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The Start of Something New

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New Years Eve, 1999. While everyone else is worked up about Y2K and the new millennium, young nephew is getting worked up by his trailer trash uncle.

This story is loosely based on the truth. Names have been changed.

It was New Years Eve of 1999, and Y2K was all the rage as the world prepared for the world wide web to collapse and send us all back to the dark ages of the 1980s. Can you imagine? The horror. I was a young, nerdy, boy of 12, spending the night with my aunt Lena and uncle Chris. Chris was one of my mother’s younger brothers, being early 30s at this time. Chris was really cool, hunky and funny, in a white-trash kind of way. I had fantasized about him more than once. I would stay with them on occasion as they were both young at heart and enjoyed spending time with their oldest nephew. Somedays in the summers, Lena and I would go to the lake to swim while on other days, Chris and I would spend the days playing the original PlayStation. Both Chris and Lena had allowed me to watch porn and both of them had also watched porn with me, a few summers before. Though nothing happened at the time, I wonder if one, the other, or both, were grooming me for fun beyond my wildest fantasies. Was it possible that even though I would have only have been 10 years old, they might have wanted to sneak their fingers in my shorts for a feel of my boy cock? Man, I wish they had.
Back to NYE 1999, Lena and Chris had taken me with them to Lena’s parents’ house which was in the same neighborhood of some of their friends, who were having an adults-only part that night. It was decided that I was old enough to stay by myself to watch the ball drop, while they would all go to their friends’ party. They packed up their jugs of Jungle Juice and headed over to their friends’ house. I nosed around in the kitchen and found some popcorn; I popped that in the microwave and browsed their satellite TV for a movie to watch. I didn’t particularly care about watching the ball drop. I decided on Deep Impact and pushed play, just as the popcorn finished. I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard, filled it with popcorn and grabbed a soda from the refrigerator. Movie supplies secured, I walked into the living room and settled down on the couch. About halfway through the movie, the soda that I had guzzled had filled my small boy bladder and I needed to piss. I paused the movie and walked down the hall to the bathroom, not bothering to close the door since I was there alone. I had just begun pissing as the front door opened quickly and my uncle rushed in for the bathroom. He paused as he saw me standing there with my boy dick in my hand. It was probably about a good 2 inches of uncut boy meat and what really grabbed Uncle Chris’s attention was the fatness of the little cock. Embarrassed, I turned away, as my uncle began to unzip himself and urged me to hurry. I was shocked that he would pull his zipper down with me in the room, was he going to pee with me in here? I decided that I was finished and quickly moved out of the way, edging around him and out the bathroom door.
“You didn’t have to rush Jr., there is room for both of us here. We’re guys, it’s no big deal.” He spoke.
“Uh, oh I was finished,” I responded as I walked away from the bathroom and washed my hands in the kitchen sink.
I sat back down on the sofa and picked up the remote control to resume the movie. As it began playing, my uncle finished and came into the living room. I hoped he wouldn’t say anything and would just go back to the party. No such luck.
“Whatcha watching?,” he said, his words slightly slurred.
“Deep Impact,” I told him, looking over as he stretched and his shirt and coat slipped up his body, showing off a nice, lean, pale stomach. He had a thick happy trail leading into his jeans. I thought for a second about what his cock looked like, imagining that it was long and thick, slung over a pair of fat bull balls that hung about 6 inches under his cock. I imagined that his cock was trimmed, and his balls were shaved.
The sound of my uncle’s cough caused me to snap out of my revery and I saw that he was looking at me.
“Whatever you’re imagining it to be, trust me, it’s better.” He said and winked at me.
“I’m tired”, I mumbled, looking away from.
“I’m heading back. Don’t stay up too late.” He replied as he opened the door and walked out.
When he left, I was so embarrassed that he had caught me staring at his crotch. What he said also wasn’t what I would have expected. I’m sure he knows that I prefer boys to girls, even though I had never told anyone. I had certain feminine mannerisms at the time that gave me away, mannerisms that Uncle Chris and all my uncles and cousins had teased me about relentlessly. Mannerisms that I have since spent a lifetime suppressing and slowly altering over the years. His comment about me imagining what his cock must be like made me wonder if his teasing was because he secretly wanted to experience his girly nephew’s boy pussy. Maybe Uncle Chris wanted me to see his cock. Fuck, I wanted to see it too. My crotch started to tingle in that special way I had discovered in the past few months, and I knew if I didn’t stop, I was going to have to make myself have that really awesome feeling. You know that feeling Like fireworks going off all over your body and you forget to breathe as your tiny cock spasms and jolts so hard you think something might come out, but nothing does. The feeling of your entire body shivering and shuddering through a hot little boy dry cum. The best feeling! And I could not have one here, so best I don’t get myself all worked up thinking about my uncle’s big, fat man cock.
Shaking my head as if to rid myself of these naughty nephew thoughts, I pressed play on the remote to resume the movie. It was actually a pretty good movie so far, and I was into the story all the way through. I absent-mindedly rubbed my dicklet through my pants while I watched the rest of the movie, then switched it over to watch the ball drop around midnight. Midnight came, the ball dropped, there was no Y2K, and I fell asleep not long after.
Around 2 AM, I woke up to my uncle laying down on the other side of the couch. I asked him what he was doing, and he slurred that we were going to spend the night because he and Lena had had too much to drink. I felt my uncle shift around on the sofa and heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled.
“Holy shit,” I thought to myself, holding my breath and peeping through barely opened eyes, to see if I could see anything. As he lifted his hips and pulled his jeans down, I could see his dick bulging in his boxer briefs. He got his pants off and pulled a throw blanket over himself. I was wide awake now after the sight of his bulge in his tight undies. The sofa was a sectional, but not a big sectional, three medium sized cushions on both sides, so we weren’t that far apart. I listened as his breathing slowed and he started to snore lightly. Damn naughty nephew thoughts were back and were causing my own dick to chub up. I wondered if he was drunk enough to not wake up if I tried to get a better look at his bulge.
“Fuck it”, I thought. “Let’s do it.”
As quietly as possible, I shed the blanket that was covering me and lowered myself to the floor. I crawled around the ottoman so I would be on the far end of the other side of the sofa, closest to the thing that I wanted to see. Or more. I stayed as still and quiet as possible, listening to him breathe deeply. Confident that he was truly asleep and passed out from the undoubtedly many Bud Lights that he had consumed, I slowly slid my hand under the edge of the blanket near his crotch area, until I touched his upper leg. It was hairy. And hot. I stopped and stared at my uncle’s face to see if I could detect any alertness or sign that he was waking up. Nothing. Good. I ran my hand lightly down his leg, thinking how sexy the hair on his legs was. I moved my hand back up his leg until I got to his upper thigh. I was working blind, frustrated that I was only utilizing one of my senses, in this, my first encounter with the body of a real man. I wanted to see what I was touching. My uncle’s breathing hadn’t changed, yet I hesitated while staring at his face. I was terrified that his eyes were going to snap open, but the thought also excited me. What would I do if he suddenly woke up and realized that I had my hand on his thick inner leg. How would he respond? I waited silently for at least 30 seconds, but he didn’t so much as twitch a finger. I lifted the blanket high enough that I could get my head under it, and there, about a foot away, was my uncle’s bulge. I unconsciously shifted up onto my knees as I stared in wonder.
“Wow”, I whispered quietly.
Sliding my hand further up his leg, I moved it higher and across to his small beer belly. I was expecting him to have more hair, but he had just a light dusting of blondish brown hair on his belly and a darker happy trail leading down into his briefs. My eyes followed my hand as it moved, and I was almost having an out of body experience. If it wasn’t for the feeling of the heat of his skin through my palm, I would have thought I was watching someone else’s hand. My little cocklet pulsed and ached in my shorts and I wanted to pull it out and stroke it but thought better of it. What if he woke up and I’m sitting there on my knees with my head under his blanket and my cock in my hand? He’d kick my ass, at the least. Then tell everyone and who knows how my family would react. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be waking up, however I kept my dickie tucked away and just rubbed it through the thin material of my boy briefs. I moved my hand to his happy trail and began to slowly follow it down, lifting and playing with the individual hairs with my fingertips. I flattened my palm against his stomach and paused as a touched the band of his underwear. I couldn’t breathe, I was so excited. My uncle was still snoring away so I went for it. Shifting closer to the sofa, I lowered my head to the bottom of my uncle’s bulge and breathed deep, my nose pressing in to the fabric. I expected to make contact with his squishy balls, being that far down in his briefs, but I could feel the tube of his cock. I could tell that it was slightly chubbed up, how I knew mine got sometimes when I was sleeping. The smell was incredible. I breathed in his scent and my head spun.
“I am going to pass out, holy shit”, I thought, being the dramatic little boy that I was. He smelled like a dude. Masculine, musky, slightly sweaty, but not bad sweaty. He smelled so good, and it triggered an even hornier response from me. I lifted my hand and with my index finger, dragged it slowly and softly down the length of his man dick. To me, just a little boy, my uncle’s cock seemed huge! I was jealous because even rock hard at that time, I could only muster four inches of boy cock. I had measured it a few months prior after chatting with another kid online. Sometimes if I stretch out the skin that covers the head, I can get about another half inch or inch on the length. I have a very loose foreskin that is very stretchy. I don’t really like it, I wish I was like other boys. Anyway, back to my hunky uncle and his awesomely big and amazing smelling dick, I kept still for a few seconds while I listened to him. Had his breathing changed or was that just in my head? Suddenly he rolled to be flat on his back, whereas previously he had been more on his left side, facing out from the back of the sofa. I started to fall backwards but was able to catch myself before I hit the ottoman and fortunately, I didn’t make too much noise. His move and my subsequent almost fall had pulled the blanket loose from his body and it was now covering just his legs, from thighs down. I realized this once I composed myself and pulled the blanket off my head. I was sure he was awake, yet I chanced to look at him and his eyes were closed, and he was still breathing. I still thought his breathing pattern had changed, but maybe that was normal for old people. I assured myself that he was asleep, and all was fine. Until I glanced down at his cock and saw that it was definitely bigger than it had been. Did I get him harder? Was this just normal? Was he dreaming? What about? Probably about some big-tittied, flabby-assed woman. I rolled my eyes. How gross. How typical. But then again maybe not. Maybe he was dreaming about my hairless boy ass or tight boy mouth and throat? Much better than dreaming about some hag, in my opinion.
“What are you doing down there?!”, my aunt Lena yelled from the top of the stairs.
Sure I had been caught, I froze and waited.
“Chris!” she yelled. I quickly extricated myself out from under the blanket, glancing hurriedly at my uncle’s face to see if he was going to wake up. He looked dead to the world and didn’t even flinch. I heard her coming down the stairs and pretended that I was asleep as she came into the living room and flipped on the light.
“What the fuck,” she muttered to herself. I opened my eyes pretending like she had woken me up.
“What are you doing, what’s going on?” I asked as she looked over at me. She had just her bra and panties on, and her big tits bounced around as she stood by the side of the couch and shook my uncle’s shoulders.
“Get up baby, I don’t want to sleep alone”, she said.
My uncle didn’t wake up or so much as flinch, so she shook him harder. Still nothing. I watched as she grabbed his nipple and twisted it, and sure enough, he came alive.
“What the fuck?” he growled, his eyes snapping open and seeing his pudgy, bottle-blonde wife standing there with her belly hanging slightly over her granny panties. He groans and gets up to go upstairs with her. She grins and does a little jig, scampering out of the living room and up the stairs.
My uncle looks at me and hesitates. He moves in front of the couch where I am half sitting and half lying down. He puts one arm on the sofa on each side of me and leans down, bringing his face extremely close to mine. I can smell him. He smells like vodka, sweat, cologne, and like all man. My dicklet is chubbing up under the blanket. His eyes are intense and surprisingly clear for how drunk I thought he was. He moves even his face even closer to mine, his lips centimeters from mine.
“I have plans for you. Just remember. You started this; you initiated it. I know you want what I’ve got for you.,” He gripped the outline of his hard dick through his underwear and spoke so softly but intensely. “But you’re going to show me you want it. And no more touching unless I say you can. Yeah boy, soon as we get back tomorrow, we’ll get started.” He said to me as he very lightly brushes my lips with his. Once, twice, the touch of his lips on mine teasing and making my boy dick strain against my Fruit of the Looms.
“CHRIS!” Lena yells from upstairs. He snaps away from me, out of the living room and quickly heads up the stairs.
I sat there stunned by what had just happened. Did my hot white trash-ish uncle just kiss me? What does he mean I started it, that I wanted it? How? What did I do? My body shivered as I wondered what ‘it’ is. What does he have planned for me? I rubbed my dick as I laid back down. It took me awhile to fall asleep as the adrenaline of the moment ran through my body. I fell asleep holding my boy dick, thoughts of my uncle’s words, smell, and big fat cock and balls running through my head, ensuring a night filled with nasty dreams about what would come tomorrow. Oh wait, my mom is supposed to pick me up tomorrow. Fuck.

To be continued…? My first story, so all feedback is welcome.

©Triad, 2023

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