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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids

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I have a sweet shop in a village and it has games machines in and Im trying to groom some of the girls and boys

I owned a sweet shop in the village and I knew most people as I had been the owner for the past 35 years and through them years I had played with many little girls .

The first one was a black haired girl from a really well off family they never had time for her and just gave her money all the time and she used to buy lots of sweets of me and we used to talk she liked spending time at the shop as I had a couple of arcade machines for the kids .
She was 12 called Cinthia and had a lovely slim figure long black hair and always wore loose fitting tracksuits ex pet when she had her school uniform on from the posh school, this one day she had been in all day on the machines and buying sweets pop etc and she asked if she could use the toilet ,she always asked and I let her through to the back and while she was there I decided to add a few crushed sleeping pills which I had crushed earlier to her drink to see what the reaction would be and as I watched her on the machine she was starting to get sleepy her head dropping and I walked over asked her if she was ok she asked if she could sit down in the back for a while as she felt dizzy of course I let her through and she sat on the sofa at the back in the store room and I left her and went out the front to serve a few people when they had went out I Decided to close the shop door and put a sign closed for a hour and went in the back ,she was out cold lying on the sofa in her pink tracksuit.
I just looked at her lying there her perfect little body her lovely long black hair and my cock was hard so I released it from my trousers and stood over her slowly wanking ,I had to have a look at her closer and lent in to her face beautiful it was,and as I turned her so she was on her back and I lifted her top up she was wearing a my little pony bra very small but magnificent on her small tits as I rubbed my hand over them and my cock reacted ,I looked at her face her mouth open ,it was beckoning my cock to go in her mouth so I moved and put the tip on her lips and she reacted by opening her mouth and i pushed and in it went in her tiny mouth the feeling so nice and warm as I moved in and out this was going to be fun as her lips wrapped around my cock as if she was given me a bj and I felt the back of her throat as it went in and I could feel my cock wanting to cum in her mouth already as I was slowly fucking her mouth,I couldn’t hold my self back much more as it shot out spewing into her throat, this little girl had sucked my cock as I pulled out and watched my cum slowly drip down out of her mouth and slip down her face ,i couldn’t leave her like that so i cleaned her face by licking my cum off it and i wanted more so i pulled her top off her and went for her bottoms and pulled them off she was wearing matching underwear My little Pony and I looked as she lay in just her underwear ,she was beautiful i didn’t want to fuck her yet i wanted to explore her body and fuck her next time if i hadn’t been caught.

I pushed her bra up above her tits so I had a great view and then I pulled her panties down slowly and as I did her few pubic hairs came into view my fingers ran through them so soft and curly as I pulled her panties down to her ankles and opened her legs ,her pussy lips were glistening she must of been getting wet in her sleep as I lent forward putting my lips over her nipples and sucking and moving my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy lips feeling the dampness on my fingers and again my cock was hard as I opened her lips the pinkness off her virgin pussy stared at me I reached for her hand and wrapped it around my cock wanking myself with her hand and fingering her pussy the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock was getting to much and i let go and got between her legs my cock placed over her pussy lios not in and i continued to wank myself and i felt it the rumbling in my balls as my cock spasmed and i shot stream after stream of cum over her pussy her pubic hair and up her stomach and as it finishes i put my soft cock just in-between her pussy lips letting the last of the cum to drip in her pussy.

I stood up looked at my handy work and lent back down between her legs and licked my cum from her pussy ,pubes and stomach and then got a flannel and wiped her down ,I then dressed her as she was and put her on her side and went to open the shop door after about 30 mins I went back in with a bottle of coke and shook her asking if she was ok ,she said she felt tired and her mouth was dry so she drank the pop ,I told her that she could sit in the back till she felt ok and I put on the TV for her , she came out about 30 mins later and said she was ok now and would head home and see me next time she came she gave me a little kiss for looking after her and said don’t tell my parents that I fainted or they will stoo me coming , no fear of that .
When she went out I sat behind the counter and got my cock out and wanked thinking off her and what to do next .
Over the next few days Cinthia came in as usual spending her days on the machine after school with other boys and girls but I wanted to have fun with her again so what I did I ordered a new game machine and put in the back and asked her if she wanted to try before it went out the front ,she was all excited this new game no one else had been playing and she said she would so I let her in the back it was a Sunday so always quiet and she had come down early so I let her in the back and I had a bottle of coke already with sleeping tablets in for her and I had got one of them video cameras as you have to remember they were quite big then and no body had phones or anything,I had noticed that today with it being warmer she was wearing baggy shorts and a white sweat shirt as she played on the game I looked her over the nice flowing locks of her hair and her nice thin legs as she sat at the machine she started drinking and I counted down the minutes it took about 30 last time and this time I had put 3 tablets in and about 40 minutes she got off the chair and sat down on the sofa and I watched as she put her head back and her eyes closed , again i locked the door and went to her see if she was out i shook her and she was out cold , i lay her down and looked her over her face so beautiful her lips perfect as i bent in and lifted her top over her head this time she was wearing a red cotton bra and i moved down to take off her shorts and as before she had matching panties on ,i slipped her shorts off her feet and i started the video camera as i filmed her lyung there on the sofa her beautiful little body wearing a bra, panties and socks as I put tge camera on the stand and removed her bra i looked at the size 32a small buy perfect and i removed her panties and her black pubes came into sight again ,this time i was going to fuck her and do it first as i opened her legs i looked at her little pussy lips gaurding her entrance and i took off my trousers and tshirt then my boxers my cock was rock hard, as i moved to be on her my cock at her entrance i pushed it was so tight as her pussy gripping the head of my cock and pushing it back out i pushed again and the head went in,it was tight as i pushed more i heard a moan from her as more of my cock entered her I had 4 inches in only 3 to go i thought as i pulled out and pushed back again and i was right in now i looked as our bodies touched my cock was fully inserted and her pubes met mine as i savoured the moment and slowly started to fuck her,her pussy was well lubricated now as I continued to thrust in and out stopping to look at her face little moans as i fucked her pussy, I couldn’t last much longer and i didn’t want to cum in her so i pulled out and as I did my cum shot out up over her pubic hair and onto her stomach, that was the best fuck i had ever had so tight on my cock as i watched my cum slowly start flowing down her stomach into her belly button .
I had fucked her now I needed clean her up I turned off the video camera and cleaned her up and again dressed her like last time and lay her back on the sofa with a bottle of coke half open and went back into the shop and opened up .All this time I really wanted to groom her and the other kids and I started to think of ideas like give free drinks and sweets let them play on the machine in the back and slowly touch them see what happens and Cinthia was going to be first .

She woke up and straight away drank the coke she was rubbing between her legs and said she was sore but she never said much as she drank the coke I sat next to her and talked asking what new machine I should get and would she like to help me pick ,her eyes lit up and she started talking about games and she moved closer our legs were touching and she was smiling and I thought to myself touch her legs see what she does and I moved my hand onto her thigh she didn’t seem to care as I left it there ,then the shop door opened I had to go serve I asked if she wanted to help keeping her mind off her sore pussy she wanted to so I showed her what to do and it was her friend that had came in , Cinthia was all excited serving her and telling her that she was helping with new games tgen her friend went out and as we stood behind the counter i showed her the book with the ganes in and she was bent over the counter lookimg i out my hand on her lower back and slowly moved it down onto her bum she wiggled it as i felt it ,she giggled thats fun she said as she looked at the games machines and i felt her bum and as i did she opened her legs slightly and my fingers went between her legs and she flinched but continued to look at the book and move her bum ,by now i was hard and as i felt her between her legs,her breathing was getting heavier and her girating of her bum was slowing ,i had to stop and asked if she wanted to help me fill up the sweets and pop ,she did and i asked her to lock the door stop anyone coming in when at the store cupboard.
She was a talkative girl she told her her parents were rich and didn’t do anything with her except give her money that’s why she spent so much time playing on the games and after I closed she played in the park till late with some of her friends, I was amazed so I told her if she ever wanted to play after I closed she could in the back as I live over the shop ,she was so excited at that ,I also tried a plan and told her if she ever felt like not going to school she could hide in the back as her parents never came into the shop ,this made her even more excited but I had a reason I have seen her in her uniform little tartan skirt, white blouse and black knee length socks and a green blazer and I’ve had many a wank over her.
As we went filling the sweets and pop she rubbed her pussy must of been sore from having my cock in it but she never said anything and I kept feeling her bum as she helped and she laughed and wiggled it in my hands .

I wanted to have fun with her but without her being drugged and it had started by the bum feeling.

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