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My sisters BF moves in my 6th grade summer

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I was always worried about being cool as possible. All I ended up doing was stupid shit at school and getting in trouble though. My mom and sister were always throwing “party’s” we lived in rental house at the time. I had a couple of times when guys would say things to me like look at his tight butt and i’d say that’s gay af. But I knew I did look cute like that. Being a 11 year old tiny blonde boy shortest in my class and hairless down there.

My friend Jesse was a few years older than me. We did some normal boy stuff together but he was too cool to hang with me. Well his older brother Wes started coming over for my sister. He’d fuck the shit out of her and I would sneak in the basement as close as i could get.
I thought he was so cool he had bought his ps3- gta5 over, wore camao pants drove a lifted suv smelled good. He would wrestle me into a ball and throw me onto the bed and tickle every inch of me and i loved it.
I think he was 20 at the time and he started staying with us. My sister had a night job tuesdays through thursday. I stayed up late with Wes and he would hugg me in the bed it felt so wrong i got hard and I held his arm once. He pushed his cock up against my butt then.
A few nights later we got into the same position and he pulled his phone out in front of my face of a girl getting anal and stroked my hair and butt. He put the phone in my hand and started going under my shorts. Slid my little shorts down and my 3inch pecker got a BJ from him while he felt me all over.
He started telling me I had do more for him too but I didn’t like the time I gave him a BJ. So we talked about anal on me it was so messed up I agreed bc I thought theres no way he will fit in me im pretty skinny and short. So we tried side by side but ya he couldn’t fit in me. But it made me so horrny thinking about it 24/7. I constantly looked at my soft tiny little boy butt in the mirror.
My sister and mom were going for the night. So i went downstairs for Wes with nothing but a shirt on not covering my cold naked little butt. He pounce on me and we kissed for the first time as he held my tiny butt. Wes said all this stuff about “this hot little boy wanting his big dick. He wanted me doggie style. We tried for a while but nothing went in, we changed positions. He layed down I got on top of him and slowly sat on his dick.
A little bit of his dick head went in and i jumped off and tried again. Got the head all in and held it there for a min. I was moving a bit when my legs slipped off his thighs and i was stuck with 4 inches of a 9 inch cock in me. I let out a uhh sound and couldn’t get off him without bending his dick so I stayed longer than I wanted. I was shaking on the floor. We did this again a few times while I jacked off.
Next time he got me into a different position where we sat down he held my legs up against my chest, my back on his chest, and lower my butt down to his cock. Well we were at the end of the bed where theres a mirror he moved so we could see us with lights on. Feeling his arms squeeze my little body and seeing how big his dick is made me go crazy. Let’s go! this is fucking crazy I thought i cant believe i am I doing this.
We helped each other guide his dick head in my little ass hole he squeezed me I put my arms above his and i squeeze back with my butt hole. We smirked at the mirror wich was a special moment I’ll never forget. And he started entering me, by just curling up his body up and lowered me.
It started to hurt bad and i tried to break his grip. Oh crap i thought let me go but it came out like Let’s go. I kidd you not.
He went in deeper and I made another girl being fucked sound I didn’t want to make. Which just made him go in more and knocked the wind out of me. I was weakly struggling on his cock. He wiggled me till my cheeks bottomed out past the last inch which hurt in my stomach. I lossed my boner, went into a sweat. My head went back and he started kissing my face as he pumped me like that for a few minute I felt like a helpless little rag doll girl making eh sounds.
I started to regain myself and finally could speak enough to tell him to stop and I need to get off. And his dick popped out of me. I was done for the night and shook in my bed all night and the next morning.
Next week I could feel Wes and me ready for sex again. So I had stole pink panties and jumped on the bed wearing only them butt up. He came down and got over me pressing his dick on my hole which made me cringe up when he forced it in. I was going to try and like and enjoyed it this time. I still felt rapped and could barley take it bitting my lip and squirming but it did start to feel good when he really got going really fast. I let out boy little moans on purpose now. He would keep his dick in me for hours many many nights molesting me like I was some little angel boy bc I was.

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