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My neighbor’s dad(Pt. 2)

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Over the next few weeks my best friend’s dad, Mark, started texting me daily. I didn’t mind that he constantly flirted with me and told me how he wanted to fuck me. I in fact loved the thought. One day when I went over I couldn’t get to be alone with him, Kendal never left me alone. She then asked if I wanted to spend the night to which I happily said yes. She fell asleep around 9:30. I texted Mark and went into the living room. He hugged me before rubbing my ass. He picked me up before sitting down on the couch. He sat me in his lap before I felt his dick against my clothed pussy. I stood before taking off my pants and panties. He watched me before he pulled his pants down slightly, exposing his massive cock to me. I got back in his lap before he started to rub my pussy.
“You smell so good.. so wet and horny.” He whispered before he licked my juices off his hand. He picked me up slightly before sliding his cock into me. I was about to moan loudly before he covered my mouth with his big, warm hand. I started to ride him, slowly at first, I moaned into his hand as I continued. His cock hit my g-spot with every movement I made. I soon started to go faster, wanting him to cum inside of me. He held my hip, clearly getting closer to climax as I was too. I moved even faster and before long he came inside of me, filling me with his cum. I got off his big cock before pulling my pants on. I handed him my panties and smiled.
“I wore them for 5 days, just like you asked.” I smiled before he kissed me.
“Good Girl.. now go to bed before Kendal notices you’re gone.” He spoke lovingly before I ran back to Kendal’s room.

-To be continued

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