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A little girl seduced me II

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I didn’t even understand what just happened and I dont want to asked. Still in shock I locked the front door and went inside as well.

As for the girl(10f).. I don’t even know where she went. Checking the living room which is beside the front door’s hallway, I didn’t found her.. then i checked the bathroom which adjacent to the living room..

“Dont tell me..” quickly running upstairs I remembered i dont really close the door in there.. i mean why would I? Im used to having no one in here.

Reaching the second floor the first thing i saw was my bedroom door was indeed opened. Walking inside i looked around.. and then i just realized how messy it was in here. Whats more it smells so much like cum, specially around my trash bin which is overflowing with used tissue, and used condom which i used when I’m fucking my Fleshlight.

But then I was confused. “Where is she?” I blurted out when i realized she’s also not here. Approaching the bed i sat down to rest, that small jog upstairs was quite tiring to me. Its been i while since I moved that much.

Breathing deeply i then felt something cold grab my ankle … And it feels like a hand. My heart rate suddenly boomed.

“Pfff-WHAHAHAH” I suddenly heard laughter coming from underneath my bed. Quickly calming my self i look down only to see the little crawling out of my bed.

“HHAHAHA what was that scream mister!! So cuutee!! WhAHAHAHA GAAOO!!! Its like i cute roar!! GAAWWW!! ”

I felt my face burning.. he got me good..fok how shameful..

“Why did you come here without my permission!” Shifting into a more serious tone i tried to take control of the situation.

“i was just…uh.” she murmurs looking down. I could see her clutching her onesies with regret in her face.

“Argh.. whatever it’s fine. Im the one who left it open anyway.” Feeling bad I quickly took back my word. “anyway we should go to the living room..ill bring my console down.. lets not play here.. its so messy and stinky in here” i said as i stand up from my bed.

“B-but i like it here! Its cozy!!” She suddenly protested.. almost sounding quite desperate.

This surprised me but I just shrugged it off..
“You sure? My bed’s also a bit dirty you know”

“Yup! hehe” she smiled cheekily


An awkward silence

“So… Whats your name cutie?” I asked to break the awkwardness in the air.

“Oh! Im Alexis! Or Alex if you want!” she said once again back to her cheerful talking. Then i watched her approach me.. ah no… My bed and intently watch her get up from it and sit down just besides me. I could even smell her flowery fragrance..

“How about you?” She asked.

“You can call me Henry” i smiled as I turn to my pc to think about what to play.. and then i suddenly froze.

On my screen was a young little girl almost the same age as alex is getting brutally ass raped by a man with a 8 inch cock while the little girl spasms and squirts while crying out.

‘Fuck! I forgot about that!’ i screamed in my mind.

“Also can we like..play later.. and instead watch that?” I suddenly heard a sheepish tone coming from alex as she shyly asked me.

‘…what?’ this is not what i expect her to react..
“Sure?” I blurted out..i wasn’t even thinking when i say that. It was purely out of confusion.

But then i got even more confused as i saw her crawling towards me.. and i watch her in complete shock as she crawl on top of my lap and sit right on top of my crotch.

“Now i can see it properly.” She said as she face my computer.

My computer sits right beside my bed’s lower part and you could properly see what’s on the screen when you sit up. But that’s beside the point.

A cute little girl is on fucking my lap. My cock is slowly getting harder and harder. Until it reached it max length and it settled right between her inner thigh..her cunny is just over my cock!

My mind was getting crazy, my breath was getting quicker and deeper.. her smell..her soft neck..

Craning my head over her and looking down i could see her underdeveloped boobs. Chest. I was too focused on perving over her I didn’t notice how intently she was watching the ch** p*rn on my screen.

At some point she even started rocking her hips on my lap. My cock was rubbing across her onesies skirt as she straddles it between her inner thigh. I feel like cumming any second.. I wanted to fuck her, rape her, use her.. but i also dont want to be sent to jail.. so i just leaned back and enjoyed it.

And while i was relishing the feeling I faintly heard her whispering something as she watch the porn.
“so..this is cp huh? So hot”

‘what?’ i asked in my mind as my cock twitches. I didn’t asked my self what because i didn’t understand..but i asked because of how unexpected that was.

Suddenly i felt her body turn around.. roughly rubbing over my cock. I groaned..

“SO? When are you going to rape me?” She asked.. in an almost frustrated voice.

And my brain freezes…


How’s chapter 2? Should i continue? Just tell me! Also tell me what you think! And if possible tell me some hot story tooo im going to need some motivation and inspiration hahahahah

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