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A little girl seduced me III

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At this point I was beyond shocked.. The cute little girl(10y) was on my lap facing me with a clear desire and frustration on her face.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” She asked me after i blurted out my confusion just earlier.

I kept quiet still not knowing what to do with the situation.

“come on! A young girl went into a rumored pedo’s house, doing slutty things and pretending she’s innocent. Don’t you think she deserves some good cock pounding?” She said in a soft almost whispering voice as she slowly started grinding my hard cock.

I gulped.

“Don’t you want it? Don’t you want to see me taking your pedo cock and moaning like a complete slut?” She murmurs as she puts a hand in my round belly and trace it up.

“Dont you want to choke me and fuck me like a cheap piece of meat and fill me up with your thick cum?”

At this point my cock was as hard as it could get, to the point that i could feel it starting to hurt.

When suddenly she got off my lap without any hesitation. “You know what? Fuck this… I didn’t knows you’re a fucking pussy.. I’ll leave now..dont look for me”

I was once again confused and frozen…but I’m also frustrated and pissed off..’this bitch..she did all that and suddenly left? Calls me a pussy?’

Maybe because i was horny and angry at the same time i finally made up my mind….i don’t care anymore.


Alex was about to reach for the front door’s door knob when she suddenly felt something painful in her head.

*Argh!! She exclaimed and realized someone just grabbed her by the hair.

“Wha-?” Before she could even finish her sentence she was cut off by a hand wrapping around her neck.

“You think you can just leave after all that? You slut?” Henry said as he carried her by her neck making alex struggle in protest and pain.

Walking with heavy and wide step he reached the living room and pretty much threw her on the old couch. Finally freeing her airway as she cough and gasp for air.

“You wanna get raped? I’ll give it to you.” Henry smiled darkly as he pulled his pants down. Completely exposing his pulsating cock, leaking with precum as it twitch from the sight of her.

Alex eyes went wide she tried quickly getting up from the couch but Henry quickly stopped her.
“N-no!” She yelled. Only to get firmly slapped and pinned.

“Shut up, you brought this on your self” he said as he reached down and grab her onesies skirt and pulled them up. Exposing her white panties.

But he noticed something.. a wet stain. Humming he brought it up to his nose and took a deep whiff. Her smell was addicting it was a little sweaty, but it’s sweet and pleasant.

“You’re enjoying it huh? You slut” he knew it she’s just acting hard to get again. This bitch.

And with a faint smile he slapped her again making her squeal in pain.

“Please…” She whispered.

“Please, what?”

“Please don’t hurt me” she begged with tears in her eyes.

“Wrong.” And with that he slapped her again. Making her weep even more.

“I’ll ask again.. please, what?”

“…” This time she just quietly cried while begging him with her teary eyes. But it did the opposite.

Henry frowned “I’m talking to you! You bitch!” He yelled before slapping her once, twice, Four times.
Each slap making her scream and cry harder but it just made his cock twitch and pulsate even more.

“I’ll ask again….. please, what?” He stopped hitting her and asked with a deeper voice.

“Pl-please fuck my my pu-pussy” she finally said with struggle as her face was a little swollen.

And hearing this Henry smiled “Good girl~”

And workout anymore hesitation he grab her by the waist and carried her and with a swift precision he aligned her pussy right in front of his raging cock and with a forceful thrust he penetrated her.

*Aaaghhh! Alex screamed in pain.. but not because of her hymen tearing, but because of her forceful entry.

“So, this is not the first time something got in your pussy huh? Fucking slut!” Henry felt frustrated as he didn’t get to claim her virginity.

And with that thought I’m his mind he started pounding her like how he pound his sex dolls.


Alex wasn’t even fighting anymore as she lets her body hang in the air swinging back and forth as the pedophile uses her body like a Fleshlight.

He was fucking her in a standing position while she lifelessly hangs as his arm grabs her waist as the room gets filled with the sound of flesh hitting each other.

Henry can’t describe what he was feeling, it was tight, yet elastic, her cunt was sucking in his cock like a greedy slut milking his cum out like it’s only purpose was that.

Her scream and moan was like music to his ear . He was in complete ecstasy. And he’s nearing his limit.

When suddenly he felt her trembling and spasming and with it. Her pussy tighten up even more.
“Hnnnngggh!!~~” Alex was cumming, the bitch was enjoying it!

Henry couldn’t hold it anymore and with a powerful slam he lodge his cock as deep as he could before unloading all his seeds in her yung underage pussy filling her up to the brim.

And after making sure all his cum is in he dropped her down the floor..just in front of the couch.

Catching his breath he went in and sit on the couch and closed his eye.
‘now what… If a word gets out I’m 100% going into jail.. well..at least-

His thought wasn’t even finished when he suddenly felt something warm on his cock. Opening his eyes he saw Alexis licking all the leftover cum in his cock and sucking it like a hungry whore. And when it’s all cleaned up she looked at him in the eye and swallowed like a good girl and smiled.

“I’m all yours Daddy ~” and kissed the head of his cock with worship in her eyes.

‘well fuck’


How’s chapter 3? Did you guys enjoyed it? Tell me what you think.. my pussy all wet writing all this..hope you enjoyed it as well ..also this story is not yet done.. There’s more to cum.

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    what the fuck is wrong with you pieces of shit. you jerk of to this ? you fuckers go kill yourselves. the word has enough shitty people I will break your fucking heads with crowbars if I ever see O E of you pedos I put that shit on god

  • Reply T ID:tiupfn8i

    Reminds me of my step-daughter seducing me. Sounds like all fun and games fucking a 13-year-old but my nerves were shot all the time. After the very first time, I swore I would never, EVER do that again. Which lasted about 3 or 4 days until we fucked again. I was just waiting for her to snitch on me the first time she got pissed at me about something but she never did. I wish I had had the balls to tell her that first time to just fuck off, I wasn’t doing it but I didn’t. Spreading her legs and flashing her pussy at me and if that failed, pulling her shorts to the side and starting rubbing it did the trick every time. Of course, she did it with her mom at home a couple of times but I DID tell her to cut the shit out then. She thought it was funny but I sure as shit didn’t.

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    How old r u irl

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    Great story. Wish it was me

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    Fuckkk I wish this would happen to me lol I wanna be that guy

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      You’re hot

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    Keep it going

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    Deliciously filthy! More please!!

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