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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids 4

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The fun was getting better now I was fucking Tania as well as Cinthia and I wanted to start them in there voyage into the world or exhibitionism

The next morning I set up the video camera in my bedroom in the corner out of sight wanting to capture me taking Tania’s virginity while Cinthia watched and also wanted to introduce them to a bit of girl fun .

It was nearly 10 when I heard the back I door open and footsteps coming upstairs and two voices at least I knew that Tania had turned up ,I lay in bed like before pretending to be asleep and watched in the mirror as with Cinthia last time they stood at the bedroom door and Cinthia was pointing at my body which was on show and Tania was smiling ,I moved and they both ran to the lounge and I heard them giggling and knew it was time to get up this time I only wore shorts and went into the lounge.
The two of them were sitting together Cinthia had on a denim dress with buttons down the front and she had on black tights and trainers ,Tania was wearing a black t-shirt and what looked like black leather skirt short half way between her knees and waist and she also had on black tights looking at them I was getting a hard on ,I said to them look girls we don’t have much time as you have come late I need open the shop at 12 so are we having fun today , Cinthia said yes I want to and Tania said in a shaken voice I want fun too so I said let’s go in the bedroom and start ,I had already started the camera and as we went in I dropped my shorts and let my cock hang it was semi hard and I could see by Tania’s eyes she hadn’t really seen one close up ,
Go onto the bed and let me strip your clothes of and they did as I asked both lay on the bed as I reached and undone 3 buttons on Cinthia’s dress which allowed me to see her bra which looked like a pale yellow,then I lifted Tania’s t-shirt over her head she had on a lovely black and electric blue bra now my cock was hard and I asked would one of them play with it keep it happy and I thought it would of been Cinthia but it was Tania’s hands on it as I undone the rest of Cinthia’s dress buttons and it opened to reveal matching panties and not tights but hold ups ,which I love them I turned to Tania and wiggles her skirt off revealing a matching pair of panties and her too was wearing black hold ups .
I lent over to Cinthia and whispers in her ear I want to take Tania’s virginity now and I would love you to lick my balls as I fuck her she smiled and said anything you want I will do as I pulled Tania’s panties of her legs and feet revealing a lovely little bunch of blonde pubes and I lent my head in and flicked my tounge over her lips and easing it into her pussy by now she had let go off my cock and was lying back her legs open and I lifted my head up and kissed her small petite body working up to her tits which were still covered by her bra I fumbled to get it off now all she had on where her hold ups as I lay on top of her my cock between her legs poking at her pussy lips I knew I had to be slow as her hymen was still intact and I pushed and she put her arms around me and I pushed more and I felt it give way to my cock and i was in ,i told Cinthia niw was the time to start licking my balls as she lay behind me as I slowly took Tania’s virginity it felt so good as my cock went fully in and i felt Cinthia licking my balls Tania now had her eyes closed as i was thrusting in and out her small body bouncing as i went in fully,i knew she would make me cum quick with her tight pussy and sure enough i did and I didn’t pull out of her i filled her fully and as i pulled out i told Cinthia to lick the cum as i came out of her pussy .
I watched as Tania lay shaking on her back and Cinthia on her knees licking her friends pussy I was so turned on I was getting hard and I got behind Cinthia and entered her pussy from behind and pumped my cock in her , everytime I pushed she licked right in Tania’s small pussy her face Squashed up in to her pussy as I banged her pussy and I watched as everytime I banged her pussy her little bum hole opened I moved my hand to her bum licked my finger and pushed in a little bit it was so tight it was fighting as I pushed I didn’t even get up to my first knuckle it was so tight and as I pushed her body backed up and her face was squashed into Tania’s pussy I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rubbed the tip on her bum hole it didn’t enter her so I pushed and it popped it was in she jumped as i pushed right in her bum my balls hit her and she screamed as it goes fully in and I feel it swell,Tania jumped as Cinthia was jumping as I fucked her little hole my big cock was fully inserted and i was going to cum up her bum and Tania was going to be next as she watched her eyes were wide but she saw that Cinthia was bow enjoying it and riding back and her head went back down to Tania’s pussy eating it out as I fucked ger bum hole and soon i was going so fast i was ready to fill her up and I did i shot stream after stream into her bum and before i pulled out i told Tania she had to lick her bum and get my cum out.
The sight of Tania with her tounge in Cinthia’s bum was so great I just lay back watching after a while watching I told them both to lye back on the bed and kiss each other and play with each other and make each other cum while I wank watching and I am going to cum over them both ,soon they were kissing passionately and dhad fingers in each others pussies and I could tell they were liking as their stomachs were moving getting ready to have orgasms and I was wanking ready to shoot over them .
As they were having orgasms I shot my cum standing over them shooting it onto both their faces and hair ,I know had 2 12 year old girls doing what ever I ask them and I had a great idea for tonight after the shop shuts.
After the morning fun I told them to get a shower get ready but leave off their panties and go play in the park while I get the shop ready to open I watched them in the park on the swings legs open and pussy on show but no one looking and I had plans for tonight hopefully they can come after the shop shuts and we can go for a drive to a special place and also I had my eye on the gay boy he was a small 14 year old very feminine and I had plans for him too .
When I opened the shop the local kids came in then Cinthia and Tania all smiles and very chirpy I asked them if they could come back to the shop later after I closed as I wanted to take them for a drive to a special place they both lit up with excitement and said they could stay out till about 9 ,that was great and I gave them some free pop and sweets and let them play the machines and after closing they went away and came back about 6 all excited and they didn’t even know what I had planned .

I told them to get in my car it’s a large 4×4 range rover and I told them to both sit on the back they were still wearing the same clothes except they had put on new underwear as I had their panties I’m mine ,I drove to the Macdonald’s and got them happy meals and then headed to the secluded car park where I go for a bit of fun with strangers and now it was time to introduce them to strangers,as we sat I explained what happens people look through the windows or put their hands through and touch the people in the car ,they both looked shocked as I explained it’s ok if you don’t want people to touch you just let them look no photos or anything taken and they will like it as you can see men’s cocks of all different sizes, as we sat around I told them to get comfortable and kiss each other and that made them a bit more comfortable and i heard a few cars pull in and i looked as people started to walk around a man in his 60s came over and i opened the back windows and he looked in at the two girls and he reached down and got his cock out and was holding it i told them both to have a look at it and they bent out the window and in doing it the Man felt Tania’s tits she jumped but soon went back looking at his cock he said have a feel of you want and Cinthia lent out and touched it and soon she was given him a wank she was telling Tania who was having her tits felt this is great Tania have a go at wanking him.
Soon Tania had her hand around his cock and it made other men come over and it was 3 men looking at Tania wanking this man and Cinthia was telling a man in his 40s to get his out to and she had undone her denim dress down to her waist so they could see her bra and that attracted attention as she sat back and Tania did too she opened the door so she could get a better view of the men’s cocks and she went forward and got hold of the younger man’s cock and Tania continued to wank the older man while the other chatted to me I told him only touch when they let you he nodded and he asked if I wanted a wank off him ,I’m not one to say no to a wank and he reached and undone my zip and pulled my hard cock out while I watched them two enjoy themselves ,just looking at Cinthia showing her little small bra and Tania with her legs open showing her panties as they both wank the men soon i was ready to cum and told the man who bent down and put his mouth over my cock and sucked my cum out of my balls and then I witnessed the two men shooting out onto the girls. The men stood up and asked if they could touch I said not tonight maybe next week and they walked away and Cinthia and Tania both were jumping with excitement saying see his cock see how I made him cum and then said to me are you going to fuck us before we go home ,I sure was ..
Next part is with the gay boy

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Loving this story , can’t wait for part 5 and the young gay boy . In my experience they have a tighter as than the girls .

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    This is hot. Imagine pulling up at a dogging spot and seeing them.

  • Reply Lilly hawkins ID:2jp1o7boi9

    😈😈 getting better with each story

  • Reply Biboy69 ID:1dg2bi8acby4

    Love the story and love little girls and boys can’t wait to read about you fucking that cute little boy ass

    • Scott51 ID:espij7zrk

      Yes, I will remember my first time

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    Great story love to see the girls fucking a very old homeless black man . With there tight cunts.

  • Reply SB ID:3oy015qk

    Haven’t been dogging but would love to try it, ladies or men love it both ways, I have some true encounters on here and still writing a fantasie one at the moment, can’t wait for pt4.

    • Tt ID:bgggn0c43

      This was part 4

    • SB ID:3oy015qk

      Ment pt5 thank you TT lost track as I was thinking of what happened in this one