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Fun in the sun

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My family go on holiday to Spain with my work mate and his family. I have an amazing experience with his 12 yo daughter.

Steve and I had worked together for years and had become good friends. Our wives and kids got on together really well. We would spend Saturday evenings at each other’s houses and holidays like Thanksgiving and New Years.

I had seen Steve’s daughter grow up. She was very pretty even as a child, but she had a very slight build and was light as a feather. But when she got to about 10 yo I started to notice her fill out.

I think the first time I was aroused by her was when we all went down to Florida and visited the Disney parks. We were wandering around Magic Kingdom and she was walking ahead of the adults with my own two kids. She was wearing shorts which were so short that her butt cheeks clad in lime green panties could be seen. It was that which drew my attention to her ass. Dang, it was nice and round. When had it changed from the skinny little butt to this beautiful ass.

Now I had become aware of her, I found myself looking at her in a new light. When we went to the water parks I was delighted to see that she wore a small red two piece swim suit which gave me such a boner.

Back home I would now pay attention to her rolling around on the floor with my kids when she visited after school. She was oblivious of the show she was putting on by her legs and panties being on display as she played. When she wore jeans they fitted her perfectly accentuating her round ass.

By 11 yo she had begun to develop breasts. Too small to need a bra, so I would catch sight of them down her shirt when she knelt on the floor in play.

We all went to the BVI’s on holiday and I vividly remember me sitting on the edge of the pool at our holiday home and she had gotten out after swimming. She was stood next to me with her ass at head height. I could see the tiny light hairs on her legs and the parts of her ass cheeks that were exposed because her bikini bottoms had gone up her ass crack.

She adjusted her swimsuit by putting her thumbs in the leg holes to remove the wedgie. I was rewarded with the briefest of glimpses of bare ass and a hint of pussy. Although it lasted nano seconds, the image was imprinted in my brain.

The next year we all decided we would take a trip to Europe. Steve’s wife, Patty, had Spanish ancestry and had always wanted to visit.

We hired a big villa with a pool in a beautiful part of Spain near the border with Portugal.

After a day by the pool and a fantastic bbq, most of the group went to bed leaving just me and the 12 yo Janey sitting on the big couch watching a dvd from the collection provided by the villa.

She was still wearing a gorgeous pink bikini from an afternoon in the pool and had moved to snuggle against me because she said she was a bit chilly due to the AC.

I could feel her bare skin against my bare arms and leg and I started to get excited. I was wearing cargo shorts and my cock was visibly hardening.

Janey hadn’t noticed yet as she was fixated on the video, but she was leaning against me with her head against my arm and had one hand on my leg absentmindedly moving it about.

Inevitably her hand bumped into my hard cock which was pointing down one leg and straining at the fabric.

She turned away from the tv to see what she had touched. My heart stopped as she investigated the lump with her hand. “What have you got in your pocket uncle Dave” she asked. Embarrassed. I hesitated to answer and it dawned on her what it was.

“Oh” she said. “Why is it all hard like that”. “I don’t know” I said, “It does that sometimes “.

She seemed to notice for the first time that she had bare skin against me. “Is that because of me” she said point at the lump in my shorts and going on to poke it with her pointing finger.

The expression on her face was a mixture of amusement and incredulity.

I thought about my answer for a few seconds and decided to be honest. “Of course” I said “You are beautiful”.

She smiled shyly and tentatively asked “can I see it” uncle Dave.

“It’s a bit risky” I said, “someone might wake up and see us”.

“Aww go on Uncle Dave, I haven’t ever seen one in real life”.

She stared at me so sweetly and I wanted to see where this was going.

“Ok, just a Quick Look” I said “but you can never tell anyone “

She nodded and sat up expectantly as I lifted my ass up and pulled my shorts down causing my dick to spring up.

She reflexively jumped back before leaning closer to get a better look. “Ooh, can I touch it” She asked. I nodded, so she took my cock in her small cold hand. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft causing me to gasp.

“It’s so hard and hot isn’t it” she said “but the skin is so soft”. She was moving her hand up and down the shaft. I wasn’t entirely sure if she knew what effect she was having on me or if she was just curious and was just exploring.

I decided to risk putting my hands on her body, stroking her arms, legs, tummy and back. She didn’t object so I brushed my fingers aver her bikini top and could feel small erect nipples. Still no objection from her.

She was leaning against me partially on her side, so I put an arm around her and cupped her butt cheeks. I tried to slip my hand inside her bikini bottoms, but they were surprisingly tight and the waist band had no give in it at all. I tried to slip my fingers under the leg band but that was the same and I couldn’t get in

With her hand still playing with my cock. She sat on her ass with her legs drawn up in a kind of lotus position. I took that as an invitation to rub my hand between her legs.

She was wet between the legs and the heat coming off her pussy left me in no doubt that the wetness was not from her swim earlier in the day.

Janey was breathing hard as I was rubbing her pussy through damp fabric. I tried to move the bikini to one side to get a look and feel of that pussy, but again, it was too tight to get in.

“Why don’t you take my pants down” she asked, lifting her ass off the couch. I took hold of the waistband as slid them down her legs and off completely.

Her pussy was amazing. I tight little slit covered only with a light downy short fuzz. The lips were puffy and she had a prominent hooded clitoris protruding out from between them.

It was my turn to gasp and I started to leak precum.

I couldn’t resist it. I climbed off the couch kneeling in front of her. I took in every curve and crevice before leaning in to kiss her between the legs.

My kiss was answered with a sharp intake of breath and her lifting her hips to meet my mouth.

I took hold of her hips and went to work with my tongue on her hard clit. The taste and smell of her pussy had me addicted, so I went at it with gusto.

She was writhing and quietly moaning as I continued probing her pussy hole with my tongue and working her clit with my thumb. She was bucking like a steer being ridden causing my face to take quite a battering.

I knew she was going to cum as her breathing was really fast and her pussy was drooling with her juices.

When she did climax she made so much noise that I was sure someone would wake and come to investigate.

Her body was shaking and her pussy was pulsing. It was fabulous.

“That was so lovely uncle Dave” she gasped. “I didn’t know anything could feel that good”

I reached behind her and removed her bikini top. Although small, no more than a mouthful , her tits were beautifully shaped with the most inviting nipples I have ever seen.

I stroked and squeezed them and lowered my head to kiss, lick and suck each one in turn. I moved my hand between her soaking pussy lips and she began moving her hips against my fingers.

I guided her hand to my neglected cock, closed her fingers around it and showed her how to wank me. I honestly could have shot my load right then.

She was squeezing hard as I stimulated her nipples and pussy.

Instinctively I took my cock out of her hand and moved between her legs. I put the head of my dick against her pussy opening. She shook her head and said no. I thought about pushing in anyway the urge was so strong, but I decided to respect her decision. So I put my cock between her pussy lips and began to rub.

She rubbed back and our genitals ground against each other in glorious ecstasy. I felt my orgasm rising so I lifted off.

I lay on my back on the couch and had her put her pussy on my cock. She got the idea and rode me sliding her pussy lips along my cock shaft and back over and over.

The sight of my cock poking out from between those pussy lips nearly aent me over the edge into orgasm.

I sat up, pulled her into me and took her tiny pert tits into my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue around each hard nipple. I had my hands on her ass using it to push her harder against my dick

She threw her head back, pushed me back down flat on the couch and came loudly. I could feel her pussy pulsating and, as she leaned back further, her cold wet buttocks made contact with my balls and part of my cock. It felt amazing.

As her climax subsided I lifted her off me and turned her face down so I could get a good look at her amazing ass, all white and bare.

I shoved my cock between her cheeks. Her cool firm curvy buttocks engulfed my cock and the soft skin rubbing against my hot throbbing cock was too much. My cock pulsed hard in her ass crack and sent squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum up her back, to her shoulders and long dark hair.

She reached around and put her fingers in the sticky white mess. She put the finger to her mouth and tasted. She smiled and swallowed.

I got off her and stood up. She sat up. She beckoned me to her, took my cock and put it in her mouth. The sensation was sharp as she licked the cum off my dick.

That was just amazing uncle Dave she said, can we do this again.

It reallly was lovely Janey, I said, I would love to do it again. We have to be very careful though because if anyone finds out the consequences will be unimaginable.

She agreed, saying we shouldn’t destroy all of the relationships we had with our families as that would be horrible.

And I could go to jail, I added.

We retired to our own rooms, both wondering when and how we could do it again without being caught.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m8127yb0a

    That was an amazing story. You’re a lucky man Zander.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfik

    I can so relate to this. I can’t even count how many times a friend of mine daughter used to sneak into the spare bedroom where I was sleeping. Another friend had three daughters that all thought they were the only one lol. Young girls are so much fun.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfik

    Very good story and can soooo relate to this .

  • Reply M. ID:1eo6vzvpptmm

    Very hot would love to read more plz

    • Zander ID:h9alcerd2

      Second part now available

  • Reply Jake ID:1ck6w0vbptwi

    Reminds me so much of my own similar experiences. Very hot.
    Any nieces or uncles here want to share via email?