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Our Uncle

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We had to live with my Uncle and he turned us into his and his friends sex objects

When I was 11 my sister and I had to go live with my Uncle John as my parents were going through a bad thing my dad was a shoplifter and my mum was on drugs so the court sent us to live with him .
My sister was 14 4ft 10 size 8 and had small boobs ,I was thin and 4ft 6 when we arrived at my Uncles he was all nice but told us we had to share a room I wasn’t bothered I got to see my sister in her underwear .
So we settled in and he got us into a new school and things were OK then a few months later he started getting strange with us he would stare at Katie and would pat her bum and same with me then one weekend he told us that he wanted us to have dinner and have a drink with him at my age I said he then said it will be ok ,at the night time we sat down for tea a Chinese takeaway and he poured us some vodka Katie just downed it and I sipped it he kept putting more in and Katie was drunk when I noticed he had his hand on her thigh and was moving it up under her skirt Katie just smiles and for some reason I had a hard cock as I watched him moving his hand under her skirt I knew about sex as I had seen mum and dad enough times drugged up, I wasn’t sure what he was up to when he said let’s watch tv and we headed into the lounge with our drinks I was starting to enjoy my vodka and Katie was well drunk as we sat down he was in between us .
He put his hand up her skirt again and her legs opened and I could see him trying to get inside her panties I was excited watching and he noticed and smiled and his other hand reached over and stroked my cock through my trousers I was frozen but it felt nice as he stroked it and he now had his fingers in Katie’s pussy he looked at me and said take your trousers off and I will take Katie’s skirt and panties off .
I just did it as he pulled her skirt down and her panties I could see her black pubic hair and her legs were open and I saw her pussy he put his fingers in and with his other hand got hold of my cock he started wanking me and fingering her we were both liking what was happening as he said to me I want you to fuck her I just looked shocked and said I can’t he said you will now get ontop of her and put it in I did as he said and he pushed my cock in her pussy I must admit it felt nice as I started to fuck my sister she was gone with the drink as after about 1 min I could feel my cum shoot out into her pussy and I stopped I rolled off and Uncle John smiled that’s both you not virgins anymore now it’s my turn and he got on top of her and started fucking a few minutes later he also shot his cum into her pussy as she lay back he rolled off looked at me and said suck my cock make it clean as he pulled me onto his cock it was big in my mouth as I sucked on it as I did my cock got hard and he noticed and told me stop sucking and let him suck me I stood up and his mouth swallowed my cock, it was heaven and I looked at Katie lying there I reached for her pussy as he sucked i fingered her it felt so good as I could feel my cum going up my cock and shoot into his mouth.
After this we sat on the sofa half naked and he told us that we have to do this whenever he wants and I can fuck Katie whenever I want as she is our bitch.
Katie had no idea what she is going go through and neither do I.
He told me to come or to him and give him a wank while he watches some porn on his laptop, which I did i was only 11 so did as I was told I had a good look at his cock it wa quite big about 10 inches my hand just went around it and the viens were standing out as I moved his foreskin back and forth his balls were small for the size of his cock and covered in blonde public hairs I looked at his laptop he had on porn of teens and was talking online to someone and I noticed his cam was on and you could see me wanking him and he turned it so Katie who was out drunk was on showing off her pussy I didn’t know then but he was sorting out for people to come over to play with us I found out later .
He told someone his aim was to get Katie pregnant by fucking her every day and me fuck her too and I heard him say that he was going to fuck me too and then hire me out .

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    Great story. Proper perverted, has me pulling my cock!

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    Need part two. Hot story. Also, nice u got to fuck your sister.

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    Hot story , now need more of you all fucking each other

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    Hope to read more of this story