She grabbed his hand and said. Not now. Logan went down stairs and I finally asked Cassie.

What’s up with you and Logan. Know Cassie and I had talked about a lot of things. Even our sex life. That’s how close we get. She was a little reluctant but she told me she had been molested by her uncle when she was younger.

She told me she was only 10 years old when it started. Then she began to tell me he never fucked her. He would just lick her little girl pussy and masturbate until he would cum. She told me at first. She was scared and embarrassed. But over time she began to like it.

This went on until she was 13 years old. And he moved away for some reason.

Ashamed and embarrassed. She told me she had been molesting her own son. And,Pleeeease don’t tell anyone. I’ll do anything you want. Please just don’t tell anyone. By now I’m about ready to cum in my shorts.

And I told her your secret is safe with me.

Fast forward.
Things have changed a lot lately. I’m now fucking Cassie and sucking Logan little boy cock.


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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    If there is one thing that turns me on , it is red hair . I hope Cassie still has her pubic hair . Need more of this story .

  • Reply D ID:21yy2sck09

    More please. And more details too.

    • CJW ID:1ebmkhxyhz9y

      You got it.