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Giving it up for daddy

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My dad built a dirty mans club in our basement and I was the entertainment. I love what I do and will never be embarrassed or shamed about it.

I was only 12 at the time, but it was all good.

One day when mom went to work and dad had the week off, he went down in the basement, he’d been going down there for months working on some project and he wouldn’t ever let me, my mom or my brother see what he was doing, it was his private space, but on this day he called out for me and told me to come down in to the basement.

He told me to close the door behind me, which locked itself when closed it, then I walked down the stairs and was amazed at what he’d done, it was all painted black and had red leather seating all around the room, in the far corner was a fully stocked mini-bar, and in the middle of the room was a short catwalk with lights around it and a dancing pole at the end of it.

“What’s all this for?” I asked.

“Put this on.” He said, holding up a hanger with a skimpy silver and glitter bikini hanging on it.

“What? – Why?” I asked, confused by his request.

“Show me what you’ve learnt in class.” He said.

What I forgot to tell you is that I’d been going to Pole Fitness classes for a few months, its pole dancing but it’s for exercise purposes, not slutty purposes, but it seemed my dad wanted me to look slutty and dance for him, I was actually up for it, “Yeah, okay!” I said, taking the hanger from him.

There was a spot by the stairs with a velvet curtain where I could get changed privately, so I went behind it and changed in to the bikini, and I came out and did a little pose for him, “Ta-da.”

“You look gorgeous. Now, get up on there and show me what you can do.” He said, sitting back down after grabbing himself a beer.

I got on the stage and started dancing, climbing, swinging and swirling around the pole, my dad was really enjoying watching me, and at one point he got up and tucked a $20 bill in to the thin strap of my bikini bottoms, “Daddy!” I said, giggling from embarrassment.

He slapped his hands down on his lap, “Come here. Come sit on your old dad’s lap.” He said.

I hopped off the staged and on to his lap with my arms around him, “I’m too old for this.” I said.

“You’ll never be too old, darling.” He replied, brushing my hair over my ear and looking at me unusually.

Neither of us spoke for about a minute, then he suddenly leaned forward whilst pulling my head towards his and he kissed me right on the lips, and it wasn’t a daddy kiss, this one was more sexual, and it made my heart flutter and my pussy tingle, “Daddy, why did you ki…” I started to ask, then he interrupted me by kissing me again.

He lifted me up and turned me, then sat me back down with my legs at either side of him, I was straddling him, facing him with my arms around him, we were kissing passionately, and he was rubbing his hands up and down my bare back and grabbing at my butt, my whole body was tingling and feeling very strange.

Then he kissed my neck and then he leaned me out and kissed my cleavage, I didn’t stop him when he untied my bikini top and tossed it on to the floor, and I didn’t stop him when he started sucking on my small breasts either, he stood up carrying me, then he turned and dropped me on to my back on to the leather seats.

He climbed up on to them with me and pulled his shirt, I got completely lost in the moment and totally forgot that he was my dad, he was turning me on and my pussy was soaking wet when he pulled my bikini bottoms off and ate my pussy for a couple of minutes.

“Ooah – Dad – Ooh – Ungh!” I moaned with intense pleasure, “Daddy!” I gasped.

He unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans and boxers down, I saw his massive cock and balls, I leaned my arm out and started to rub his thick hard cock as he stuck his tongue down my throat, before I knew it he was between my legs and he thrust his cock up my pussy, “Arrgh – Ungh – Oooh – Dad!!”

He wasn’t being gentle or slow about it, as soon as his cock was in me, he went nuts and just fucked my brains out fast and hard, he pinned my arms down at the wrists above my head on the seat, I couldn’t do anything but lay there and take his huge cock in to my small virgin pussy, it hurt but I didn’t mind, it also felt good and that’s what I focussed on, the good feeling, “Deeper, Daddy – Deeper, please!” I moaned and begged, his cock felt so good inside of me, I wanted more.

He lifted my legs and bent them all the way back to my shoulders, giving him easier access to my pussy and he was able to force his cock in even deeper, “”Fuck, your pussy good and tight.” He groaned.

“Yeah! – Ungh – Oooh – Fuck me, Daddy!” I growled at him.

And he did, my dad almost quite literally fucked my brains out, I had at least 1 orgasm and almost passed out twice it was that good, my little pussy and body wasn’t developed enough to take what he was doing to me, and he almost snapped me in half bending me as much as he was, and it hurt like fuck, but damn it was good, the best experience of my life, and still the best sex I’ve ever had to this day, no one has ever fucked me as good as my daddy did that day.

The next day he invited all his mates round and we spent the entire day in the basement, they drank, I danced, they gave me lots of money, and we had big orgies, with me being the receiver of all their cock and ejaculations, I liked it when they showered me with sperm and I could just rub it all in to my skin and eat it off my fingers like it was melted white chocolate.

I like who I am now, and my dad says I’m a good girl.

A lot of people would disagree, but I believe a good daughter is one who gives it up for her daddy, it is how it should be, he’s my daddy, he loves me, I love my daddy, and he’s allowed to fuck my pussy if he wants. End of.

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    Great story, Hope there is more to cum … smile. Part 2 please.

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    That is beautiful