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The Kevin chronicles- Kevin fucks his sister

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Kevin takes a family vacation and intends on fucking one of his little cousin’s but when the evening is ruined Kevin ends up sleeping with his sister

This story is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any acts of incest, rape, or pedophilia as such acts are illegal. This story is for entertainment purposes only. All persons in this story are fictional and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Hey all. I’m Kevin here to tell you about the time I slept with my sister

My sister Natalie is five years older than me. She and I never really got along well. We had a love hate relationship. Even though I was always big into incest I was never really attracted to my sister sexually. We didn’t hangout together mostly due to the age gap, and that we didn’t get along well. She would annoy me, I’d annoy her. I only had love for her because she was my sister, other than that we didn’t care for one another. She did her thing and I did mine. We didn’t have any sort of bond, we didn’t confide in one another. We barely spoke to one another and if we did it was usually rude and usually turned into a fistfight.

That said she wasn’t bad looking by any means. Nice body. A bit of a girl next door type. Long brown hair, b cup chest. Even though most of my friends considered her “hot” I didn’t. In fact I had no opinion one way or the other. The thought never crossed my mind.

We have some family that lives out of state that we go visit every summer. I was just shy of turning 21. My sister was 25. There was a large group of family that went this year. Myself, my sister, our parent’s, two aunt’s an uncle and six younger cousin’s. Since my sister and I were both adults we had to pay our own way and to save money we decided to split a hotel room.

My younger cousin’s that went ranged in age from 7-18. My cousin’s Tina and Amber ( sister’s) Tina at 18 being the next oldest, and Amber was 14. My cousin’s Joanie 16 and her sister’s Ally 14, Kate 10, and Jana 7.

We arrived at the hotel at 5pm on Thursday evening. We always stayed at a shady motel in this little western one horse town. Just across the parking lot was one of the few bars in town. My family were big drinkers. Sadly since I wasn’t 21 yet I couldn’t go. Myself and Tina were asked to hangout at the hotel and keep an eye on the younger ones while the adult’s went to the bar. Since I wasn’t much of a drinker like them I didn’t mind… not to mention I’ve been wanting to fuck cute little Kate for almost two years and haven’t really had any opportunities to be alone with her.

I acted annoyed at the notion of having to “babysit”. In reality I’m a pedophile, and I love incest.. I’m being left alone with 6 female cousin’s! I’m horny as ever and five of the six I have the potential of being able to fuck. Tina was a lost cause. I tried fucking her several time’s. Got close a few time’s but she always backed out.

I’ve had my eye on Kate for about two years now. Kate is in a marching band and we went to a local parade. The outfits they wore were very tight. They defined her nice thick thighs and plump butt, and the sexiest child bearing hips I’ve ever seen on an 8 year old.

The thought of raping Kate had crossed my mind but I was still a ball of nerves after raping my cousin Kelly three summers ago. I was still worried that she would say something. I had followed dating advice websites and forum’s in those day’s because I had a little trouble dating. I also followed a lot of incest websites and forum’s. I had chats with a lot of pedo’s who had slept with their daughter’s, niece’s cousin’s, ect. A lot of them started when the girls were very young and continued on for many years after the girls were well into adulthood. One thing in common they followed a lot of the same principles that all relationships followed. The girls wanted someone who appeals to them emotionally. They want someone who makes them comfortable, secure and made them feel special.

I started grooming Kate for lack of aabout three or four months ago. I would call or text her to tell her I was thinking about her, asking her how her day went. I would give her little gifts. I would make her feel special over all my other cousin’s. On this trip Kate rode with me. I let her sit up front the entire way. I let her pick the radio station. When we stopped I would always buy her snacks. Everyone else would be heading back to the car I would stop and wait for her. Everything you’d do to show an adult girl you were interested in her I was doing with Kate. Everyone thought I was just doting on a little cousin complete unaware that my intentions were to bury my cock into this beautiful little 10 year old.

After getting to the hotel and though the check in process we went to our respective rooms to get settled in. The adult’s were going to head to the bar around 7ish and all the younger wanted to go to the pool. I through on some swim trunks and my sister started getting ready to go out.

We all hit the pool around 6pm. We were carrying on splashing having fun. I swam up behind Kate and wrapped my arms.around her from behind. I said hey beautiful are you having fun? She said she was. I asked her if she wa Ted to come hangout in my room with me tonight and watch a movie after we got out of the pool. She spun around smiling and jumped onto me wrapping g her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Yeah I’d love to! I smiled and said just you and I? She smiled and said yeah just us. In my mind my jaw hit the ground, I couldn’t believe it, it was actually working! Or at least so I though. I wanted to fuck her right there. I wanted to see how far I could push it and kiss her but not in a pool full of people. Also knowing if i kissed her she’d understand my intentions and it would either A. Scare her off from being alone with me, or B. Really understand my intentions with her. I smile and looked lovingly into her eye’s, squeezed her hips then said hold your breath. I took us under water, kicked off the side of the pool and rocketed us through the water. While doing so I grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips. Instead of pushing away she tightened her legs around my waist. At that moment I knew I had just seduced a 10 year old child.

Around 8:30 we got out of the pool and went back to our rooms to clean up. While walkong back to our rooms Kate and i were behind everyone else by 15-20ft. As we climbed the stairs I was behind Kate and all I could do was stare at her luscious plump ass and thighs. When we got to the 2nfld floor landing I wrappled my arm’s around Kate from
behind and kissed the right side of her neck and whispered in her ear i can’t wait to spend some alone time with a girl as beautiful as you tonight. Kate blashed as she held my arms with hers and said me too. I opened the door to the 2nd floor hallway allowong kate to walk though first. Knowing that hallway was clear as we neared her room iplaced my hand in the amall of her back kissed her cheek and said go shower and get ready. The adult’s left money to order pizza so I placed an order once I got in my room.

I jumped in the shower and all I could think about was taking Kate’s virginity and how I wanted to be very gentle and loving as I pop her cherry and take her innocents. My cock became rock hard as I thought about eating her pussy and giving her, her first orgasm, then sliding up her body and licking and sucking the nipples of her flat chest. Kissing her neck and biting her ear lobe to reduce the pain as I slowly ease my cock through her Hyman.

Slowly I started to rub my cock fantasizing about fucking Kate. I stop I wanted to save this load for Kate. I couldn’t wait to flood her little belly full of hot incestuous cum.

I finished my shower, dressed and turned on the TV. 20 minutes later the my phone rang. The Pizza man was there I met him in the lobby. Initially was going to have everyone come to my room. I decided it would be too hard to get them all to leave. Like myself, Tina was also everyone’s favorite cousin and once they were all in her room they’d probably stay there and hangout. So I went to her room and tossed the pizza’s down on the table. Her and Ally were watching some teen Rom-com. I called the other’s to come over to Tina’s room.

The other girls came into Tina’s room. I grabbed myself a few slices of pepperoni and asked Kate what she wanted and of course I personally serves my beautiful little princess and took a seat on the little sofa next to her. Tina asked what I was going to do the rest of the night. I told her I was a little tired from the long drive and I was just going to hangout in my room watch a movie and relax.

After about a half hour I was full and ready to head to my room. The other girls were into the Movie Tina and Ally had on. I whispered to Kate to wait about 10-15 minutes then come down to my room just incase anyone suspected anything. I got up and the girls I was heading to my room and told them to let me know if they needed anything.

I got to my room and turned on a movie and waited for Kate to come. It had been close to 35 mins and there was no sign of Kate. I was worried that she either changed her mind, I scared her off, she got interested in the movie, or she fell asleep. I was starting to get bummed out. I heard a small knock at my door. I looked out the peep hole and saw it was Kate… FINALLY!!!

I opened the door and Kate walked in. God she is such a beautiful little girl, and she acts so mature for her age. What took so long? I asked. She said they were talking and watching the movie and everyone except Tina and Joanie fell asleep. She said since they were falling asleep she was waiting for most of the to do so before she came down.

I asked if she wanted to watch a movie and she said yeah. So I jumped on the bed laying sideways across it grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels. I knew this would be the the final test to guage Kate’s level of interest in me, or if she just saw this as hanging out with her older cousin. I told her she could either lay on the sofa, the other bed, or she could come lay on my bed with me. She blushed and smiled and said I came here to be alone with you silly it wouldn’t make any sense to go on the sofa or other bed would it? I laughed and said well then bring your sexy little self up here with me then. She quickly hoped up on the bed and laid across it in front of me in a spooning position.

Kate asked, why did you call me sexy? You’ve called me cutie, pretty girl, beautiful but you never called me sexy before. Do you really think I’m sexy? I said yeah I think you’re very sexy. I said I never called you that before because there are always people around and that’s not something a guy my age can call be saying to a girl her age without realizing that I like her. I couldn’t risk people realizing that I liked her because she’s my cousin and because of how old she is and a lot of people think a guy my age liking a girl her age is wrong. Kate paused and rolled over to face me. She had a smile on her face and said so you like me? Yeah I do… a lot! She asked if she could tell me something? Sure I said you can tell me anything. She said that she has had a crush on me for along time too. Really! I exclaimed. She said year for a few year’s she had a crush on me.

I had told Kate well don’t tell anyone that, or that I told her I had one on her too. She said I know, Kev. I won’t I know people would think you were creepy and you could get in a lot of trouble. My jaw about hit the floor when she said it’s our secret that we like each other, and anything that we do together and I’ll never say anything about it to anyone. I couldn’t believe my ears! It’s starting to sound like cute innocent little Kate isn’t as innocent as she comes off as.

I asked her what she though about a guy my age liking a girl her age. She said she didn’t understand why it was a problem for people no one can help who they like.

I asked her what she though about me kissing her in the pool today and she said she liked it and asked if I like it. I told her I liked it very much, so much that I wanted to do it again. Kate smiled and said well we’re alone. I leaned in and kissed Kate on the mouth and held it there for a minute then pulled back. I asked if she liked it that time. She leaned forward and smiled seductively and said I don’t know let’s try it again. As we started to kiss she parted her lips. I followed and began to snake my tongue into her mouth.

We were making out for a good minute before I broke off the kiss. I was shocked at the fact that she was a halfway decent kisser for a girl who had just turned 10. I asked where she learned how to kiss like that. She said she had found some of her step dads dirty movies and was watching them and she had kissed a few boys from school. I asked if she has done anything more than kiss and she said once a kid from school put his hands up her shirt and he rubbed her pussy on the outside of her pants. I asked if she liked when he did it she said yes and that it felt really good.

I was now certain that innocent little Kate was not innocent at all. She asked if she could tell me something thing else. I said yeah and she made me swear I’d never tell anyone… and I haven’t said a word until now. She said when she would take a bath sometimes she would lay on her back and slide forward until her pussy was right under the faucet and the water rushing down onto her vagina felt really good. I knew they had a detachable shower head in their bathroom at home and told her if she thought that felt good next time she should put the shower on and hold it about an inch away from her pussy and turn it on.

At this point I wanted to rip her clothes off and just pound her pussy senseless. I fought back the urge to do so. I really had a thing for Kate and I wanted to make her losing her virginity a good memory for her. I wanted it to be as pleasurable as possible for her Ultimately so that we could continue the having sex. Being a pedophile is already risky business. Finding a kid to even chance fucking is extremely hard and comes with very harsh punishment. Finding a kid that is willing that you can continue fucking on a regular basis without having spent year’s grooming is near impossible. So I was trying my best to make everything as sensual and pleasurable as possible. I grabbed the remove and began flipping through the channels again. I found Major Payne was on asked Kate do you want to watch this? She roll back over onto her right side to face the TV to see what it was. Yeah this is good. I scooted my body forward to spoon her small frame. I put my arm over her waist. The smell of her freshly washed hair was intoxicating. My cock began to stiffen as I laid there with my body pressed against hers, smaller her body wash and shampoo. After about 5 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. It was now almost 11:30. I knew the bar closed between 1-1:30am. I knew my family were party animals and would stay until closing. I wanted to take my time and not make it feel rushed. So I needed to start making my moves.

I lifted my arm off her waist and very slowly using just the very tips of my finger’s I started to lightly caress Kate’s arm. I started at her wrist and worked my way up her arm and back down several time’s. Slowly lightly tracing my fingertips in bigger area’s now going from her wrist up over her shoulder, then up the side of her neck brushing her light blondish brown hair away from her neck, down the left side of her back.

Kate was wearing very tight shorts made out of the same type of material yoga pants were made from, and a midriff t-shirt. In the darkened room light only by the TV I could tell I was giving her goosebumps. As I slide my fingertips down to the small of her back to the waistline of her shorts I slowly slide them up over her hips and across her stomach. I could feel her stomach muscles tighten as her breathing started to quicken. I slowly worked my way up the middle of her stomach to her neck, then over her clavicle the down her side again to her waistband over to the middle of her stomach. On my 3rd go around her stomach tightened and jumped, she was breathing heavily and a small quiet moan came from her.

By this tike my cock was rock hard and pressed against her ass check and the small of her back. I leaned forward a n d lightly kissed her shoulder then slowly began kissing my way up her neck. When I reached her ear I whispered to her, does this feel good? She nodded her yeah yes. I asked if she wanted me to stop and she shook her head no. I said I’m going to go as far as you’ll let me. If at anytime you want me to stop doing things to you all you have to do is tell me to stop and I will. She softly moaned OK.

I continued tracing the tips of my fingers around the same pattern only this time I slide my hand under her shirt and up her chest making it a point to lightly brush the tips over her little nipples and I was slowly kissing my way back down her neck only this time I also incorporated the use of my tongue as I licked and kissed up and down her neck.

I slide my right arm under her right sideso that I could wrap my arms completely around her. I then rolled onto my back so that I could softly caress her stomach and chest with both hand’s. Kate began moving her hips in a circular motion as I was sighting my hands from her waist up to her neck and all over her stomach and chest, grinding her pussu against my cock. I slide bout hands up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and she sat up slightly enough that I pulled it over her head and took it off her. She had moved her upper body to the right and on to the pillow, I turned and we began passionately kissing and making out while I continued to drive her wild softly caressing her body. He little nipples were very hard and she was still grinding her pussy on my cock. This time as I moved my hands down her body I got to her waistband and this time I slide my fingers under her and hooked them at the sides. I started to pull her shorts down and Kate arched hee back as I slide her little shorts down to about mid-thigh. I then slide my fingertips up her legs and upover the top of her pussy, over the mound and back up over her stomach up her chest. I began working my way back down. When I reached the waistband of her panties I slide my hand into her panties back down in between her legs. She had a baby smooth pussy without a single hint of hair. I slowly slide my finger in between her pussy lips. She stopped moving her tongue in my mouth she drew in a sharp breath and let out a moan of pure pleasure that echoed in my mouth. As I worked my finger over her clit and down to the entrance of her pussy I could tell she was already soaking wet. She was so wet that I knew there was going to be no lube necessary when I popped this beautiful, sexy little preteens cherry.

I began softly stroking my finger over her clit. She was still trying to make out with me, but she was breathing heavily and softly moaning as I gave her, her very first fingering. After almost 10 minutes of fingering her i had her in a world of pure extasy, and her little virgina pussy dripping went. Katie baby I whispered to her, I’m going to take your panties off and I’m going to make love to you. It’s going to hurt at first, especially when I pop your cherry. But I’m going to go very slow. I’ll put it in a little at a time as you get used to it I’ll go in a little deeper. If it hurts just squeeze me. It might even make you cry a little but whatever you do, don’t scream or someone might hear and well get caught. She shook her head and said ok. I reached down and put my fingers into the waistband of her underwear. She arched her back and lifted her ass so I could slide them off. I could only get the just down to her knees. I told her to bend her knee’s up and slide them the rest of the way off. I slide my hand back up to her pussy and began working her clit again. I reach down and grabbed my cock. I began slowly sliding the head of my cock up & down in between her pussy lips as we made out. She was softly moaning my head was spinning. I wish I could have an outer body experience so I could look down at this visually and see what an amazing sight it was. A 20 year old man with a beautiful naked 10 year old girl laying on him, his cock against her pussy as he is about to enter her and become the first cock she’ll ever have and she was a willing participant. She a 10 year old child wanting to be fucked by this grown man.

I had my cock at the entrance to her virgin hole. I slowly started to push my hips forward, pushing the head of my cock into this beautiful little girl. Just as the head of my cock started to push into the entrance of my beautiful little lover there was a knock at the door… SHIT!!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! My heart sank. Who is it I called? It’s me, Tina came the response. Shit! Little Ms fucking prude!!!

Tina whispered good timing Tina! I whispered I know right! Oh, Tina. Hang on I’m coming. I kissed my beautiful little princess and whispered baby, take your clothes into the bathroom and get dressed and pretend like we’re just sitting here watching a movie, and you just ran to pee.

I got up pulled up my shorts and tucked my still fully hard cock into my waistband and covered it with my shirt as I went to answer the door. I opened the door, as she started walking in, what’s up? Nothing I’m bored everyone else is asleep. Is Kate here, she wasn’t in their room when Joanie & Ally went in to go to bed. Yeah she just went to the bathroom. What are you guys doing? I said just hanging out watching Major Payne. Oh cool she said. Can I hangout I’m not really tired. Yeah if you want… I wanted to scream no you fucking cock block, I was about to be balls deep in a beautiful girl and you just fucked it up and since you’re a fucking prude and won’t put out get the fuck out! But obviously I couldn’t do that, and I didn’t want to lead on that I wanted to be alone with our 10 year old cousin and sound creepy… sure I said. A minute later I heard the toilet flush. Wow I thought to myself this girl knows her shit she even remembered to flush the toilet to make it believable that she was actually going to the bathroom. Kate came out of the bathroom and said hey to Tina. What’s up, what are you up to, I thought you guys were watching a movie in your room? Tina told her that they were but Jana and Amber fell asleep and so did her sister’s so she woke them up to go to their room. Since she was bored and not tired yet she came down to see what we were up to.

Tina was on the Sofa and Kate laid on the other bed. My cock was softening and I had a bad cade of blue balls. I got tell Kate was not very happy with out interruption either. We watched the rest of the movie and talked. Afterwards I flipped through channels a bit and realized it was getting late. At this point it was just after 1am. I knew everyone would be back from the bar pretty soon. I said well girls I’m getting a little tired I’m going to call it a night pretty soon. Tina said she was starting to get tired herself and was going to head back to her room in a few minute’s. I could hear people in the parking lot talking loudly and figured the bar was starting to empty out now too and it would be anytime now that everyone else would be coming back. About 5 minute’s later Tina went back to her room. As soon as Tina left Kate voiced her anger over Tina ruining our little date night. I agreed and apologized to Kate that the night didn’t go as planned. Kate said well we’re alone again now do you want to do it real quick? I wanted to so badly. But I we didn’t have time. I told Kate I wished we could but they’ll be back any minute and we couldn’t risk Natalie walking in on us. I said Natalie wouldn’t be quiet about it if she caught us and if my aunt, Kate’s mom found out she would have me arrested. I told her I also that if we did it quickly with her being a virgin it would hurt really bad and I wanted to be able to take our time and go slow. I told her that we had all weekend and we’ll find a way to be alone at some point to have sex. I was amazing at how horny I had this girl a d how badly she wanted fucked. I could tell she was very horny and sexually frustrated and I wanted to try and end the night on a high note to keep her interested. I told her we might not have time to have sex but we had time to do something that was almost as good as sex. She asked what, I picked her up and put her on the bed on her back. I stood over her grabbed her shorts and pulled them and her panties down to about mid-thigh. I held her legs in the air and I got on my knee’s next to the bed and started to eat her out. I licked and sucked her little pussy like there was no tomorrow. I thought Kelly had a nice pussy and she did. But my God did Kate have an absolutely beautiful pussy. Very little and child like. Very thin lips, with an amazing taste and completely bald and smooth. I was sucking and rubbing her clit and pushing my tongue up into her virgin hole which drove her wild. I could hear her softly say oh my God!!! And I felt her pussy tense up and tighten around my tongue and a warm gush of pussy juice ran out of her. I k ew I had just made my little baby girl cum snd experience her first ever orgasm. I stood up and she laid there catching her breath and said that was the most incredible feeling she ever had. I told her it was an orgasm and that’s what you get when you have sex. She calmed herself and stood up and pulled her shorts back up. I kissed her deeply and told her she needed to get to her room before everyone got back. I promised her that we’d find away to be alone this weekend so we could have sex.

Kate skampper down the hall to her room. I was glad I got her off but I was still horny as hell. My cock ached badly. I was so irritated that Tina interrupted us. I needed to cum badly but I knew my sister would be back anytime. I was going to wait until she passed out so I could get a shower and blow a load. Within 5 minutes of Kate leaving my room I heard the lock beep and the mechanism inside it turn to open and in came Natalie completely shit faced drunk.

I knew Nat was blitzed out of her mind because she loudly said hey brother… you still awake? When she came into the room. As I said we didn’t get along well and when she came in being nice and happy to see me I knew she had to be trashed out of her mind. Yeah I said I’m about to head to bed now. She was stumbling around almost falling as she made her way to her bed. I asked if they had fun, she said yeah and started trying to tell me a story but she was mumbling incoherently. Then she said her boyfriend was made at her and she had to call him. She picked up the phone and called him. I didn’t care for her boyfriend either. I tried to get along and keep the peace but he was an asshole. My sister always seemed to date dickheads.

They were on the phone for all of 5 minute’s before they started fighting and arguing because she had gone out with her family and had fun without him. If he wasn’t there he expected her to sit in the hotel room and do nothing. Then he hung up on her. She was sitting on the side of the bed crying uncontrollably because he broke up with her for going out to have fun with her family. After about 15 20 minutes she started to calm down and said she had to go to the bathroom. She kept trying to get up and couldn’t because of how drunk she was. At this point I had rolled over and was trying to sleep. She was mumbling to herself and I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I told her to take her drunk ass to sleep she said she needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t get up. Then she got quiet and I heard a weird noise. I rolled over and in the light of the TV I could see that she managed to stand up pulled her pants off but was leaning on the edge of the bed pissing on it. Im like you sloppy ass drunk did you really just piss on the fucking bed? Yeah she said I couldn’t help it. She stood up and stumbled towards the bathroom. I said why now, you already done pissed on the fucking bed. She said she had to shower and clean herself up.

I heard the shower turn off and she came out of the bathroom completely naked. I don’t know if it was because of how horny I was… or if she just looked that good naming ut seeing my sister totally naked made my cock instantly hard. She push on just a t-shirt. I could tell the shower sobered her up slightly. Not much but she was talking in more coherent sentences and she wasn’t bounching off anything when she walked from the bathroom to the other side of the room to get a shirt to put on. She came over and laid in my bed. I said what are you doing? She said well I can’t sleep on that bed because I pissed on it. I said that’s your own fault you need to get out of my bed you’re not sleeping with me. She said yeah I am I’m not sleeping in that bed. I said not my problem. You’re not sleeping with me. She asked why? I went for broke and said because I have a problem with a half named female in my bed that I’m not fucking. So go into the other bed. She said no it has piss on it. I said again well you’re not sleeping with me because I have a problem sleeping with someone I’m not fucking.

I don’t know if she did it because she was drunk, or to be an asshole and tease me. I was laying on my back and she was on my left side on her side with her back to me. I shook her and said Nat go sleep in your bed. Again she said no. I said well then go sleep in someone else’s room. She said no I’m sleeping in here and I’m sleeping with you. I said well that’s a problem because I’m not sleeping in bed with anyone I’m not having sex with. At that point she rolled over and snuggled up to my left side and put her arm over my midsection and her left leg over mind then she laid her head on my arm. I could feel the heat off her pussy on my leg. I said there for about 10 minutes and she mumbled something and kissed my cheek. Then said wow you’re really comfy and snuggled closer. I could feel her pubs on my leg which just really turned me on. I made one final attempt to plead with her… at this point because I knew I was losing control. I said Nat please go sleep in your bed. She said no the she said you’re my brother, no one has to know we slept together. Then she started nuzzling her head closet to mine and started rubbing my chest.

I lost all control at this point. I reached down and slide my hand up her thigh rolled slightly onto my left side and pleaded with her as honest as I could… I said Nat please go sleep in your bed. I’m extremely horny right now and you’re half naked I’m getting to a point that I don’t care that you’re my sister. Please go over to your bed. She mumbled your my brother no one has to know we slept together. I lost all control I pushed her onto her back. I reached down to pull my underwear down. I rolled on top of her and she surprisingly spread her leg for me. I reached down and pushed her shirt up over her tits and began to suck on her tits. I needed to cum I needed to be inside of a pussy I couldn’t wait any longer. I picked my head up from her tits and moved my body up. She opened her eyes looked at me and said I’m not drunk enough to not know what’s going on., nobody better ever find out about this. With that I pushed my cock deep into my sister she moaned as I began fucking my cock in and out of her. We began kissing I pushed my cock into her snd she trusted her hips forward to meet every pump of my cock. As horny as I was I knew I wouldn’t last very long. After about 10 minutes into our incestuous affair I felt my balls tighten and I could feel the cum slowly building pretty to shoot out of my cock. I pushed deeply into her and emptied my load of hot cum deep inside of her. I went to the bathroom to pee and watched my cock off. I rented to bed and laid down. I was exhausted at this point and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and my sister wasn’t around. I knew they were getting breakfast in the lobby so I went down. They were all still down there. I grabbed some food and ate. Afterwards I we t outside to smoke and my sister came out a few minutes later. Now fully sober we stood there in awkward silence for a minute or two. She then said to me, about lastnight… it was good, i wanted it just as bad myself, it won’t ever happen again and we’re never going to speak of it again.

After that we enjoyed the weekend. We hangout with relatives and went to visit a few placed. I ever found time to be alone with Kate… but that’s another story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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    I gave my sister her first orgasm

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