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The Twins 9: Emma’s Story

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I woke up being poked by something. It was the morning after my step brother proposed to my sister. We had a celebratory three-some.

Luke had some good morning wood going so I thought “why not?” I know my sister Erin would not mind if I blew him. I made him roll over on his back.

I loved his cock. It always tasted so good. I deep throated him and started sucking on his head as I went back up. He was still asleep probably having a wet dream and not realizing it was real.

I felt my pussy get wet. I took his sleeping hand and put it between my legs. Holding it against my pussy and grinding against his hand. He finally woke up. “Emma? Damn… Uh thanks?”, he said groggily.

I shushed him so not to wake Erin. “You had morning wood. Why let it go to waste?”,I asked. He started rubbing my pussy now. His hand felt so good against my clit. He was rubbing it between two fingers.

Erin woke up and scoffs, “Why are you molesting my fiancee?” She laughed. “I cannot leave you two alone for one minute!” I came back up off his cock. “He had morning wood! You want that to go to waste? You going to bitch or join in?”, I laughed and said.

Erin shooed me off his cock and plugged it into her pussy. I got above Luke’s face and let him eat me out. I made out with my sister Erin as we serviced him.

Erin was bouncing up and down on his dick. As I felt her soft breasts. I kissed and sucked her hard nipples. We started french kissing as Luke ran his tongue up and down my vulva. His finger was rubbing my clit.

It is funny how Erin claims to only be doing this for Luke but we keep doing it more and more and more. Erin keeps saying she is not Bi. Yeah ok keep telling yourself that sister. Lol

I started rubbing her clit as she bounced on our step brother. She couldn’t take it anymore. She planted her face on mine for one passionate kiss as she came. She got off him and deep throated him and sucked him hard coming back up. He moaned loudly as he came into Erin’s mouth.

“Works everytime!” Erin said. We laughed.

Luke had me lay on my back. “I owe you a thank you.” He said. He buried his face in my pussy and started sucking on my clit and fingered me hard. After a couple minutes of this I let out a loud moan as my legs locked around his head.

“Damn!”, Luke said, “We going to continue this after we are married?”

Erin looked at him. “Of course not! She gave me a wink and a smile.”

Later on Luke was all happy. He was going to call Mom and tell her what happened. That he and Erin we’re going to get married. I had to talk to him. I knew this was too good to be true. I know my dad and he would not be for this.

“Luke can we talk?”, I asked. He was babbling on and on about what he’s going to say to our mom. I reached in his shorts and grabbed his dick. Now I had his full attention. I stroked it back and forth as I said:

“Look I know you’re all excited about telling our mom that you proposed. I ask you please. Do not do it! Remember what you told Erin as to why you had second thoughts about a relationship with her? You thought both sides of our family would come down against you both and you would end up losing her. Luke I know my dad. There’s no way what your mom said was true. He would not go for this. I think your mom said it knowing you would make the right decision in the end. She knows you are smart. Well be smart! Don’t tell them. We got it good the way we are now. You two wanted to live a more normal life together. You got that. But this, if you do this you’re just going to open Pandora’s Box. There’s nothing that says you two can’t be married. But just wait. Please. I don’t want to see you two split because of this.”

He looked disappointed. He knew what I said was true though. I looked down and asked, “Do you mind?” He shook his head. I opened his shorts to reveal his lovely cock. I sucked it till he got hard. I started deep throating him and licking his mushroom top. I did Erin’s little trick and deep throated him and sucked hard on the way back up. He came into my mouth. His warm salty semen filling my mouth. I swallowed it. Erin was right works every time.

We walked into the living room where Erin was. I had a smile on my face like I stole something from her. She laughed, “You bitch! What did you do?”

“Nothing”, I said.

She said, “Uh huh. Kiss me then.”

She came to me and we made out. “Funny why does your mouth taste like him? If you are so innocent?” We laughed.

“Did you talk to him?”, she asked. I nodded.

Luke agreed with what we said finally. We all decided to put in a movie and relax on the couch. “Right.” I thought. “This is going to last all of 10 minutes.”

We were sitting there and I put my hand on Luke’s leg. Slowly inching it up towards his shorts. I reached in to his shorts and my sister smacked my hand away. She reached and did the same thing. So I smacked her hand away.

“Fine.”, we said in unison.

Luke said, “Ladies ladies don’t fight over me! Don’t worry I got enough for the both of you.”

Erin wanted to give him a show first. We got up and stood before him and kissed. My hand went down my sisters sweat pants and slipped between those pretty lips of hers. I started massaging her as she kissed me.

I pulled her sweats down and her panties. I knelt down and started licking her sweet pussy as she held my head. “Ah my sister’s pussy tasted so good!” , I thought

Erin could hardly stand up straight as I was bringing her to her climax. She held my head hard to her pussy as she came.

I got up and She whispered in my ear. “Let him fuck you.”

“Are you sure?”, I asked. She nodded.

She whispered, “I know he wants it and I want to give him a little gift for proposing to me. He’s a sweetheart and I want to make him happy.”

A little unsure of what this was going to unleash. I agreed. I was hoping this did not hurt my relationship with my sister.

The last and only time I did it with Luke was when we were quarantined due to covid. That was when he was 16. Erin was happy I did it. It was what he wanted and she just wanted to make him happy. I think if it had been anybody else besides me she would not be happy but I fortunately get certain privileges other women do not.

I took off my clothes and I went to Luke who was stroking his cock watching us. I straddled him and said on his lap. “Fuck me!”, I said bluntly. “But uhhh.”, he stammered. Fearing repercussions from Erin.

“It is ok baby.” She said. “I told her to. I know you want it. Go ahead do it. I want to watch.”

I started off with a little foreplay. We 69ed. Luke never lost his touch eating me out. He was great at it. My sister was good too but not like Luke.

I got him hard and got on top riding him. He was enjoying it. Erin came over and started kissing him.

“No kiss her!”, he said. “Play with her tits and all.”

So she did. I started making out with my sister. We sucked each other’s breasts and I started fingering her again. As our step brother watched in excitement. I kissed Erin’s neck and she moaned. She reached down and rubbed my clit as I bounced on her fiancee.

After about a minute of this I grabbed Erin’s head and kissed her passionately as I came. “I want the bottom now big brother!”, I said.

I spread my legs and he entered me. Erin was just sitting in the recliner watching us and masturbating. Both of us we’re getting excited just watching her do that.

I pulled Luke down towards me and I kissed him. We made out passionately as his big cock slid inside me. He felt so good. My pussy was stretched as his big dick slid in and out of me. It brought back memories of the first time. I was hesitant because I knew how my sister felt about him but she gave the go ahead.

He was far better now. Luke had grown into a man. He started pounding me and it felt so wonderful. My eyes went into the back of my head as I tilted my head back. I let out a loud moan and ran my nails down his chest as I came. I pulled him down and kissed him wildly as he came in me. He collapsed on top of me. We continued kissing.

Erin was moaning as she was reaching her climax from masturbating. It was cute watching her. She looked like some other life form was coming out of her. Luke would always say she was unleashing the demons. She collapsed into the recliner. We both got up and sat next to him. We put our heads on Luke’s chest.

We restarted the movie and actually watched it this time. I lay against his chest listening to his heartbeat thinking how lucky I am to have someone like him and my sister in my life.

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