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The Caroline Chronicles Chapter 2. Returning a Favour

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Ben and Caroline’s journey of sexual discovery continues.

Author’s note.

This is the second installment of ‘The Caroline Chronicles’. Obviously I hope that people will enjoy reading these stories but, in light of one negative comment posted in response to Chapter 1 of the series, I would just say this: My stories are an attempt at an erotic description of the sexual activity which takes place between two youngsters as they discover and explore the joys of sex. I may fail in that aim and, if that is the case, I apologise. However I can assure any prospective readers that the narrative is in no way intended to be particularly pornographic in nature. Therefore if you are looking for brief, graphic descriptions of, possibly non-consensual or forced, sex then I would counsel that the stories in this series are unlikely to be to your taste.

* * * * *

An awful lot happened during that week in Lincolnshire all those years ago. And for me at least it was a week of awakenings; monumental changes to my understanding of sex and sexual pleasure and, if I’m being totally honest, a significant and very beneficial broadening of my understanding of the female anatomy and just how wonderful and delightful that small portion of a female’s body which is tucked away so demurely between her legs really is.

Anyway, to continue my story. When I had recovered some measure of composure after what had been the most intense sexual pleasure that I had ever experienced Caroline and I cleared up the results of my ejaculation. I was enormously relieved that Caroline, bless her cotton socks, had had the presence of mind to grab her hankie in the instant before I came and so had been able to ‘limit the damage’ – so to speak! Once things had returned to a semblance of normality: my flaccid cock had been stowed away and all spillage successfully mopped up Caroline looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “I think it would be fair to suggest that you now owe me a favour Ben.” I took a deep breath, returned her smile and nodded my head.

“That seems fair to me. And to be honest I’m rather looking forward to paying my debt. When would you like to receive payment?” Caroline cocked her head on one side and looked at me appraisingly for a few moments.

“Do you… how shall I put this? Oh heck, there’s no easy way of asking so I’ll just say it. Do you actually know how to make a girl cum?

“I’m not trying to embarrass you or anything honestly but, well, you know, it’s sort of obvious what a girl has to do for a boy to make him cum but – and I’m only basing this thought on what some other girls have said to me when we’ve talked about this stuff – I don’t think it is quite so obvious to boys what you have to do for a girl. Anyway, sorry – long sentence for a short question.”

To say I was a little embarrassed by the question would be putting it mildly to be honest. All of my sexual fantasies thus far had been solely concerned what I wanted to do with, and to, girls to afford myself pleasure when it came right down to it. I hadn’t ever really thought about what got girls going at all. So yes, I felt embarrassed; but I felt just a little bit guilty as well. I decided that honesty was probably the best policy. “No I don’t how to do it Caro. To be quite honest it’s not something I’ve ever really thought about. I know that sounds bad… or selfish but, well… I just really like looking at girls and thinking about all their lovely bits and how brilliant it would be just to be able to see their privates and stuff… ” A slightly lame response? Definitely. But at least I was being truthful!

“I don’t know!” Caroline said with what seemed to be mock severity. “You boys are just all the same aren’t you? All you want to do is look up girl’s skirts and ogle their breasts and then take yourselves off somewhere private so that you can make yourselves feel nice.” She gave me a bit of a glare and then softened it with a smile. “So, would you like to find out what it is that makes a girl excited? To learn just where it is that you have to touch her so that she might have an orgasm which will make her all lovely and wet? You know; make her all good and and ready for what might come later?” Even just hearing Caro talk about this stuff was making me get horny all over again. I nodded enthusiastically.

“I’m ready and keen to learn!” I said with a broad smile on my face. Caroline laughed good naturedly at my obvious enthusiasm.

“I’ll bet you are! You won’t mind what it is you have to do will you? As long as it means that you get to put your hand up my skirt… ”

“That might very well be the case!” I said “The things that a boy has to do… ” We both laughed and then Caro leaned in to me and put her arms around me and gave me a hug. She was warm and the smell of her soap and shampoo was lovely. I hugged her back and pulled her close to me loving the feel of her small, firm breasts pressing against my chest. After a few moments, and at exactly the same instant, we both drew our heads back a little way. I looked into Caro’s eyes and said, “Can I kiss you Caroline? Would that be ok?” She nodded her head and gave me a small smile and then we softly kissed each other on the lips. Then we heard the sound of the front door opening and sprung apart as if we had been electrified.

“That’ll be mum so we had better postpone our lesson until later I suppose.” I drew Caroline to me once more and kissed her again – I liked the feel of kissing her on the lips – and briefly stroked my hands up and down her back.

“I don’t want to have to wait a single second for our lesson… But we don’t really have a choice do we?” Before Caroline could even reply the sound of her mum’s voice carried up the stairs to us.

“Caro, Ben come on down. I’ve got cakes for elevenses!”

“Yeah, cakes!” Exclaimed Caroline and grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind her as she went out of the bedroom and along the landing towards the stairs.

Elevenses was followed by a game of scrabble with Caroline and auntie Liz which, naturally enough I guess, auntie Liz won easily. Then it was a lunch of sandwiches and fruit during which Caro suggested that she and I might go out for a walk in the afternoon. It was a fine sunny day and really rather warm for late October. Auntie Liz thought it was a grand idea and so it was that at a quarter past two that afternoon Caro and I were strolling up a very gentle slope in the dappled shade of an area of beech woodland towards what Caroline had explained was a beauty spot called locally ‘The Reach’. She had no idea why it have been so named but that didn’t matter because when we arrived at the top of the slope there was a couple of bench seats which, situated as they were close to the edge of a small escarpment, afforded a glorious panoramic view of the surrounding farmland and a couple of villages way off in the distance. Happily we were the only people there and we sat side by side on one of the benches talking quietly as we enjoyed the view.

After a few minutes talking Caroline turned to me and said, “Would you like to have your little lesson now do you think?” She had a definite twinkle in her eye as she spoke and I got the feeling that she was looking forward to the ‘little lesson’ as much as I was. I nodded my head and she continued, “Come on then, let’s find somewhere a bit more private shall we?” Taking my hand as she stood up she led me back into the woodland but immediately veered off the defined path and headed for a clump of dense, evergreen shrubs about fifty or so yards away. On the far side of the bushes was a relatively secluded, sunny glade and Caro took a small blanket out of her backpack and spread it out on the ground. We sat down together and immediately started kissing. As we kissed I began to explore Caroline’s body with my hands stroking her tummy at first and then her hips and, eventually, plucking up the courage to fondle her breasts. Breaking our kiss briefly Caro murmured, “Mmmm, that feels lovely Ben. I won’t have any objection if you want to put your hands under my clothes to touch me.”

I needed no second invitation and very soon was happily stroking and fondling her lovely breasts with only the material of her bra between my hand and her body. As I was exploring her breasts I felt Caro’s hand snake down between our bodies and start to fondle and caress my rapidly hardening cock. I took that as a cue and slipped my hand down off of her breast and out from under her tee-shirt and then trailed my fingers down along her left thigh until I reached the hem of her skirt. With my heart beating fast I began to stroke her gorgeously smooth, warm thighs. Down to her knees and then back up to the hem of her skirt – with each traverse I pushed the hem a little higher up her leg – getting ever closer to my goal which was, of course, her knickers. Easing my hand between her legs, so that I was now caressing the inner part of her right thigh, I reached down past her knees then came up between her legs, not stopping at the hem of her skirt, but instead keeping going until I felt the material of her knickers with the side of my index finger. The plump, yielding softness of her body which I could feel through the thin cotton was simply breathtaking.

Caroline sighed as I touched her and I flexed my cock strongly which I knew she would feel with her hand. We had stopped kissing momentarily and Caro whispered breathily, “Find the line of my slit with your fingers… Oh yeah that’s it Ben. Mmmm that’s lovely. Now then move your fingertips slowly up along my slit until I say stop… A little more, yeah keep going… Ahh, right there Ben. Rub me there… ” Then Caroline gave me a series of small brief kisses on my lips sighing as I gently rubbed her and then said, “Can you feel that sort of little pointed nub of flesh poking out from between my lips?” I nodded that I could. “Oh God that’s right on the spot Ben.” I was ridiculously excited by what I was doing and and the soft feel of Caroline’s most private parts beneath my exploring fingers was just wonderful.

So when I felt Caro put her hand up her skirt and then grab the leg-hole of her knickers before pulling the material aside for me I seriously thought I must have died and gone to heaven.

“Now touch me Ben.” she murmured, “Now you can feel me properly.”

I allowed my fingers to explore between her legs for a few moments – completely mesmerised by the sensation of touching something so incredibly lovely. I stroked my fingers up and down her slit feeling them slowly work their way between her lips until I was touching her so intimately that I thought I would die of excitement. I had never in my wildest fantasies or dreams come close to even having a vague understanding of the perfection of the treasure between a girl’s legs. I could most definitely feel the ‘little nub’ of flesh Caro had spoken of moments before and I began to rub it with little circular motions of my index and middle fingertips.

After what was probably maybe a couple of minutes or so of silence between us Caroline’s breathing started to become a little bit ragged and she began to softly gasp and moan as I played with her. Then stilling the motion of my fingers with her hand she said, “Stop a minute Ben… Help me take my knickers down a little way. It’ll be easier than me trying to hold the material to one side. Hang on a sec!” I felt Caro lift her bottom up and then, with me pulling on one side and she pulling on the other, between us we were able to pull her knickers almost down to just above her knees. I looked down and could not believe what I had just done.

I loved looking up girl’s skirts to try and see their knickers – I’m pretty sure most boys did to be honest – and I had fantasised often about watching a girl as she took her knickers down to have a wee or something. But I had just helped Caro to actually pull her knickers down so that I could touch her pussy more easily. I almost had to pinch myself to assure myself that I wasn’t dreaming. I glanced down at Caro’s knickers – pale blue and white horizontally striped and very lovely – and was able to see the most private part of them: the narrow strip which covered the treasure between her legs all the time. There was a pale yellowy-white stain on the white cotton which I found very exciting for reasons I did not at that moment understand. But I did realise in that instant that I wanted to be able smell her knickers; to be able smell between Caroline’s legs. I think that that moment, and those thoughts, marked the dawning of my desire to engage in oral sex not just with Caroline but with any female though, in truth, I knew nothing whatsoever about such behaviour.

After only the briefest moment of nervous hesitation I lifted the hem of Caro’s skirt until I could see between her legs and then, for the first time in my young life, I was looking at a girl’s private parts in the flesh and not in a photograph. Feasting my eyes on the simple loveliness of her plump, pink vulva I attempted to internalise for ever what I could see; trying to indelibly etch into my memory the image of her private parts. The beautifully rounded contours of her lips; the perfect pink colour; the smooth perfection of her thighs – demurely yet enticingly parted such that everything between them was revealed to me. I glanced up at Caro’s face and found her smiling at me and realised, with a sudden surge of emotion, that I was beginning to fall in love with the girl beside me. “Nice view?” She murmured.

“Oh Caro… words fail me… ” I looked back down between her legs and then watched in erotic fascination as I put my hand back between her legs returning my fingers to their delightful task. I watched as I slid them gently between her lips and then moved them down the length of her slit until, with a gasp of surprise and pleasure, I encountered the slippery wetness at the entrance to her body and realised with a shudder of pent-up lust that I was actually touching a girl’s most private hole… My fingers were touching the entrance to Caroline’s cunt. Glancing up at her face I found that she had closed her eyes. I kissed her mouth urgently as I gently explored the little hole nestling so deeply between her legs for just a few moments before moving my fingers back up to (what I later learned was called) her clitoris and then slowly and gently but very, very enjoyably, resumed masturbating her.

Her mounting arousal and excitement became steadily more obvious to me – her sighs and moans; the way she lifted her hips now and then to grind herself against my busy fingers; the softly mewled words of encouragement she uttered from time to time. The world around me seemed to recede somewhat and I felt a little detached from reality so transfixed was I was by the erotic delight of her vulva. So it was that I was genuinely a little startled when Caroline suddenly stiffened beside me and gripped my shoulder hard with her hand. “Oh God Ben… Yes, yes, yes. Oh never, ever stop doing what you’re doing you lovely boy. Oh God Yessss… Oh my God, you’re gonna make me cum Ben… Here it comes… ” Then she jerked convulsively once, twice, three times and gave a muted squeal of barely stifled delight before clamping a hand down hard on top of my busy fingers stilling them completely and thus enabling me to clearly feel the rhythmic pulsing of the flesh between her legs as she experienced her orgasm.

We were frozen in that position for a little while until Caroline’s excitement subsided and I felt the tension leave both our bodies. The everyday sounds around us seemed to fade back into my consciousness and I felt a little bit like I was waking up from a dream or something. Caroline’s head was resting on my shoulder and I felt her turn it slightly before she whispered quietly, “Thanks Ben. That was really lovely.” She planted a small kiss on my cheek before continuing, “You didn’t need a lesson at all really – you seemed to know exactly what to do and how to do it. All you needed was to be guided to the special spot.” She snuggled into me again and we were contentedly quiet for a few moments. “I don’t think anything can ever be the same again now though. What do you think?” I moved my head just enough to allow me to plant a fleeting kiss on Caro’s lovely mouth.

“I think I am happy the way things are now Caroline. I certainly wouldn’t want not to know what I have learned today. Nor would I want not to have experienced the pleasure I felt this morning. Nor would I want not to have touched you or shared in your pleasure this afternoon. It’s been a special day Caro… Very special.” She kissed me then; a long, lingering kiss during which she opened her mouth and eased her tongue between my lips. And I thought to myself, ‘Wow! Another new experience to add to my growing list of new experiences.’

When we broke what turned out to be, in the end, a rather sloppy kiss Caro looked at me and said, “I think there are still a few more lovely things for us to try out together – if you would like to that is?”

“Of course I’d like to. I mean, can you honestly think of one single thing which you think that I wouldn’t be keen to try out with you?” Caroline shook her head and smiled at me.

“Not really I suppose!” Taking a deep breath she looked down at her state of undress. “I think I’d better pull my knickers up.”

“Spoilsport,” I said and kissed her again.

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  • Reply Steam Boy ID:1clvad04fpwa

    Superb, very well written and perfectly erotic. Looking forward to things progressing further in part 3! Please don’t let the negative comments put you off, you are an excellent writer.

    • Tyador Borlu ID:1db7syqqccgo

      Thanks Steam Boy, you are very kind. I am, to be truthful, looking forward to writing part three!